Jenny Starr

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Name: Jenny Starr
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Jenny Starr was an influential Star Trek TOS fan writer in the 1980s.

One contemporary fan described her as "one the best writers to come to K/S in years,"[1] and another wrote that she was "one of the best authors around, K/S or otherwise."[2] A 1987 LOC stated:

"Ms. Starr knows Kirk as well as any writer in fandom today. She feels his hurts and joys and makes us feel them down to our toes as well. If she doesn't get too clinical and cool, (and she doesn't in [Waiting for Rain]) she is one of the top three or four writers in fandom today."[3]

More recent reviewers have stated: "Jenny Starr was one of the best of our genre‘s early writers"[4] and "I mourn the day Jenny Starr stopped writing K/S, because in my opinion she is one of our finest writers."[5]


Jenny Starr won several awards for her stories, including:

Notable Fanworks


Other Stories

Title Zine Year
A Caring Hand As I Do Thee #3 1985
An Act of Salvation Naked Times #7 1985
Just a Touch of Imagination Naked Times #8 1985
High Time First Time #5 1986
Night Rose First Time #6 1986
The Thought That Counts As I Do Thee #5 1986
Twice Met Naked Times #9 1986
The Cocksman Naked Times #11 1986
The Lovin' of the Game One Night Stand #4/5 1986
Eternity's Child First Time #7 1986
Venus Descending First Time #11 1987
Waiting for Rain First Time #13 1987
Passion's Keep Way of the Warrior #1 1987
Forbidden Colors Naked Times #17 1987
Voyeur KSX #1 1987
Rites As I Do Thee #6 1987
Odds and Abbs Alien Brothers 1987
Cold Feet Daring Attempt #8 1987
Microcosm KSX #2 1988
Less is More Matter/Antimatter #6 1988


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