Voyeur (Star Trek: TOS story by Jenny Starr)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Voyeur
Author(s): Jenny Starr
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Voyeur is a Kirk/Spock story by Jenny Starr.

It was published in the print zine KSX #1.


"Spock taking shore leave on Wrigley’s? Find that hard to believe? So does McCoy. The doctor dons a chicken suit to play spy."

"After Kirk finds out that he had sex with a man while split by the transporter, he discovers that Spock is homosexual and decides to find out if they could be lovers by having another encounter with a man where he would be the submissive partner."

Reactions and Reviews

The [zine] collection starts off with Jenny Starr's "Voyeur", where McCoy tells of following Spock during the Vulcan's leave on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet, as the doctor is curious as to what Spock could possibly want to do with his free time on a planet such as Wrigley's. Once Spock dons a costume and McCoy explains to the reader the criteria for participating in the "Masquerade" section of Wrigley's, it's easy to figure out how the story is going to end. it didn't hold much suspense for me, but the ending is touching. This was a good read. [1]
This is one of the few K/S stories that gets me laughing out loud. Whenever I think of McCoy standing there in his chicken suit watching K and S have, sex I start giggling all over again. Even though it isn't difficult to guess who Spock is going to meet during his sojourn on Wrigley's, that doesn't take away from your reading enjoyment. And the sex scene itself - wow! I also like the way Ms. Starr takes her time with this story and describes Wrigley's Planet and everything that can be found there along with complete descriptions of the costumes. Her attention to the smallest detail in her stories never fails to amaze me. A good story from an excellent author. [2]
The question is this—what is a certain Vulcan doing on shore leave on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet? McCoy wonders, too— so he spies on Spock. His shocking discovery is not so much a surprise for us readers, but a hilarious story, written in a brilliant style which reminds me of P. G. Wodehouse. [3]
Everything you wanted to know about Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet but were afraid to ask! The Enterprise is all set for some R&R when quite by accident, McCoy finds out Spock has signed up for leave on this most hedonistic of planets. Naturally this arouses the doctor’s curiosity beyond belief. What can the staid, unimaginative first officer possibly find to interest him here? He follows Spock down to the planet, watches while he enters a costume shop, emerges donned in a turquoise skin suit complete with mask, and meets his computer assigned lover.

Jenny must have wondered how Wrigley’s would work. It’s obvious a great deal of thought went into her depiction. The planet is portrayed as an erotic Disneyland for adults.

Told from McCoy’s first person point of view, “Voyeur” is alternately humorous and very sexy. The description of McCoy in his chicken suit alone is worth the price of admission. Jenny no longer writes K/S. Don’t miss this story. It’s one of her best. [4]
This is a great story in a great zine from a terrific author. ‘Voyeur’ is a McCoy POV that takes place on Wrigley’s. McCoy’s persona is well portrayed and his character and speech patterns are on the mark. His use of colloquialisms is used throughout to good effect. McCoy’s curiosity is aroused when he learns that Spock is taking Shore Leave on Wrigley’s. He is further piqued when Spock refuses to discuss the matter. Kirk’s lack of interest in this strange behavior causes McCoy to determine to find his own answers.

The doctor lurks about following Spock to a section that specializes in anonymous, costume clad sexual encounters. Spock rents a costume that makes him look even more alluring. McCoy ends up more Muppet than magnificent. It isn’t difficult to predict who shows up for a rendezvous with Spock. Kirk is also amazingly beautiful in his rented attire. McCoy watches the encounter between his two friends and realizes that he is seeing more than just sex. As the sight is incredibly erotic, McCoy is left with an uncomfortable problem of his own. Serves him right for being a voyeur.

A terrific story by a terrific author. Read it and see for yourself. [5]
The fiction in the zine also is outstanding beginning with Jenny Starr‘s Voyeur, a look at the Kirk/Spock relationship through the eyes of an extremely curious McCoy who follows Spock when the Vulcan beams down for shore leave on Wrigley‘s Pleasure Planet. Jenny captures McCoy‘s voice very well and allows the reader to step into McCoy‘s shoes and enjoy the most beautiful of relationships the doctor‘s ever seen. [6]
Snuggle up on the couch with an appropriate beverage, listen to the wind howl and warm yourself with Voyeur. The guilt is McCoy‘s. The story is his. He‘s been very naughty, unthinkably naughty and been embarrassed to the core. By setting down the events, he hopes to get his life back into perspective. Did I tell you that he ̳s decided that he has a twisted psyche and that revelation has really upset his balance? That‘s saying something. Psychiatrists, as part of their training, usually undergo therapy themselves, to better understand themselves and the treatment process so he, undoubtedly, thought he knew himself very well, indeed. But then ...

