Passion's Keep

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Passion's Keep
Author(s): Jenny Starr
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Passion's Keep is a K/S story by Jenny Starr.

It was published in the print zine Way of the Warrior #1.


Spock invokes Lordʼs rights to have the human vassal he covets for one night.

Reactions and Reviews

This is another very enjoyable story set in pre-reform Vulcan. In this one, Kirk and McCoy are vassals (another name for slaves) working on Sarek’s estate. Right from the start we are aware of the attraction Sarek’s son, Spock feels for Kirk. At the beginning of the story he is standing on a hill watching Kirk and McCoy messing about in the river at the end of another working day. Having given up a warrior’s life to help Sarek manage his estate, Spock is restless and opposed to his father’s plans for him to marry a local woman T’pring, not least because he finds males more attractive. Determined to get his own way, Sarek arranges for Spock to have “Lord’s Right” over Kirk, a custom, which although not normally practiced, allows Spock to spend one night with Kirk whether he agrees or not! Sarek’s motivation for this is fully explored but things are complicated still more because Kirk and McCoy are both on the point of leaving Sarek’s estate to join the slaves revolt being planned so Kirk has no choice but to go along with the planned encounter which does not go according to plan at all as he soon discovers when he is taken to the castle where Spock is waiting for him. Although initially Kirk resists Spock at every opportunity, they soon both come to recognise the attraction which is simmering between them and this leads to some very hot and erotic lovemaking! By the time their one night together is over, they both realise that their lives will never be the same again. I especially liked the way in which this author depicts the warm and easy relationship between Kirk and McCoy in this particular story, although in a very different setting to the Enterprise, they are still easily recognisable as the same characters with the same instinctive trust between them. I also enjoyed the way in which this particular writer creates and describes the whole Vulcan setting which is background to the story – with lots of small and on the surface, insignificant details which add a great deal to the overall picture against which the action is set and contribute a great deal of texture and colour to the encounter between Kirk and Spock and the general picture of what life in this particular version of early Vulcan is like.[1]
Another AU is ‘Passion’s Keep.’ I thought the author did an excellent job of creating a setting of a feudal period on Vulcan. Spock is the son of Lord Sarek, and Kirk and McCoy are vassals. Spock is obsessed with Kirk… and finally sends for him to serve him in bed. The story loses all plausibility afterwards as Spock rapes the human repeatedly, and when morning comes, Kirk --- for reasons that aren’t clear – forgives Spock and has obviously developed a fondness for him. It’s a shame that a better plot and more accurate characterization couldn’t have gone along with the interesting setting. [2]


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