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Issue 51

cover of issue #51

Datazine 51 covers January/April 1988 and contains about 60 pages.

  • this issue contains Surak Award nomination forms
  • several fans write of zineds who have gone above and beyond to provide excellent service
  • the editor of Interstat says that the recent review in Orion and Power of Speech was written under a pseud and that the pseud was used unethically and maliciously, and that Datazine refused to print it, saying they did not "print unsolicited reviews, especially hateful attempts at discrediting others."
  • there is a letter from a fan explaining the different levels of editing zine eds do
  • a zine ed is fed up with unreasonable demands and harassment about zines from fans; she says that From a Certain Point of View will have one more issue, but My Vice, Happy Holidays, Blue Pencil, and a Riptide zine are cancelled
  • there is a letter from Susan Garrett explaining in great detail about what an SASE is and how to use it
  • a review of Destiny's Children #3, see that page
  • a review of The Orion Incident, see that page
  • an extremely long review of First Time #14, see that page

Issue 52

Datazine 52

  • unknown content

Issue 53

cover of issue #53

Datazine 53 covers July/September 1988 and contains about 60 pages.

Issue 54

cover of issue #54

Datazine 54 covers September/October 1988 and contains about 30 pages.

  • it contains no zine reviews
  • a zine ed makes the rare move of essentially poaching completely out in the open by printing a proposal in personal statements. She writes that she is tired of a proposed Escape from New York zine to be published and invites the contributors by name (culled from the flyer from two years ago) to re-submit what they had submitted to "Call Me Snake" to her zine, the third issue of Snakebit, a zine which also didn't make it off the ground. Neither did "Call Me Snake."

Issue 55

cover of issue #55, Jean Kluge

Datazine 55 covers March/April 1989 and contains about 60 pages.

Issue 56

cover of issue #56, Rick Wawiernia

Datazine 56 covers May/June 1989 and contains about 60 pages.

  • this issue contains no zine reviews
  • there are no personal statements
  • the zine ed whose contributors were "poached" in a personal statement in issue #54 responds by saying her zines have always taken a long time to be published and that she is hurt that someone would try to undermine her planned zine. In the end, neither zine eds' zines saw the light of day.
  • and ad for Ready Room: "USS Kestral -- Enterprise-class cruiser. USS Tutakai--Galaxy-class cruiser. New ships, new crews. With subscription get unlimited access to Ready Room BBS."

Issue 57

cover of issue #57, Rick Wawiernia

Datazine 51 covers September/October 1989 and contains about 30 pages.

  • there are no personal statements
  • reviews of Rerun #6 and #7, see that page
  • a review of First Time #18, see that page
  • an announcement regarding a change in publication for the zine Act 5, see that page

Issue 58

cover of issue #58, Leah Rosenthal

Datazine 58 covers May 1990 and contains about 40 pages.

Issue 59

cover of issue #59, Jacquelyn Zoost

Datazine 59 covers July 1990 and contains about 60 pages.

In the "Bits and Pieces" section a fan writes:
"...our home burned to the ground and I lost 10 years of ST fandom. All my zines, books, comics, toys, video tapes, etc. burned also. I lost so many classic Trek & SW zines. I also lost the addresses of old friends. I haven't done much in fandom lately as I've been busy with other things, but am finding out that I really miss it. I would like to try & replace as many zines as possible. I would appreciate hearing from anyone. Also, if there are fans out there who would be willing to sell or xerox zines for me at reasonable prices, I'd like to hear from you. Our insurance is pretty good, thank God, but with all the things we have to replace, I can't put a lot into ST. Luckily the fire started while we were all at work or school, so neither my husband or I or our two children were hurt. Our family cat died, however. The fire could have been so much worse, if it had started at night. I would really appreciate hearing from anyone. Live long & prosper."

Issue 60

cover of issue #60, J.M. McClure

Datazine 60 covers September/October 1990 and contains about 60 pages.

Issue 61

cover of issue #61, Rick Wawiernia

Datazine 61 was published in November/December 1990.

  • a review of Strangers Among Us, see that page
  • ad for Frame of Mind: "What has happened to the Doctor? The guardian of time is caught in a Nightmare world from which he cannot escape, seeing a solution that will free him before he is order to kill... again."

Issue 62

cover of issue #62, Jacqueline Zoost

Datazine 62 was published in January/February 1990/1991.

  • the editors write that fans can now send in their listings on computer disk such as "Dos Text or WordPerfect files on 5 1/2 IBM format disks... sorry, but we cannot read other formats such as Apple, Mac, etc..."
  • this issue contains no zine reviews

Issue 63

cover of issue #63, uncredited

Datazine 63 was published in March/April 1991.

NOTE: This may have been the last issue. The Monthly notes in its September 1991 issue that it heard that Datazine had ceased publication, and in the October 1991 issue, confirmed its demise.