In a Different Reality

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Title: In a Different Reality
Publisher: Intergalactic Underground Press
Editor(s): of the first four issues: Judellen Thornton-Jaringe, of later issues: Marguerite Krause
Date(s): 1976-2000
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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In a Different Reality is a gen Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek: TNG anthology. Issues #1-#4 are digest-sized and the rest are full-sized.

Some of the fan fiction from the fanzines written in the shared Valjiir Universe has been published online here.

Issues #1-#30 were published between 1976-1990. A decade later, issue #31 was published.

The name of the zine comes from the quote by the Romulan commander in the episode, "Balance of Terror": "In a different reality, I would have called you friend."

General Reactions and Reviews

In a different reality, I could have called you friend,' is the source of the zine's title. And this zine does seem to be working in a different reality from most Trek zines. -- it has elements of (gasp) science fiction in it. It has (shudder) stories with PLOTS. It acknowledges (cringe) that Roddenberry's fevered frontal lobes weren't the only wellspring of ideas for Trek. Hertig, Krause, Thorton-Jaringe, et. al., are plainly well read in not only sf but mainstream writing. They are just as plainly still amateurs, but but by damn, they should be so for long. [1]
This zine consistently features stories focusing on "lesser" Trek characters. The authors of the excellent "Valjiir" series have developed a "Star Trek" universe as fully realized as anything I've ever seen in fandom, and they have, in particular, given Sulu an extensive and fascinating background. Many stories deal with original characters set in the Trek universe, and it's to the credit of the authors that they make many of these people as fully dimensional as any of our familiar favorites. [2]
IN A DIFFERENT REALITY offers a mixed bag of STAR TREK staples. There are nicely presented short stories, cartoons, puzzles, poems, graffiti and art-work. Improvement on the zine has been steady and noticeable, and future issues will bear watching. [3]

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1

In a Different Reality 1 was published in August 1976 and has 69 pages.

From the editorial:
This is the first issue of what we plan to make a quarterly 'zine. We have tried to include a variety of material, from As It Was in the End which emphasizes action, to Greenblood which explores character in detail. Plus a bit of humor here and there. Prologue to Adventure is an introduction to a projected series of stories, depending on time and response, which deal with life aboard another starship of the fleet. In at least one respect it adheres more faithfully to the Articles of Confederation than the series itself sometimes did.
  • Greenblood by Marguerite Krause (2) (editor notes in issue #2 that this story follows "the story line of Chapel having married a Klingon and left the ship: Showcase #2 by Sharon Emily, ed."
  • Graffiti Wall by the staff (35)
  • To Uhuru by Judellen Thornton-Jaringe (39)
  • Letters Never Sent by Judellen Thornton-Jaringe (51)
  • The Chubby Years by Judellen Thornton-Jaringe (52)
  • Crossword Puzzle by Diana Walter (55)
  • As It Was in the End by John Hertig (57)
  • Trekker Treat by Judellen Thornton-Jaringe (60)
  • Prologue to Adventure (61)
  • Nome by Linda Linsey (64)
  • art by Diana Walter, Marcia Sales and Judellen Thornton-Jaringe

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2

In a Different Reality 2 was published in 1977 and contains 74 pages.

  • Se Carhn (3)
  • Beginnings (12)
  • New Religion Discovered (27)
  • Somebody Else's Home Planet, part one by Judellen Thorton-Jaringe (29)
  • Graffiti Wall (38)
  • art by Linda Lindsey, Marcia Sales and Judellen Thornton-Jaringe

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

See reactions and reviews for Somebody Else's Home Planet.

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3

In a Different Reality 3 was published in August 1977 and has 81 pages. It is the last issue edited by Judellen Thornton-Jaringe.

From the editor:
Possessing a naturally indolent nature, I have been wearying everyone for months about what a pain all the work involved in putting out a 'zine is. Now that I'm passing it on, of course, I'm suddenly sorry to be free of it. It's like having a bad tooth pulled; the pain is gone but you are left with a hole in your life.
  • You've Got a Friend, part one, Sirius by John Hertig (4)
  • The Keepers of Strength by J. Richard Laredo (27)
  • Somebody Else's Home Planet, part two, by Judellen Thornton-Jaringe (38)
  • T'Pring's Lament by Marguerite Krause (34)
  • Trek Doodles by the Staff (35)
  • Graffiti Wall by the Staff (41)
  • Silver Mistress by Penny Watkins (37)
  • no artists listed

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Marcia Sales

In a Different Reality 4 has 67 pages and was published in January 1978. It is the first issue edited by Marguerite Krause.

