Kirk (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Kirk
Publisher: Wishpress
Editor(s): Sonni Cooper, Vel Jaeger, Susan Stephenson
Date(s): 1982
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover, Doug Little
inside art by Suzan Lovett

Kirk is a gen Star Trek: TOS 192-page anthology of fiction, art and poetry.

a 1982 ad, printed in the last issue of The Center Seat

Pre-Pub Comment from Vel Jaeger

Long-time readers of fan fiction are used to interminable delays, so they won't be surprised to hear that we've hit a few snags on KIRK. We're waiting for one last rewrite on a long story, plus trying to reel in, er, find an artist who likes to illustrate 200 page manuscripts. But everything else is in, typed, and pasted up and waiting, and I'm fair bursting at the seams with pride at the final result. I'm particularly elated at the high quality of artwork, and I'm not just saying that because LaVena and I contributed drawings! Several other Trek-M's have gotten in on the act, such as Rose Eierman, Karen Hunter, Ginny Thorn, & Patt Demetri. [1]

Complications -- A Letter in Interstat

An excerpt from a personal statement in Datazine #24 from one of the editors: "Anyone who wants to plow through the sordid history of 'The Making of KIRK' may have a copy of the statement I wrote for Interstat. It's two pages long, and I wouldn't dream of inflicting it on anything but a letterzine."

Caught in a Publication Snarl

This zine was originally to have been published by WISH but the fan club folded,.

Shortly after the fan club's closing, Vel Jaeger wrote:
To everyone who's asked "What's happening with the zine, KIRK, now that the William Shatner Fan Fellowship is no longer in existence?": KIRK will be published! I have been working on the copy editing - including numerous rewrites - since last summer. This is not intended as a plug for sales, but rather as a means of informing concerned fans, now that there is no longer an official WISH publication. Sonni Cooper will be the actual publisher (tentatively under the name of WISH Press), and will be taking the advance orders at the old WISH P.O. box address; please direct any questions to me. To allay some fears that have been voiced, I would like to make it clear that this is a fan publication, and all copyrights will remain with the original artists and authors. Neither Sonni nor I have the slightest interest in any negotiation with any professional publishers of Trek fiction. We're aiming for a spring release date but, as always, that's not an ironclad prediction.- KIRK was conceived with Mr. Shatner's sanction, and we intend to take all the time necessary to make this a publication he will be proud to read. [2]
From a 1982 ad:
Though the William Shatner Fan Fellowship is no longer in existence, Sonni Cooper and Vel are going ahead with the publication of this action/adventure zine, still aiming it for a Spring publication date. Confirmed contributors include: Mary Lou Dodge, Kathleen Sky, Ginna LaCroix, Karen Hunter and J.M. Dematteis. This is a fan publication and all copywrites will remain with the authors. To place an advance order: $7.00 + SASE to Sonni Cooper [address redacted] (write KIRK somewhere on the outside of the envelope). All questions should be directed to Vel, as she is handling the editing and other arrangements. [3]


Section One-Wish Upon a Star

Section Two-To Boldy Go, art by Trish

Section Three-Art and Poetry

  • Doodles by Vel Jaegar and LaVena Kay Kidd
  • Mirimani by V.L. Horn
  • Images Dimished by V.L. Horn
  • Smiling Kirk by Christine Myers
  • It Could Have Been Glorious by Catherine L. Whitehead, art by Trish
  • Drawings by Suzan Lovett, Christine Myers
  • The End of His Watch by Lois Kiper
  • Admiral Kirk by Christine Myers
  • The Admiral by Leah Rosenthal
  • Spock by Vel Jaeger
  • To Chance It Never by Crystal Ann Taylor
  • Kirk and the Planets by Suzan Lovett
  • Intermezzo by Ellen Tulley, art by Vel Jaeger
  • Legends and Men by Ginna LaCroix (also in Trek Encore #3)
  • Kirk and Spock by Gail Bennett
  • Kirk and the Computer Salesman by LaVena Kay Kidd and Vel Jaeger

Section Four-- The Admiral Takes Command, art by Lenore Kleeman

  • Command Psychology by Rosemarie, art by Trish
  • All That Exists Cannot Be Taught by Crystal Ann Taylor, art by Sylvia Liske
  • Queen's Gambit by Mel White, art by White
  • Maintaninece by Valerie DeVries, art by Melody Rondeau
  • Miri by Ellen Hully
  • A Problem in Supply by Karen C. Hunter, art by LaVena Kay Kidd
  • The Missing Chapter from 'Death's Angel' by Kathleen Sky, art by Lenore Kleeman and LaVena Kay Kidd
  • Resurrection MIsts by J.M Matteis, art by Trish and Ann Humphries
  • Trina the Treklit Author by Cheryl Van Til, art by Russel T. Ross


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