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You may be looking for Odds and Sods.

K/S Fanfiction
Title: Odds and Abbs
Author(s): Jenny Starr
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Odds and Abbs is a Kirk/Spock story by Jenny Starr.

It was published in Alien Brothers.


"Kirk and Spock devise a plan to divert the crewʼs attention when they learn that bets are being taken on the odds of their being lovers."

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Reactions and Reviews

There are few things I enjoy more in a K/S story than a union of humor and sex. This rare balance is well struck in this charming story by an author who , alas, does not seem to write K/S anymore.

First, I'd like to note the use the author makes of the military setting, something often forgotten in K/S stories. The distinctions of rank observed in the military is also nicely integrated in this playful tale. The plot revolves around the appearance of baffling graffiti on the walls of the officers bathroom. The inexplicable mix of numbers and letters drives Kirk and senior officers nuts. What can K/S 2:1 possibly mean?

Kirk is shocked and horrified to discover that these symbols denote the odds being offered on his having been sexually involved with the individual whose initials appear. What determines the odds? Why the quantity and quality of Kirk's smiles at various crew members! Very cute idea. The story ends with Kirk's determination to throw the odds makers off the K/S track.

There is some delightful bickering between Spock and McCoy as well as lovely and intimate sex between K and S.

I enjoyed this story thoroughly. I give it an HI. (read the story and you'll agree) [1]
Jenny Starr is one of my favorite K/S authors. She no longer writes K/S unfortunately, but she wrote an excellent novel called Fetish, and lots of great short stories. One hilarious one is called “Odds and Abbs”. I know this is a well known story, but perhaps there are some subscribers new to K/S fandom, like myself, who haven’t read it.

Apparently it’s star charting time again on the Enterprise, and the crew is bored. So it’s time for fun and games, described by the author as follows: “The object was to have a good time at the senior officers’ expense. The role of said senior officers was to be aware that something was going on but not what. And the job of the junior officers was to know what that something was but not to let the senior officers know they knew.”

And of course our intrepid senior officers look upon the game as a challenge to them to figure out what’s going on. Giving away key plot points, I’ll tell you that the latest game involves graffiti such as “K/S, 2:1” written on the walls of one of the men’s bathrooms. It doesn’t take Spock long to figure out what this means, and yes, it means exactly what you think! Since he and Kirk are involved with each other, they figure out a way to confuse the crew and get their attention focused elsewhere. This is a very amusing little story with lots of funny scenes. There’s a great description of Kirk’s smiles, classified by the crew according to intensity, and his impact on an unsuspecting crewwoman when she first meets him. Kirk’s single minded focus on solving the mystery while right in the middle of some very interesting activities with Spock, causing great consternation for the Vulcan, is also hilarious. And the actual bridge scene that throws all the odds out the window is priceless. This story is a hoot! [2]
I was indulging myself with some early K/S stories recently and came upon this treat by one of the best K/S authors that ever wrote in our genre. It seems the crew is making book on odds of a relationship between Kirk and Spock. Kirk throws them off the track in his own inimitable way. Bonus: Find out what a LI, MI, and HI are. A classic story in every sense of the word. [3]


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