  • Feathered Brother by MS (1)
  • Fortune's Knave by DW and PW (2)
  • The Bionic Tribble by Judellen Thornton-Jaringe (24)
  • Crossword Puzzle by RAN (27)
  • Treker (sic) Treat by Judellen Thornton-Jaringe (31)
  • One Day by Marguerite Krause (32)
  • Graffiti Wall by the Staff (33)
  • Final Frontiersmen by Judellen Thornton-Jaringe (33)
  • You've Got a Friend, part 2 by talBeethur (JH) (48)
  • That Man by J.R. Laredo (65)
  • Droodles by Judellen Thornton-Jaringe (66)
  • art by Marcia Sales (front cover), Judellen Thornton-Jaringe (back cover), Penny Watkins, Diana Walter, John Hertig, Linda Lindsey, Anonymous

Issue 5

back cover of issue #5, Judellen Thornton-Jaringe
front cover of issue #5, Marcia Sales

In a Different Reality 5 was published in September 1978 and has 55 pages. Cover: Marcia Sales; back cover: Judellen Thornton-Jaringe.

  • Sweet Sorrow (p. 3-8) by Diana Walter (also in Archives #7) (Spock, promoted to the Constellation II, makes his farewells to Scott, McCoy & Kirk.)
  • McCoy On: The Party (p. 12-14) by Marguerite Krause (McCoy's musings on the ship Christmas party.)
  • Runaway (p. 15-24) by Marcia Sales & Marguerite Krause (Original Fiction) (No ST characters, but Starfleet appears in this story of a boy running off from his colony farm to join a gang of space pirates.)
  • The Coming of Stiber (p. 26-51) by Marguerite Krause
  • crossword, graffiti wall, poetry

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

See reactions and reviews for The Coming of Stiber.

Issue 6

front cover of 6
back cover of issue #6

In a Different Reality 6 was published in March 1979 (second printing: August 1981) and has 58 pages. Covers: Linda Lindsey.

  • "Four Interludes" (p. 3, 9, 29, 57) by Marguerite Krause
  • "Oh, Noah" (p. 5-7) by Dave Witzany (from Halliday's Zinedex: "...sci-fi spoof of the Noah story in which Gahd is an alien bureaucrat under orders from the Privy Council to get rid of humanity.")
  • "A Ship Divided" (p. 10-27) by Diana Walter & Penny Watkins (perhaps a Warp Factor reprint) (from Halliday's zinedex: "The ixed Human/Vulcan crew of Excelsior, under Captain T'Lana, is experiencing heightened racial tensions devolving into gang warfare in the corridors...")
  • "When I Die, Before I Wake" (p. 30-56) by J. Richard Laredo (From the Star Trek Zinedex: "... the Enterprise encounters itself -- lifeless from an encounter with a second Doomsday Machine, all hands dead. The resolution involves a cyborg alien using Kirk's corpse's mind to activate a "machine" Kirk which is made of stuff powerful enough to take out the Doomsday device...")
  • crossword, graffiti wall, poetry

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

  • "Four Interludes" (p. 3, 9, 29, 57) / Nicely written musings of... 1. Kirk, talking to his ceiling about his delayed reassignment and turning the captaincy over to Sulu; 2. Spock, on his and T'Marse's new and very human-like son Leonard; 3. McCoy, taping to Joanna about Commodore Kirk's success commanding his dreadnought and fleet and Spock's domestic happiness; and 4. Vignette in which Spock's sons Stiber and Leonard want to take home a dragon.
  • "Oh, Noah" / Fun little sci-fi spoof of the Noah story in which Gahd is an alien bureaucrat under orders from the Privy Council to get rid of humanity.
  • "A Ship Divided" / [shows small-type title "Warp Factor II" - reprint? or subtitle?] The mixed Human/Vulcan crew of Excelsior, under Captain T'Lana, is experiencing heightened racial tensions devolving into gang warfare in the corridors. Some excellent writing of sundry confrontations before it is revealed to be the result of leaking gas tanks in sickbay.
  • "When I Die, Before I Wake" / Starts out as a very nice mystery when the Enterprise encounters itself -- lifeless from an encounter with a second Doomsday Machine, all hands dead. The resolution involves a cyborg alien using Kirk's corpse's mind to activate a "machine" Kirk which is made of stuff powerful enough to take out the Doomsday device. From there it gets ever more complicated and metaphysical. [4]

