Song of Caprica

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Title: Song of Caprica
Publisher: the first four issues by Gemini Press
Colonial Enterprises, issue five by I Joan Kokolus
Editor(s): I. Joan Kokolus and J.R. Janoski
Date(s): 1981-1983
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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Song of Caprica is a gen Battlestar Galactica anthology of poetry, art and fiction. There are five issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Song of Caprica 1 was published in October 1981 and contains 114 pages.

  • features "the continuing saga of The Galactica Journals with a special insert reprint of v.1 n.1"
  • Crystal Slipper by I Joan Kokolus
  • Kobol by Mary Robertson
  • Notes From A Star Traveller by Cherry Burlington
  • Tales From Faeriesphere
    • The Dreamer by J.R. Janoski
    • I Don't Believe She Said That by Phyllis Johnpoll
  • Little Critter Stories - Richard and Heloise by J.R. Janoski
  • The Return of Zac by Pat Hailey
  • In Command by J.R. Janoski (excerpt of her novel Change in Command)
  • Uncompromising Dilemma by I Joan Kokolus
  • A Capstone Up Her Sleeve by Geraldine Stout
  • Perchance by I Joan Kokolus
  • Song For Athena and Again, poems by Elaine Christiani
  • Warriors on Call - author uncredited
  • Boomer's Birthday Party by J.R. Janoski
  • Captain Apollo On The Rocks, a drink recipe by J.R. Janoski
  • Sheba, a poem by Mary Robertson
  • Return of the Legend by Steve Blaskey
  • Zine and club exchange
  • BG Reporter - Job Site
  • SOC #2 ad
  • From Gemini Press - an ad for Rainbows Always End
  • TGJs Starbuck's Notes
  • TGJs Adama's Log
  • TGJs Apollo's record
  • From The Bridge

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I recently received SOC#l and it is one of the best fanzines it has been my pleasure to read. Therefore I am ordering Issue #2. Keep up the good work! [1]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Sharon

Song of Caprica 2 was published in March 1982. It has 105 pages and seventeen stories by Phyllis Johnpoll, Jeanne McGraw, Connie Lee, K. Tinsley, Elaine Tripp, Elaine Christiani and more. Art is by J.R. Janoski, I Joan Kokolus, Mary Robertson. The cover is by Sharon II, with the cover artist listed as I Joan Kokolus.

  • Communications (2)
  • From the Bridge (3)
  • Zine and Club Exchange (4)
  • The GALACTICA Journals (5)
  • Song of Caprica Mail Order Info (10)
  • Jade by Pat Hailey (a Starbuck/Cassie story) (11)
  • Meditations by Phyliss Johnpoll(fiction) (16)
  • The Cylon Enigma by K. Tinsley (fiction) (17)
  • The GALACTICA Journals (21)
  • Dear Practical by J.R. Janoski (a Apollo/Serena story) (29)
  • Dress Right Dress by I Joan Kokolus (fiction) (35)
  • And Who Shall Cry When I'm Gone by Connie Lee (fiction) (39)
  • Interfleet Inquiry (42)
  • The GALACTICA Journals (43)
  • Gemini Press Mail Order Information (52)
  • Warrior on Call by Pat Hailey (53)
  • Death Debt by Elaine Christiani (a Starbuck story) (57)
  • A Brief Time by I Joan Kokolus (fiction) (63)
  • The Laughing Coloial Story Contest (68)
  • The GALACTICA Journals (69)
  • Elegy by Mary Robertson (poem) (76)
  • 60 Centons by Jeanne McGraw (a satiric story) (77)
  • Sunrise...Sunset by Elaine Tripp (fiction) (85)
  • Return of the Legend by Steve Blaskey (fiction) (99)
  • TGJs Official Report Log (105)
  • TGJs Apollo's Record (106)
  • TGJs Starbuck Notes (107)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

First off, the cover is lovely. You have captured Athena's beauty in your drawing. In fact, I enjoy all of your illustrations. They have a fluid grace very pleasing to the eye... .All those crazy cartoons made me laugh. I like a humorous respite every once in a while. "The GALACTICA Journals" pleased me just as much as last time. To put it simply, I like everything about SOC. It is a very well done zine. The characters of Daris and Daron are good. Maybe it's because I enjoyed "Maya's" powers on SPACE: 1999 so much, but they themselves are good characters. [2]
The day before yesterday, I received SONG OF CAPRICA #1 and yesterday, I received #2. I have finished reading '#l and I am almost finished with #2. They are wonderful. I especially liked 'The Galactica Journals." Thank you for a wonderful BG zine. [3]
I have just finished issues 1&2 of SONG OF CAPRICA and I felt I must congratulate you on the excellent stories and poems. I especially enjoyed "The GALACTICA Journals," which are long enough to develop character relationships more fully than shorter stories. The introduction of Prince Daron and Princess Daris was a brilliant inspiration which opens up all sorts of possibilities for future stories. You have captured the magic that was BATTLESTAR GALACTICA in SONG OF CAPRICA. Best of luck and keep up the not good but excellent work. [4]
...I was very impressed. There were many excellent stories and some good artwork, too. A round of applause certainly seems deserved... [5]
Your zine is exquisite. It is the sort of thing every BG fan should have. "The GALACTICA Journals" were simply super! [6]
The high quality of SONG OF CAPRICA is a tribute to both your editorial staff and your readers. You achieved a blend of thought stories and action stories that never let my interest wane. I had to force myself not to read it in one sitting, but to draw it out and savor it like fine ambrosia. [7]
108pp, A4, offset. A good looking BSG zine, and I certainly enjoyed reading it. There are several on-going serials which are easy to pick up the threads of such as "The Galactica Journals" which proves to be a fascinating study of the Apollo/Adama relationship through adversity, tactfully and realistically examined. This particular serial is punctuated by the personal journals of the protagonists which are fun to read and written in character. "The Return of the Pegasus" is exactly that with the fascinating hypothesis of Cain's return in secret. Too short this installment for my liking as you just start getting into the story when the "to be continued" sign comes up. Elaine Tripp in her' story. "Sunrise...Sunset" has done a series of flashbacks of Troy/Boxey's life using the series and her imagination in a very close co-operation which works very effectively indeed. Quite a solid, if a little confusing sometimes read though and when there is so little BSG stuff around it's a refreshing change. [8]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3 by J.R. Janoski

