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Issue 31

Datazine 31 was published in May/June 1984 and contains about 60 pages.

cover of issue #31, Eddie Egan
  • there is a pointed editorial about zine eds not fulfilling their obligations by either refunding money for canceled zines or sending zine orders out late; there are several letters from fans naming other fans who have taken money and not fulfilled zine orders; the editors advise fans to turn zine eds who do not fulfill their obligations in for mail fraud. "Nothing will motivate a zined more than the threat of criminal prosecution."
  • fan reports receiving a "very rude letter from one M.J. Barrowman-Harper accusing me of, in effect, contributing to the demise of Jani Hicks." She goes on to try to figure out this odd, and perplexing letter, one that can be read in its entirety in Southern Enclave #4 here perplexing letter on page 57
  • about The Weight Collected: the fan who was typing it up explains the personal reasons as to why she isn't done and apologizes
  • I Joan Kokolus writes a letter to personal statements saying she has left Gemini Press and that she will personally be publishing Song of Caprica #5 and Firebird-The Phoenix #3
  • a fan writes a letter in the personal statements and complains about a fan who has canceled a zine but has kept all the money received so far
  • a fan asks if another fan for help in audio taping some Star Trek episodes, saying Trek was not aired where he lived lived. He wrote that he would send a cassette tape and packaging for its return to anyone who would assist
  • chapter five of "Marisoo Tudewesque" by Sharon Macy
  • "Beta Five Snobbery"
  • there are no zine reviews

Issue 32

Datazine 32 was published in October 1984 and contains about 60 pages.

cover of issue #32, Leah Rosenthal
  • the editors apologize for late issue, citing in detail some personal problems
  • two editors have had a falling out and a letter from one explains the ins and outs and tries to sort out who is publishing what zine. Zines in question are Organia, "The Liberated Libido," and "Perfect Fusion"
  • a zine ed writes: "Due to personal commitments, illness, and general screw-ups that seem to be epidemic to fanzines, the reserve list to Well of the Souls #4 is somewhere in limbo."
  • a fan writes to say that Overmind "no longer exists" and there is now a split in zine publishing responsibilities with Pony Press
  • a zine ed apologizes: "Please excuse the further delay in our zine publishing schedule, which was in miserable shape to begin with."
  • a zine ed is trying to get material back from a former zine ed so she can put out the zine she promised
  • a zine ed has an announcement that her ST:TOS zine, "Continuing Voyages" has been canceled. She says not only have not enough good stories been submitted, but her "dumb ex-mailman" wasn't delivering the mail like he's supposed to
  • a zine ed says she got back from Media*West to find out she was being evicted from her house. She announces several cancelations of zines she had in the works
  • Connie Crouch, a zine artist, says she and a separate zine artist, Ann Crouch are getting each other's mail as some zine eds simply list the last name in their ads and TOC. She asks that people be more specific.
  • a fan responds to an anonymous flyer that was distributed at the last Shore Leave. This publication listed what was supposed to be a bunch of dead-beat zine eds, and it was full of inaccuracies and personal vendettas, and complaints about the flyer's creator's fiction being turned down in zines. The fan who complains about the distribution of this anonymous flyer wrote:
    Well, dear author of the flyer, you did not meet your objective, as no bad feelings and distrust were generated among those in the flyer and their friends. Instead, it created a feeling of pity one has for a mad dog, and a resolve not to let unacceptable behavior be ignored.
  • Della Van Hise gives an update regarding Pon Farr Press. She says she is up-to-date in getting out the back orders for a number of zines. She mentions she is having to re-do Naked Times #4/5 part two as her '"born-again printer" had completely destroyed the original and the dummy copies after she had paid her bill in full. "It seems he overlooked that commandment about coveting and/or destroying his neighbor's property."
  • a zine ed and writer says: "Due to professional and personal considerations, any K/S material done by myself in the future will be done under a pen name... Quite honestly, I don't think it's worth the time and energy which would expended in an attempt to explain K/S to the mundane world. We have 'dear' fans like David Gerrold trying to do that for us, don't we?"
  • a fan writes in personal statements that she was at a Star Trek fanzine reading party and loaned twenty-two zines to a fan who has not returned them and has apparently left the state with them:
    [Name redacted] is very into ST, almost a fanatic. Her main interest is K/S zines, she talks quite a bit about them and/or sex in general. She was living in [city redacted] and was a volunteer ambulance driver at one time. She is 24 years old, has shoulder length brown hair, wears brown frame glasses, and is a little on the chunky side. She drives a two-seater white sports car... If anyone knows her whereabouts, please send her address to me.
  • a fan complains about the rate of return of information he has requested with SASEs:
    In the almost two years of writing and sending SASEs, I am only averaging a return rate of 60%. Four out of ten editors of either 'In Print' or 'In the Planning Stages' do not respond at all... Editors, I'm certainly not going to consider buying your zine if you don't even answer my letter. I'll wait until someone else is selling it or borrow it from a friend.
  • chapter six of "Marisoo Tudewesque" by Sharon Macy
  • "Beta Five Snobbery" by Don Harden, talks about Gene Coon
  • there are no zine reivews