Issue 7

back cover of issue #7
front cover of issue #7

In a Different Reality 7 was published in October 1979 (third printing: December 1981) and has 39 pages. Cover: Linda Lindsey; back cover: Cheryl Newsome.

  • In a Different Reality by Michael and Marguerite Krause, p. 4-5
  • Memory Lane by Delores Booker, p. 6-8
  • Affair on Kharthan by Marguerite Krause, p. 9-26
  • Grafitti Wall, p. 28
  • Aftermath byDiana Walter, p. 31
  • Growing Up by Marguerite Krase, p. 32-38

Issue 8

back cover of issue #8
front cover of issue #8, Penny Watkins

In a Different Reality 8 was published in June 1980 and has 70 pages.

From the editor:
This issue is gratefully dedicated to Julie Watkins for being the instrument that introduced VALJIIR to the editor and readers of 'In a Different Reality.' May the Great Bird of the Galaxy look with favor on all your endeavors!
  • Duty by Gene S. Delapenia (3) (poem)
  • Unity and Diversity by Cheryl Newsome (4) (poem)
  • Intermission by DW and PW (5)
  • Star Crossed, a puzzle by Cheryl Newsome (10)
  • Writer's Lament by Marguerite Kruase (11)
  • The Helmsman by Delores Booker (12)
  • The Engineer by Delores Booker (12)
  • With Friends Like These by Linda Garlick (13)
  • Is Having as Pleasing as Wanting by CD (15)
  • Phoenix Rising by Delores Booker (19)
  • A Time for Every Purpose by Marguerite Kruase (21)
  • The Ring Around Midnight by Cheryl Petterson (43)
  • For All Good Engineers by Cheryl Petterson (43)
  • If I Were by Susan Sizemore and Cheryl Petterson (45) (first Valjiir story)
  • Out of the Mouths of Maids by DW (69)
  • Admiral Kirk by Marguerite Krause (69)
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night by Linda Garlick (70)
  • From the Editor (71)
  • art by Penny Watkins (front cover), Linda Garlick (back cover), Cheryl Newsome, Virginia Smith and Barbara Gordon

Issue 9

front cover of issue #9

In a Different Reality 9 was published in October 1980 and has 78 pages.

From the editor:
This issue marks the serious beginning of our attempt to print the complete Orthodox Timeline of Petterson/Sizemoew. Be forewarned that the material herein is decidedly more mature in language and content than IADR has previously printed; nothing gross or distasteful, in the opinion of the editor, but personal taste does vary. I've asked for age statements, so if anyone 'too young' is reading this I don't want irate letters from a parent or something - it's the reader's responsibility, not mine. All in all, from the comments I've recieved, IADR has a mature readership, and you'll all enjoy the Valjiir stories immensely... I have pounds and pounds of Valjiir stories to print in the next couple of years...
  • Contributions from Virginia Smith, Cheryl Newsome, Susan Sizemore, Barbara Gordon, Julie Watkins, Richard Braunshausen, Linda Lindsey-Garlick, Marcia Sales-Bundi, Cheryl Petterson, David Petterson, Delores Booker, John Hertig, Michael Krause, Miriam and Sherlock

Issue 10

front cover of issue #10
back cover of issue #10

In a Different Reality 10 was published in April 1981 and has 72 pages. Covers: Bonnie Reitz.

