Night Rose

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Night Rose
Author(s): Jenny Starr
Date(s): 1986
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Night Rose is a Kirk/Spock story by Jenny Starr.

It was published in the print zine First Time #6.


"In his journal Kirk relates how on a diplomatic mission on Argelius, he finds Spock at a gay bar and how both confess their love for each other."

Reactions and Reviews

How does the thought of Spock and Kirk confronting each other in a gay bar on a pleasure planet hit you? Lovely thought, I thought. Recounted in Kirk's private, handwritten personal log, the incident on Argelius II becomes an explanation of the forces in his back ground which psychologically prepare Jim Kirk for the true love of his life—Spock. While the story does not include the steamy physical description of their first consummation of love, it leads up to it skillfully and hold the interest of the reader. Sometimes leaving the explicit sex to the reader's imagination is more compelling than anything. I would perhaps have preferred a definite commitment as resolution, but then I do not like dangling in thin air at any time. Capricorn of me. Good story, worth reading, and beautifully illustrated. The drawings of Kirk, page 136, and Spock, page 140, by Jacqueline Zoost, and of Spock and the flower, page 147, by Barbara Walker, are gorgeous. I would love to have them framed on my wall! The illo which follows, on page 148, by Chris Soto, is poignantly beautiful, too. [1]
This is a magical mystery tour of the planet Argelius. That's the other pleasure planet. The one where Scotty was accused of murdering two beautiful female inhabitants, and acquitted. But this is not a mystery, just an engaging sojourn there by Kirk and Spock. They're on a diplomatic mission, ordered by the Federation to go and smooth over the scars left by the Jack-the Ripper episode. Told in Kirk's personal and intimate log, it gives an endearing look into Kirk's character and his heart. And shows what a desirable and charismatic figure Spock is. In this clever author's hands, the mists of Argelius truly are magical, actually nourishing and enhancing the planet's flora and also heightening human and vulcan emotions and sensibilities. Ms. Starr does a clever job of giving color to all the shadows shown in the aired episode, building up the texture of the unusual conditions on that planet. "Night Rose" shines! I love Jenny Starr, the beautiful images she created—the ephemeral mistrose for one, so fragrant and fragile. I love her plays on words, her inventive reasoning for the existence of Argelia's night fogs/mists. The whole subtle metaphor is enchanting, the story a rare treat that should be tasted again, even if you have before. [2]


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