Issue 33

Datazine 33 was published in November 1984 and contains about 30 pages.

cover of issue #33, Edward Luena. "Edward uses his diminutive furry friends to gently cariacature such comic icons as Conan and The X-Men, pop stars from Mr. Spock to Indiana Jones to Dr. Who."
  • personal statements included a response from a co-editor in response to a letter in an earlier issue regarding Organia
  • Vel Jaeger explains some reorganization at TREKisM. She also remarks on flyer (mentioned in Datazine #32) that was anonymously at Shore Leave:
    To those who fear for my utter devastation as a result of the infamous Naked Doubles Flyer distributed at Shore Leave... not to worry! Not only have I taken it in stride (I've been slimed by far bigger fish and survived to tell the tale), but am actually quite flattered to be included among many I consider to be the creme de la creme of hard-working zine editors and artists. If one must suffer slander, it's nice to be in such good company. Besides, several of us slimees have already wreaked vengeance at WorldCon in LA... It was completely unconscionable, but oh! What fun. Our thanks to the author for providing us with the motive for such childish behavior.
  • a zine ed is upset to see his zines sold at cons for three times the amount he originally sold them for
  • a zine ed says he is the victim of a smear campaign, that he has never pirated anyone's zines "... and certainly I would not pirate a zine as shabby as hers." He claims this zine ed has called his co-workers at the print shop where he works and demand that he be fired for "misusing my position as a manager."
  • a fan advises the fans new to fandom:
    Being new to fandom, some of you seem to have a rather poor conception of fanzine deliveries. I want to encourage you to be patient when ordering zines, but others' as well. It has come to my attention that some neo-fans order an issue of Stardate or some other zine, wait two weeks, then write a letter of complaint to the zine ed, threatening to take the whole matter to fandom in such a forum as Datazine or Universal Translator. This is really unnecessary. I have waited for as much as a year and a half for the delivery of a zine. Waiting two weeks and then writing such a letter is an inexcusable breach of fan etiquette... Rip-off artists are present in fandom, but most fanzine editors would never try to rip any one off.
  • chapter seven of "Marisoo Tudewesque" by Sharon Macy
  • a review of Baselines #4, see that page
  • a review of The Best of... I'm a Doctor, Not a..., see that page
  • a review of Gemini Lynx, see that page
  • a review of Masiform D #14, see that page
  • a review of Sahndara #1, see that page
  • a review of Stardate #20 , see that page
  • a review of the pro book "Tears of the Singers"
  • a review of the pro book, "The Vulcan Academy Murders"
  • a review of Rassilon's Star #1, see that page
  • a review of Contes di Cottman IV #6, see that page

Issue 34

cover of issue #34, Leah Rosenthal

Datazine 34 was published in January/February 1985 and contains about 40 pages.

  • the editors say they are tying out an experiment of printing small bits of art with zine postings
  • chapter 8 of "Marisoo Tudewesque" by Sharon Macy
  • the editor for The Weight apologizes for it's lateness, as do a number of other editors
  • the editors of The Sonic Screwdriver apologize but say this zine will be delayed due to lack of good submissions; another letter by a fan suggests this zine change its name as there already is a newsletter in Texas with this title
  • the editor of Wide Open Spaces thanks fans for all their years of support: "When we first started, there was no overt interest in Western TV series fandom at the time, and the only other non-trek zines available were the only Star Wars ventures, some Starsky and Hutch, and of course, the ever popular media mix in Warped Space."
  • there are plenty of the usual letters from fans selling zines, looking for zines, and warning other fans about zine publishers they feel who do not send zines out on time (or not at all)
  • a review of a story in Handful of Snowflakes, see that page

Issue 35

Datazine 35 was published in March/April 1985 and contains about 38 pages.

cover of issue #35, Leah Rosenthal
  • a fan writes in and asks for some:
    adult male reactions to Connie Faddis' early zine story, 'A Lesson in Perspective' originally printed in Warped Space #20... I think it's a very powerful story, and a fascintating study of the problems of male/female role play, without ever coming across as a feminist tract. In case you're interested, I'm 33 years old, female, and married to a man who's not interested in [{ST]] , so I can't ask his opinion.
  • chapter 9 of "Marisoo Tudewesque" by Sharon Macy
  • a review of the "Fanzine Directory" by Howard Butler
  • a review of Nuages #3, see that page
  • a review of Time Log #10, but it is mistakenly edited; the full version appears in issue #37
  • a review of Reunion, see that page
  • a review of The Sensuous Vulcan, see that page
  • a review of Naked Singularity, see that page
  • a review of Of Dreams and Schemes #3, see that page
  • a review of Kobayashi Maru, see that page
  • a review of Guardian #4, see that page
  • a review of the Leonard Nimoy Compendium, see that page
  • a review of Xenozine, see that page