The editor says:
I know, I know, the flyer promised 80 pages, and there are only 72! So what could I do? The postage rate went up! Complain to your Congressperson! Yeah, and I know my typewriter's capital 'D' is sporadic, at best... You think you and I have problems, wait'll you read INNTFMN (figure that one out!) Worst of all, I have no room for my usual verbose editorial!! Ah, but just wait 'til next issue... Peace, friends, Marguerite.
  • Enterprise, poem by Delores Booker (3)
  • Hear the Small One’s Thunder by J. Richard Laredo (Science Fiction)
  • A Universe of Wonders, poem by Gene S. Delapenia (8)
  • Preliminary by Charlotte Davis (9)
  • Montage by Cheryl Petterson & Susan Sizemore (Valjiir) (12)
  • McCoy's Lament, poem by Cheryl Newson (19)
  • My Friend, the Witch Doctor by Cheryl Petterson & Susan Sizemore (Valjiir) (20) (Ruth Valley is a Keheil with empathic healing ability. She has been authorized to use this ability as needed and that order brings her into conflict with Dr. McCoy. The hostility continues to escalate until a plague invades the Enterprise and they must work together.)
  • A Time-Honored Tradition by Susan Sizemore (Valjiir) (32)
  • It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature by Cheryl Petterson (Valjiir) (33)
  • Wild Goose Chase by Cheryl Petterson (Valjiir) (60)
  • Command, poem by Sharron Crowson (70)
  • Workin' on a Starship Blues, filksong by Cheryl Petterson & Susan Sizemore (71)
  • art by Bonnie Reitz (covers), Rick Braunshausen, Cheryl Newson, Charlotte Davis, and Virgina Smith

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

See reactions and reviews for Montage.
See reactions and reviews for It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature.
See reactions and reviews for Wild Goose Chase.
  • "Hear the Small One’s Thunder" / Non-ST fantasy
  • "Preliminary" / Stonn/T’Pring story - T’Pring is now Stonn’s chattel.
  • "Montage" / The first of a series of connected, rather charming and witty, Mary Sue stories in this issue. Ruth Valley, an Antari with empathic healing powers, a computer rating equal to Spock’s, a daddy high up in the Fleet, astonishing work efficiency, and a complete disregard for authority, is assigned to the Enterprise after doing her cadet stint there. This plotless story pretty much just sets the scene. She becomes Sulu’s lover, calls Kirk ‘Bwana,’ beats Spock at chess, and establishes a hostile relationship with McCoy.
  • "My Friend, the Witch Doctor" / The best of this set. Amidst witty little scenes following Ruth’s foibles, idiosyncrasies and love affairs, hostilities between McCoy and Ruth escalate (with McCoy even being so petty as to deny her coffee) until an epidemic on the ship forces them to acknowledge each other’s expertise and cooperate. Ruth realizes that she cannot cure, only heal; McCoy ends up calling her “Ruthie” and all is well.
  • "A Time-Honored Tradition" / Vignette - the wake for Ruth’s roommate, killed downplanet by some carnivore.
  • "It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature" / The inevitable Mary Sue/pon farr combo, but cleverly told. Ruth’s new roomie is Jilla Majiir, Indiian, but recently widowed from her Vulcan husband Selar. Selar had treated her genetically to help her become Vulcan; unfortunately this sends her into pon farr with no husband, but bound by strict Indiian custom not to remarry. At this point the story degenerates into silly romp as Ruth takes charge, forcing Spock to help Jilla in her extremity -- for four days, just as the ship is caught in some field. McCoy eventually comes up with an antidote (with the help of his test rabbits Jimboy and Ruth). A fed-up Kirk insists that Ruth act as lure to Spock while they retrieve Jilla. Ruth gets her comeuppance when Spock attacks her, and Kirk and McCoy decline to rescue her. McCoy’s antidote makes Jilla fall in love with Sulu for a week, but she gets better and goes back to being married to the dead Selar.
  • "Wild Goose Chase" / The Mary Sue romp descends straight into farce. Jilla and Ruth are kidnapped, drugged, decorated up and sold as sultry pets, while angry Daddy Ambassador sends Enterprise chasing after them.
  • POEM: "McCoy's Lament" / McCoy’s trials, complete with cute illos. [5]

Issue 11

front cover of issue #11, Cheryl Newsome

In a Different Reality 11 was published in July 1981 and has 70 pages.

