James T. Kirk (AOS)

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Name: James Tiberius Kirk
Occupation: StarFleet Officer
Relationships: Father George Kirk (deceased)
Mother Winona Kirk
Brother George Samuel Kirk
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Other: played by actor Chris Pine
photo art illustration of Reboot!Kirk made by girlnamedpixley for fanfic War Games by seperis
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The alternate timeline version of James T. Kirk is a lead character in the Star Trek (2009) film.


His canon background differs from that of the original series' Kirk in many ways, most notably in that his father, George Kirk, died minutes after Jim's birth while saving most of the crew of the U.S.S. Kelvin, a ship George was captain of for less than 15 minutes. Growing up in his martyred father's heroic shadow turned Jim into a rebellious rule-breaker with an issue or two with authority.


Common ideas presented in Reboot fanfic

  • Kirk was abused as a child. [1]
  • Kirk is presented as dumb playboy type character.
  • Kirk is a (sometimes secret) genius.


As with Star Trek: TOS, Kirk/Spock is a popular slash pairing in the fandom. Kirk/McCoy is also a very popular ship.

His continual attempts to flirt with Uhura in the film have led to the threesome pairing of Kirk/Spock/Uhura having some popularity. (However, Kirk/Spock/McCoy remains the more popular threesome pairing.)

Notable Kirk-centric Fanwork




  • Radar by bionic1013. While the video is K/S, it's strongly Kirk-centric, (2009).

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