Issue 36

Datazine 36 was published in May/June 1985 and contains 40 pages.

cover of issue #36, Michael Goodwin
  • there is a very lengthy letter from Pon Farr Press explaining various disasters that have befallen issue #4/5 of Naked Times; she also reports that the press is "now completely functional again"
  • there is a letter from Randall Landers explaining that his zine, Stardate under Stardate Press, will no longer be published because FSA Gaming Corporation (a Paramount company that makes a Star Trek role-playing game) has used their title and format for a magazine of their own. Landers has contacted his lawyer but was advised he really could do nothing. He expresses his extreme regret at having to give up a zine he's worked on for six years and hopes that fans will support his new zine Orion
  • there is a long letter from a fan who has asked to remain anonymous which warns zine eds regarding The Great Australian Radio Show Fiasco:
    Please be advised that a recent program on the Sydney radio station 2FC, openly discussed the topic of K/S publications. An excerpt, taken from an American zine was read by the reporters. The author of the story, the zine, the publishers, and their addresses were supplied on the air and the tone of the reading was NOT sympathetic. A fan of K/S, and I use the word advisedly, then discussed the topic withe the reporter, John Baxter. The interview was taped, due to some quick thinking of another fan... and it has been ascertained that John Baxter was in possession of other zines at the time the program went to air... Bearing in mid the details of recent events in the USA and Britain, due to media publicity about other zines, I must warn you to double check your orders... because, at the moment you run the risk of having your work exposed... The repercussions of this kind of publicity are well known to all of us...
    This letter writer goes on to warn other fans against submitting work to an Australian slash zine as the interviewee was the co-editor of a zine published there. "I felt that her action was harmful to the well being of general Trek as well as K/S." This letter was also printed in Universal Translator #27 and Not Tonight Spock #9 The text of the entire letter is here: Open Letter to the Editors of All K/S Zines & All Other "/" Media Zines.
  • there are no zine reviews

Issue 37

Datazine 37 published in July/September 1985 and contains about 60 pages. This was the first issue of Datazine to differentiate Trek zines with the labels "ST" and "K/S".

cover of issue #37, Karen Bates
  • there is a long memorial for Cardinal-Price by Victoria H. Clark and Barbara L.B. Storey
  • there are several letters from BNF about the Star Trek Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
  • a fan (feeling "uncomfortable, embarrassed, and morally compromised by the association of my name with a project which is being run with so little regard for the common decencies of fandom") says a zine ed is taking too long to distribute her zine to those fans who have pre-paid; the writer says she will make xerox copies of her novel for those who have not received their issues of Saurian Brandy Digest #36; this same letter is printed in Universal Translator #28
  • contains one of the first purchased ads, a display ad for Revenge of the Wind Rider
  • chapter 11 of "Marisoo Tudewesque" by Sharon Macy
  • there is a letter by a fan who is upset and angry that K/S zines and their authors and editors are being singled out for harassment:
    I do not understand how writers of K/S can be discriminated against, when in writing, music, and drama there have not only been stories and songs concerning homosexuality... [Those creators] are not told they cannot act, or sing, or write... Where is the line drawn to make K/S any different? Is it language? Explicit scenes? Art work? What? The fact that zines are not pro or that some K/S could be considered pornographic? Yet, what of 'normal' adult Trek zines such as R & R? Are they considered in the same category as K/S in that these authors should be discriminated against?
  • "Beta Five Snobbery" by Don Harden which answers some questions about the number of episodes and how the VCR tapes are being labeled. He also repeated D.C. Fontana's comment that Spock's first name is "Xtmprsqzntwlfb."
  • a review of Time Log #10, see that page (there was a mistakenly edited version in Datazine #35; the full-version is here)
  • a review of Crisis at Kahlel-Den, see that page
  • a review of Robin's Nest #2, see that page
  • a review of In Triplicate, see that page
  • a review of Media Rare, see that page
  • a review of Airwolf, the Magazine, see that page
  • a review of Mobile Ghettos, see that page
  • a review of Knightales, see that page
  • a review of It Takes Time on Impulse, see that page
  • a review of More Than Brothers #1, see that page
  • a review of R & R #16, #20, see that page
  • a review of Treklink, see that page
  • a review of Datazine, review on first page

Issue 38

cover of issue #38, Leah Rosenthal

Datazine 38 published in October/November 1985 and contains about 60 pages.