From the editor:
This is one of those issues where I have to say I think has something in it for everyone - that is, something in it to offend everyone. There are two different stories with religious overtones which may raise a few hackles, and one other which I think is about as sensuous as anything I've got in my file for the next ten issues or so! I'll leave it to you as you read to figure out which is which, and whether or not you want to be morally, politically, theologically, or just plain righteously outraged at one or more of them.
  • Waterfall by Cheryl Petterson (4) (Valjiir)
  • The Long Run by Cheryl Petterson and Susan Sizemore (6) (Valjiir)
  • The Triumverate by Sharron Crowson (19) (poem)
  • A Warrior Most Mighty by J.R. Laredo (20) (story)
  • The Harvest by David C. Petterson (38) (Story)
  • Interlude by Cheryl Petterson and Susan Sizemore (48) (Valjiir)
  • To Have Loved and Lost by KH (70) (poem)
  • To Be Alone by Gene S. Delapenia (71) (poem)
  • art by Bonnie Reitz (back cover), Virginia Smith, Julie Watkins, Richard Braunshausen, Cheryl Newsome (front cover)

Issue 12

In a Different Reality 12 was published in October 1981 and has 70 pages. The front cover is by Bonnie Reitz.

front cover of issue #12, Bonnie Reitz

Issue 13

front cover of issue #13
back cover of issue #13

In a Different Reality 13 was published February 1982 and has 60 pages. Cover: Rick Braunhausen; back cover: Bonnie Reitz.

  • Gemini Tale (p. 4-30) / Marguerite Krause (Sequel to "Growing Up" in IADR #7, Sequel to this story is "A Time For Every Purpose" in IADR #8]
  • Recognition (p. 32-37) / Charlotte Davis (Continuation of the Stonn/T'Pring saga.)
  • The Man in the Mirror (p. 40-48) / David C. Petterson (Science Fiction) (Man does battle with his doppelganger.)
  • T'was the Nightingale (p. 52-58) / Cheryl Petterson

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 13

See reactions and reviews for T'was the Nightingale.
See reactions and reviews for Gemini Tale.
  • "Gemini Tale" / [Sequel to "Growing Up" in IADR #7] [Sequel to this story is "A Time For Every Purpose" in IADR #8] In this series, Spock is bonded to Vulcan Marcia/T'Marse, with whom he has sons Stiber and Leonard and daughter T'Cim. Spock's family, another Vulcan family, some Andorians and some Humans are all flying the ship Na'Guryam under Spock's command, taking sundry contract jobs. In this episode, Spock is stranded on a planet with two Andorian brothers and a party of hostile civilian humans after his passenger ship crashes. The Na'Guryam is prevented from coming to the rescue, though T'Marse can sense Spock's difficulties, by theft of their warp drive among other problems. With pon farr coming on, Spock goes off to die. Just in time, the Betelgeuse arrives with Kirk and McCoy aboard, beams T'Marse and engineer Wetzel Thomas (who, as a human, can stand to be around her in these trying times) aboard and whisks them off to save Spock. The rescue results in a pair of telepathic twins 15 months later. About a year before Spock's next Time is due, he receives a telepathic distress call from Kirk... leading to the next installment.
  • "Recognition" / Continuation of the Stonn/T'Pring saga.
  • "The Man in the Mirror" / Non-ST fantasy. Man does battle with his doppelganger, only to find that his wife's doppelganger has replaced her.
  • "T'was the Nightingale" / Sulu and Jilla have been in love for 8 months, but Jilla refuses to consummate the relationship because of her culture's insistence on faithfulness to her dead husband. With a little help from some song lyrics, Sulu convinces her to "go on as three." [6]

Issue 14

back cover of issue #14, Bonnie Reitz
front cover of issue #14, Cheryl Newsome

In a Different Reality 14 was published in May 1982 and has 74 pages. Art by Cheryl Newsome, Bonnie Reitz, Julie Watkins, Caro Hedge, Carol McPherson, and Virginia Smith.

  • In a Different Reality by JT, poem (3)
  • D'Artagnon and the Silver Streak by Susan Sizemore (5) (Valjiir)
  • Greetings by David Petterson, story (38)
  • Again by Teresa Sarick, poem (61)
  • contest, staff, humor (62)
  • Captains' (Greed? Bread? Breed? Dread?) by Chris Scholss, poem (62)
  • Crazy Mary Sue by Patt Demetri, poem (63)
  • Betrayal by Patt Demetri, poem (64)
  • Home by Patt Demetri, poem (65)
  • Incident by Cheryl Petterson and Susan Sizemore (66) (Valjiir)
  • Of Great Price by ND (74) (Valjiir)
  • Many Surprises by Gene Delapenia, poem (75)

Issue 15

back cover of issue #15, Bonnie Reitz
front cover of issue #15, Cheryl Newsome

In a Different Reality 15 was published in September 1982 and has 66 pages.