Song of Caprica 3 was published in June/July 1982 and contains 110 pages. Writers include Athena, Anna Buchman, Cherry Burlington, Laverne Gaskill, Pat Hailey, J.R. Janoski, Phyllis Johnpoll, Ramk Kelbasy, I. Joan Kokolus, Connie Lee, Muffey, Mary Robertson, Diana Rusnak. Artists include J.R. Janoski, Joan Kakolus, Francis Mao, Jeanne McGraw, Dan Rivera, and Mary Robertson.

  • Communications (2)
  • From the Bridge (3)
  • Zine and Club Exchange (4)
  • The GALACTICA Journals (5)
  • Warrior on Call (15)
  • The Story of Creation from the Book of the Word by Phyllis Johnpoll (16)
  • A Second Chance by Diana Rusnak (an Apollo-Starbuck story) (17)
  • Lullaby for a Junior Warrior by Mary Robertson (20)
  • Beautiful... But Deadly by I. Joan Kokolus (21)
  • BG Reporter by Pat Hailey (26)
  • Battlestar Columbia: The Beginning by J.R. Janoski(27)
  • The GALACTICA Journals (33)
  • Love, Starbuck by Anna Buchanan (a Starbuck/Athena story) (41)
  • Interfleet Inquiry (45)
  • A Declaration of Freedom by Ramk Kelbasy(47)
  • Gemini Press Mail Information (48)
  • Tales from Faerysphere - The Visit by elbasy, I. Joan Kokolus, Connie Lee, Muffey, Mary Robertson, Diana Rusnak. Artists include J.R. Janoski (49)
  • No Frills: The Real Fire in Space Episode by The Escaped Caprican Lunatic (53)
  • Double Trouble! by Laverne Gaskill (55)
  • The GALACTICA Journals (61)
  • The First to Know by Muffey (71)
  • The GALACTICA Journals (77)
  • Path of Death by Connie Lee (91)
  • Castaway by Pat Hailey (an Apollo story) (95)
  • Song of Caprica Mail Order Information
  • TGJs Adama's Log (105)
  • TGJ's Apollo's Record (106)
  • TGJ's Starbuck's Notes (107)
  • Adama's Memories by Athena (108)
  • The Laughing Colonial (110)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Song of Caprica’s best feature by far is ‘The Galactica Journals.’ The continuing story is detailed enough to get the reader involved in the characters, while it is well paced to avoid boredom. This part is about a space pirate named Magical Expire and a sentient, panther-like Liani called Empress that the Galactica meets while searching for a suitable place to replenish their supplies. Expire wants to acquire a few more wives. And the Empress wants to win Apollo’s affection. The addition of Princess Daris and Prince Daron of Dorani to the Galactica crew creates interesting asides to the plot. The Doroni are telepathic and can change form. They discover Apollo has some telepathic abilities and try to help him understand and develop his talent. Expire has encountered Princess Daris before, however, and tries to persuade her to become his ‘head wife.’ ‘Beautiful But Deadly’ – is an amusing short about Apollo and Serena. Apollo wonders just how to get even with Serena’s ‘insubordination.’ ‘Battlestar Columbia’ – The Beginning sets up the scene for new adventures. The Columbia was the newest Battlestar to the Colonial Fleet and was damaged in the Cylon ambush of the peace conference. They found some survivors on Tauron and learned of the Galactica and the refugee fleet. Commander Janus decides to travel blindly after the Galactica. ‘Battlestar Columbia’ looks promising as readers may create their own characters and submit their stories. ‘Tales from the Faerysphere: The Visit’ has a group of mischievous faeries running loose on the Galactica and making trouble for Starbuck. This just wasn’t up to par. ‘Double Trouble’ is a predictable ‘Starbuck’s-double-did-it’ story. A much better Starbuck story is ‘The First to Know.’ Starbuck is haunted by a recurring dream about an exploding shuttle. He doesn’t know what it means, if anything at all, or if he’s going space-happy. ‘Castaway’ is about Apollo crashing on a feuding planet with no way to get back to the Galactica. It would have been a much better story if it hadn’t been printed with two endings. Overall, the zine is printed attractively. The artwork is okay (what eyelashes!). Every story has at least one accompanying illustration and there is a cartoon by The Laughing Colonial. [9]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Song of Caprica 4 was published in May 1983 and contains 120 pages.

  • Possessed by Anna Buchman (an Apollo/Ibiis story)
  • Brothers by K. Tinsley (a Starbuck/Zac story)
  • Descent to Recovery by Elaine Christiani
  • other unknown content

Issue 5

Song of Caprica 5 was published in December 1983 and contains 105 pages.

cover of issue #5
  • fiction by Hailey, Christiani, Rusnak, Carol Mel-Ambassaor, I Joan Kokolus, Talley and others
  • art by Mao, Kokolus, Fisher and Lewis
  • the conclusion of The Galactica Journals
  • Tales from Faerysphere
  • Interfleet Inquiry
  • The Laughing Colonial
  • The Escaped Caprican Lunatic
  • poems, cartoon, filks


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