  • Della Van Hise has a personal statement in which she explains the reasons for the differences in the pro novel Killing Time, see that page as well as Open Letter by Della Van Hise Regarding "Killing Time"
  • a fan complains she hasn't received her trib copy of Only Trek
  • a fan has this personal statement:
    I would like to apologize to all my good friends and correspondents for the extra long delay in answering letters and inquiries this year. Please believe that I haven't forgotten any of you. 'Thing' have just haven't been going too well this year. On second thought, make that this decade. Be assured that I will answer everyone eventually.
  • two fans are holding an auction of fannish goods to raise money for Toni Cardinal-Price's family
  • Wendy Rathbone is selling some t-shirts, one of which says "Pon Farr Victim" on it
  • a zine ed wants to refund fans sixty-five cents as Of Dreams and Schemes #2 didn't weigh as much as they thought it would to send: "If you send an SASE we will refund your money."
  • chapter 12 of "Marisoo Tudewesque" by Sharon Macy
  • the editors began to use two labels for Star Trek fanzines: "ST" for non-K/S fanzines, and "K/S" for that genre. Universal Translator followed suit a year later
  • there were 38 ST and 15 K/S zines advertised for sale

Issue 39

Datazine 39 was published in January 1986 and contains about 60 pages.

cover of issue #39, Joy Riddle
  • there is announcement for the second Who-Tex Con in Austin, Texas May 23-25, 1986
  • several fans complain about other fan not answering their inquiries, an Australian fan thanks the editors of Datazine for sending her three back issues even though she had not asked for them to replaced directly but had mentioned it to a friend. And a well-known fan artist, Barbara Gordon, writes:
    Some weeks ago, I discovered that quite a bit of mail was not reaching me, nor was some of the mail I sent being delivered. This includes a number of checks and money orders, as well as various replies concerning artwork, and at least one parcel. Then I discovered a giant heap of ripped-open mail belonging to me and quite a few neighbors, lying abandoned near some elevated train tracks near here... The Post Office didn't seem to be concerned, but I am! As always, nasty, threatening, and insulting letters will be forwarded directly to my lawyer for possible legal action and will only delay or prevent my reply.
  • chapter 13 of "Marisoo Tudewesque" by Sharon Macy
  • a review of As I Do Thee #2, see that page
  • a review of Naked Times #7, see that page
  • a review of Southern Lights #1.5, see that page
  • a review of Well Met in Time and Space, see that page
  • a review of Of Dreams and Schemes #4, see that page
  • a review of Genesis Aftermath, see that page
  • a review of Daring Attempt #3, see that page
  • a review of The Z.I.N.E. from U.N.C.L.E., see that page
  • a review of Trek Encore #1, #2, #3, see that page
  • a review of First Time #1 and #3, see that page

Issue 40

cover of issue #40

Datazine 40 was published in February 1986 and contains about 40 pages.

  • a zine ed reports that a fan who had ordered Alternate Universe 4 Volumes 1 and 2 returned them and demanded a refund, claiming "the stories were unbelievable." Shirley adds:
    NEVER in all the years we have published AU4 has ANYONE ever asked for their money back Some, of course disagreed with the premise, their privilege, but never asking for a REFUND. Frankly, I'm shocked! Is this a new trend in fandom? Are we now rental libraries. Yes, [name redacted] is getting her refund even though the zines look well-read and travel worn.
  • a fan writes a personal statement and asks about a well-known zined:
    Does anyone know anything about [name redacted]? My sister and I orderd six zines from her two years and a bit ago. We haven't received any zine or an answer to the four letters we sent her. I hate to feel ripped off by someone so well known, but that's how I feel. Is she sick or something?
  • some zine editors ask for clarification on some addresses, saying some zines have been returned to them by the post office due to faulty addresses. "Please contact me so I can send you your order."
  • a fan writes: "Does anyone have the current address for [name redacted]? She is the editor of [name redacted]. I wrote to inform her of my change in address, and my letter was returned. Twice. Perhaps she has decided to 'head north'?" [1]
  • a fanartist writes that she was at a convention and was very surprised to find her art on the front of a zine. She's sent the editors an inquiry letter and some art samples several months earlier and had heard nothing from them. When she confronted the zine eds:
    ... they gave me some lame excuse ([your address] got lost, and we didn't think you'd mind). They said they would give me $25, what they usually pay for cover art. Anyway, that made me feel a little better, however, they never sent me the payment for the artwork, and I have been waiting for a year. I know I am not the only person that this has happened to with regards to this particular magazine (or fanzine).


  1. Actually, this person has recently passed away, so let's hope it's "north" rather than "south".