Those folks got their own version of Christmas. The Enterprise got leave on Wrigley‘s Planet and McCoy is maneuvering to spend his with Lt. "Headlights" from the Biochemistry section. His spirited give-and-take with Uhura to extract the fair Lt.‘s leave assignment is priceless. I wish every depiction of Uhura was as strong, capable and edgy. When McCoy scans Spock‘s roster and sees that Spock has placed his own name in the first rotation, McCoy steps his would-be paramour down one spot on his to-do list. Something must be very, very wrong when a Vulcan requests time ashore at Wrigley‘s. So he‘s off like a shot to see the Captain. The Captain is hip deep in paperwork. He requires the crew to dot all the i‘s, cross all the t‘s and be completely up to date in their report filing to be eligible for leave. They most definitely are up to date for Wrigley‘s. Kirk tersely tells him that Spock deserves leave as much as anyone else , he should mind his own business and then gets back to his own mound of paperwork. Oh ,well. McCoy returns to the quest for Lt. "Headlights", and eventually plans to hook up planetside on the second day. But when McCoy has a bone, he just has to gnaw on it. He decides to use his first day to spy on Spock, find out what their very proper, very private First Officer will be up to on Wrigley‘s. Is all that seven-year cycle stuff a smoke screen? To find out, McCoy tactfully manages to acquire the transporter slot immediately after Spock‘s and follows him. After all, he wants to preserve their friendship... even though he intends to stealthily follow Spock around. Ethics are definitely being bent. The future scion of the Wrigley‘s Chewing Gum empire developed Wrigley‘s Pleasure Planet along the Disneyland model into a bunch of independent habitats. McCoy caught up with Spock at the admission gate, then almost lost him at the transporter station, but a very large tip to the operator sent him to the same destination, a habitat called Masquerade where everyone is incognito in masked costume. It‘s a sexual hotspot. In fact, McCoy likes it so well he owns his own costume. But this visit, when Spock steps into one of the more high dollar, rental places, McCoy ducks into a less expensive one across the street and picks out a budget number covered in green and pink feathers. He thinks it makes him look like a gaudy, half-plucked chicken. I think his conscience must be discreetly nudging him. Why else would he go incognito in a ludicrously stand-out costume? Don‘t you think Vulcans would notice?

When Spock emerges in a stunning, body-hugging turquoise number with silver cape, McCoy had to go confirm with the shopkeeper that it was really Spock. Wow! He was going through the whole scenario, stepping up to a computer booth to input his description and requirements for a strictly anonymous, uninhibited sex partner. It‘s all tourist-on-tourist action at Masquerade, you see. And McCoy thinks he‘s beginning to understand why Spock would choose this destination. A sexually shy Vulcan would naturally select anonymity. McCoy was following him out of town to the assigned assignation spot in no time which meant Spock‘s requirements had to have been general. From past experience, McCoy knew it wasn‘t unusual to modify requests numerous times in order to find a match. Just as McCoy was having second thoughts, Spock‘s ̳date‘ arrived, a well-built male in a magenta body suit. Definitely not what McCoy was expecting. Spock stood frozen in place while the guy walked all him giving him the once over. You know what‘s going on but McCoy didn‘t. McCoy was thinking that if the stranger didn‘t have an aggressive streak, Spock would stay frozen in place and his experiment would be a failure. Well, the guy did make the first move. McCoy was expecting Spock to put an immediate halt to everything. Instead, he quickly became the sexually experienced aggressor. One minute McCoy could hardly believe what he was seeing, the next he‘s wondering what Jim would think, then he realizes the other guy is Jim. That‘s what caused McCoy‘s problem. He should leave. Spock with a stranger was erotic but unreal. Spock and Jim? It was real in spades and he was too turned on to leave. I believe it. It‘s steamy, too steamy to elaborate. McCoy, hiding behind a tree, came before they did so he was able to watch them finish, remove their masks and sit side-by-side, see Spock tenderly smile and lovingly kiss his mate, hear Kirk giggle, and finally, hear Spock laugh at their antics. And then be totally shocked to find it had all been Spock‘s idea. So what does a person do when their view of their closest friends gets turned upside-down and they can‘t let anyone know? What do you do if you think the sensuous happiness you watched was perfect ? What do you do if you want to watch again? What do you do if watching your friends was more erotic than most of your own experiences? McCoy has a few things to work out. He getting started by cancelling his date with Lt. "Headlights"