  • Off Spock! by Rick Braunhausen (3) (humor)
  • The Search for Spock by T'Drinn (4) (humor)
  • You Always Hurt the One You Love by Cheryl Petterson (5) (Valjiir)
  • The Convention by T'Drinn (31) (humor)
  • Starship by Chris Schloss (36) (poetry)
  • Heritage of Honour by Rick Braunhausen (37) (poetry)
  • Journal, Between Two Tides by Sharron Crowson (39) (story)
  • The Priest by Cheryl Petterson (40) (story) ( A quick drink at a shuttle part bar brings McCoy and the barmaid together for his 4-day leave. As we share their time together, we see a touching glimpse of McCoy's memories, insecurities and loneliness.)
  • Listing of Valjiir Universe Stories (41)
  • Traveler's Tale by Susan Sizemore (42) (story)
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: In Memory by Cheryl Petterson (43) (poetry)
  • Shire Dreaming by Cheryl Petterson (44) (poetry)
  • Morning Comes to the Shire by Cheryl Petterson (45) (poetry)
  • Frodo by Cheryl Petterson (46) (poetry)
  • Snow Falls on Lorien by Cheryl Petterson (47) (poetry)
  • Like a Rock (also called Birds Gotta Swim, also called Fish Out of Water) by Michael Krause (48) (story)
  • RMVar by Sherlock, Sugar and Diamond (51) (poetry)
  • His Heart by Teresa Sarick (52) (poetry)
  • Loser is Winner by Patt Demetri (53) (poetry)
  • The Opposing View by Gene S. Delapenia (54) (poetry)
  • Decision by Charlotte Davis (55) (story)
  • The Living and the Dead by Delores Booker (58) (poetry)
  • Harsh Planet by Patt Demetri (58) (poetry)
  • Endless Moment by Michael Krause (60) (poetry)
  • Legend by Teresa Sarick (60) (poetry)
  • Dear Log by Cheryl Petterson (61) (Valjiir)
  • Graffiti Wall by BlooMN Con Attendees (67) (humor)
  • art by Cheryl Newsome (front cover), Virginia Lee Smith, Caro Hedge, Barbara Gordon, Charlotte Davis, Bonnie Reitz (back cover)

Issue 16

back cover of issue #16, Bonnie Reitz
front cover of issue #16, David Petterson

In a Different Reality 16 was published in December 1982 and has 82 pages.

  • Editorial (3)
  • Witch Hunt by Cheryl Petterson and Susan Sizemore (4) (Valjiir)
  • Winter 1981 by Teresa Sarick (33) (poetry)
  • Repercussions by Cheryl Petterson (34) (Valjiir)
  • For Peter Preston by Delores Booker (35) (poetry)
  • Joachim by Susan Sizemore (37) (poetry)
  • The Needs of the Many by Cyndi Bayless (38) (poetry)
  • Tings by the Staff (39) (humor)
  • speak/i can't hear you by Teresa Sarick (40) (poetry)
  • Excerpts from a Person Log by T'Drinn (41) (poetry)
  • Vulcan in the Sky with Logic by Teresa Sarick (45) (filk)
  • In the Blood by Delores Booker (46) (poetry)
  • Warp Factor Two: The Healer's Touch by DW (47) (story)
  • A Different Way of Looking at Things by Cheryl Petterson and Susan Sizemore (58) (Valjiir)
  • Subspace Chatter by Gene S. Delapenia (65) (poetry)
  • So What's the Problem?? by Valerie Alberti (66) (poetry)
  • A Sordid Affair by Susan Sizemore and Cheryl Petterson (67) (Valjiir)
  • Mind Meld by Susan Sizemore (83) (Valjiir)
  • art by David Petterson (front cover), Virginia Smith, Caro Hedge, Barbara Rivers, Cheryl Newsome, Julie Cesari, Barbara Gordon, Bonnie Reitz (back cover)

Issue 17

cover of issue #17, Barbara Rivers

In a Different Reality 17 was published in May 1983 and has 86 pages.

