An Act of Salvation

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: An Act of Salvation
Author(s): Jenny Starr
Date(s): 1985
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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An Act of Salvation is a Kirk/Spock story by Jenny Starr.

It was published in the print zine Naked Times #7.


"After Spock's return from Death, he and Kirk must spend several weeks with the healers on Vulcan. A delightful story with thought-provoking ideas and new slants on Sarek, Kirk, Spock, etc."

Reactions and Reviews

Naked Times 7 is a wonderful fanzine, and one of the first I purchased about half a year ago. Since then I've read a lot of zines, but this one actually sticks in my mind as one of my favorites. There are two stories that make it so. One of them is An Act of Salvation.

It's dealing with the aftermath of the fal tor pan in a very unique way. It begins at the end of 'The Search For Spock" and goes in a completely different direction from 'The Voyage Home." I imagine this is because the fourth Star Trek movie had not been aired when this story was written. This makes it easier for the writer to take a different turn, I suppose, but I am still awed by what she did with this story.

The agony and pain Kirk has to go through while waiting for Spock to regain his memories is plainly evident in each line, each paragraph of this story and I feel for him. The method for Spock to get his life back is very interesting and rather innovative as well, and the way Kirk goes about showing him his past through the help of a healer at Mount Seleya is very interesting. I sincerely

understand Kirk's impatience and longing in this story, and when they finally come together again after the mind-melds, there are tears in my eyes. This story is truly beautiful and believable and it is a story that I come back to again and again. [1]
"An Act of Salvation" by Jenny Starr is a 34 page story that grabs your attention and keeps you riveted until the end. This is the second story in NAKED TIMES 7 that I reread just recently, having already read the entire zine years ago. I've always liked Jenny's stories. (Warning: I do give away the plot.)

Basically this story is just a unique retelling of the entire story of Spock and Kirk—the K/S version. This starts after Spock has been through the refusion, but before they start back for Earth for Kirk to face court martial. Sarek really shakes Kirk up when he tells him that he has made a grave error refusing to bond with his son. In this story, Kirkand Spock have been lovers for 8 years, having become lovers after Spock came back from Gol. This is in Part 1—In the Garden.

Part 2—The Journey Up the Mountains has Spock, McCoy and Kirk walking up the mountains to visit the healers. In this segment, more details come out about why they are going to this particular place. McCoy asks the questions so Spock can explain to us, the readers, what is going on.

Part 3—Trinity doesn't involve these three men, but Spock, Kirk, and the healer Solorr. The main gist of this healing process is that Spock and Kirk have to meld with Solorr and slowly recount their entire relationship from the very beginning so that Spock can regain his memories and be healed. You would think this would be boring, but it's not. Basically the main events are quickly recounted. Another reason this part is called trinity is that it takes three long melding sessions for this to happen.

Part 4—The Sacrifice has Spock and Kirk getting together. Spock is healed. They have sex and now decide to bond. This segment ends with the word, "I forgive" which Spock speaks to Kirk, and it turns out that in many ways this story is more about Kirk's inability to understand the true nature of bonding than it is just a simple recounting of the Star Trek saga. It is this bonding that the is the "Act of Salvation" for both Spock and Kirk.

Part 5—Resurrection basically just shows that Amanda and Sarek are behind Kirk and Spock and intend to help Kirk get through his problems with Star Fleet. Three Federation teams come to arrest Kirk and the story ends with Kirk surrendering to them and smiling.

I highly recommend this story and would recommend NAKED TIMES 7 (1985) for this story alone, despite the fact the zine has several very nice stories in it. [2]
AN ACT OF SALVATION by Jenny Starr is the winner of NAKED TIMES writing contest #1. This is an excellently written, plotted and executed treatment of what might happen after ST:TSFS. Kirk and Spock travel to a Vulcan retreat, accompanied by McCoy, to heal from the events which took place in ST 2 and 3. Kirk is there to help Spock regain his memories and to clearify his soul. Through a series of mind melds we see the two of them draw closer to each other, closer to an understanding of each other than they have ever had. The atmosphere surrounding them, both physical and emotional, is woven poetically into the test in such a way that the very place becomes real in one's mind. The ending, which was the paragraph presented in the original contest, is simply wonderful. Jenny Starr is one the best writers to come to K/S in years. [3]
"An Act of Salvation", by Jenny Starr, is the contest winner, and I certainly see why. Jenny did an incredible job. Spock's fal-tor-pan has left him blank and he must regain his memories. With the help of the healers, Kirk, McCoy, and his parents, Spoek slowly regains these memories and himself. Spock's turmoil, great frustration, and pain at being "empty" are keenly clear. I found myself crying for him, for his obvious pain and feeling of total isolation. This is my favorite story in the zine. Very, very touching. [4]


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