The descriptions are vivid, the dialogue sometimes sarcastic and irreverent, and the motivations all too human. You get an intriguing peak at what makes McCoy tick along the way and an interesting explanation of how Wrigley‘s works. Voyeur is a joy to read, a weird amalgum of peeping for the right reasons and the wrong ones, the strength and weakness that is friendship, and the drive to see what‘s over the next hill ... and the Gayle F illo.... [7]
VOYEUR by Jenny Starr is a terrific story of first- person POV McCoy—at his acerbic, funny and tender compassionate best—watching our guys as the title suggests. McCoy is intensely curious as to Spock's shore leave on Wrigley's (the planet of pleasure): 'I guess whatever ol' Spock was up to would be forever consigned to the mysteries of the universe. Unless he was willing to talk about it later. And I figure there was as much chance of that as there was of Lieutenant Headlights wearing a size A bra. Speaking of which....

I spent the rest of my free time while we were en route to Wrigley's convincing our well-endowed lieutenant that if she didn't let me show her certain hot spots on the planet, she'd be missing out on several chances of a lifetime. Not too much of an exaggeration. It worked. We made plans to meet up with each other on the second day of leave. Jim Kirk doesn't have the market cornered on charm around here. But I still couldn't get my mind off Spock. What the evil was that computerized puritan going to do down there?' Isn't this clever and a perfect sounding McCoy? The author has captured the tone and feel of the doctor and it's so fun to follow him around as he does the same with Kirk and Spock. 'But I'd always figured Spock's entire private life consisted of computer circuits and meditative mumbo jumbo. Had I missed something? Deep down inside of that touch-me-not exterior of his, was he really just as horny a bastard as the rest of us? And what about all that seven-year cycle bullcrap? God, it really got me to wondering.' This sets up one of the funniest and at the same time poignant scenarios as McCoy goes on his quest for the truth. I adored the little bit of history of Wrigley's Pleasure Planet—founded by an heir to a 'Terran chewing gum empire' who was a hedonist and developed Wrigley's as a sexual Disneyland! McCoy spies Spock going to Masquerade: 'Did that Vulcan know what he was getting himself into? I started to wonder if he was under the delusion that Masquerade was just a harmless little costume party. Wrong, Spocko!' McCoy picks out a costume of pink and green feathers! Then he sees Spock's costume...heart-be- still—a 'body-hugging skinsuit of bright turquoise' and a silver cape and full mask. 'To say he was stunning is the understatement of the year. He looked like something right out of somebody's drug induced fantasy.' Of course the purpose of this big costume party is fantastic sex and McCoy watches in utter amazement as Spock joins in. Spock goes off into the woods and meets up with a man dressed in 'bright magenta with little metallic threads sewn into it of an amethyst color that picked up the sunlight when his muscles rippled and flashed and glinted like a thousand tiny jewels'. Then McCoy watches as these two gorgeous creatures engage in sex: 'Oh sweet Jesus, it was Jim! I was watching James T. Kirk cocksucking Spock of Vulcan!' And as he watches more: 'I was standing behind a pink and blue tree on the most sexually stimulating world in the known universe, sporting a hard-on in a chicken suit....'

Then the sex is hot, wild and gorgeous. Boy! You sure can understand hapless McCoy's reaction when he thinks he can never experience anything so erotic. But I loved this: '...what I witnessed was one of the most sensuous, beautiful, happy scenes I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. My two best friends...loving each other.'[8]


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