  • front cover by Barbara Rivers
  • (Valjiir) stories
  • Warp Factor Two series story by Walter and Watkins
  • art from J.R. Laredo
  • prose by Rose Eierman
  • prose by Karen Hunter

Issue 18

back cover of issue #18, Rick Braunshausen
front cover of issue #18, Christine Myers

In a Different Reality 18 was published in September 1983 and has 70 pages. Art by Rick Braunshausen, Christine Myers, Gennie Summers, Cheryl Newsome, Caro Hedge, Virginia Smith and Dave Petterson.

  • The Trap by Delores Booker, poem (2)
  • Today's Fears by Diana Walter and Penny Watkins, story (4)
  • In an Alternate Reality by Kathy Resch, poem (30)
  • Shakedown Cruise William Cory, story (34)
  • Could Mohammed Move a Mountain by Cheryl Petterson and Susan Sizemore (Valjiir) (39)
  • Survivor? by T'Drinn, story (64)
  • Valjiir Compendium, Timeline, Dictionary, and Glossary, staff (65)
  • Antari Queen by Cheryl Petterson, song (70)

Issue 19

back cover of issue #19
front cover of issue #19, Christine Myers

In a Different Reality 19 was published in December 1983 and has 84 pages. Art is by Christine Myers, Ann Crouch, Adrianna Contillo, Caro Hedge, Georgia Barnes, Dave Petterson.

  • No Words by Sherry Crowson, poem (2)
  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation by T'Drinn, humor (4)
  • Koon-ut Kal-if-fee by Gene S. Delapenia, poem (11)
  • Arrival by Patt Demetri, poem (12)
  • Far Dreams, Near Disasters by E/H, story (13) (The V'Ger mission is over. McCoy and Kirk are having a difficult time regaining their old relationship. McCoy feels Kirk no longer wants or needs him and plans to return to his research as soon as passible. Then he learns Kirk has been summoned back to Starfleet to face a possible court martial for leaving on the unauthorized shake down cruise.)
  • It's Their Trip, Too! by E/H, story (43)
  • Chrysallis Dream by Susan Sizemore, poem (51)
  • You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, and You're Mine by P/Z (52) (Valjiir)
  • Compendium of Valjiir Stuff by staff (76)
  • Shame by Patt Demetri, poem (81)
  • Silver and Gold by Sherry Crowson, poem (83)
  • I Should Have Known by Sherry Crowson, poem (84)
  • Saavik's Choice by Patt Demetri, poem (86)
  • The Olympic Joke by Ann Crouch, humor (87)
  • Duty Calls by CN, poem (87)
  • Oh, Sair... by staff, things (87)

Issue 20

front cover of issue #20 by Christine Myers

In a Different Reality 20: Shadow Captain" was published in 1984 and contains 106 pages. Stories written by Cheryl Petterson and Susan Sizemore. One story ("Wine") was written by Noel DelMonde. Calligraphy by Julie Watkins. Cover by Caro Hedge. Other artwork (20 pages) by Christine Myers.

  • Did the Full Moon Make You Mad -- prologue (5)
  • Knife's Edge (20)
  • Breakfire (28)
  • Watermark (38)
  • In a Darkened Space (61)
  • Dance Macabre (66)
  • Wine (79)
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name (79)
  • Chain Reaction (89)
  • Still a Ways Away --epilogue (96)

Issue 21

back cover of issue #21
front cover of issue #21, Barbara Rivers

In a Different Reality 21 was published in November 1984 and has 126 pages. The cover has a little play on words, substituting "Reality" for "Realty."

  • Untitled by Karen Hayden (3) poem
  • Beyond Antares by Gene Delphenia (4) poem
  • He Who Laughs Last by Lee Heller (5)
  • art credits (9)
  • It's My Own Invention by Rosemarie Eierman (10) human
  • First Glory by Patt Demetri and Diana Walter (18)
  • Logic by Teresa Sarick (33) poem
  • Teri's Song by Rosemarie Eierman (34) poem
  • Tales of Wreck and Wrong by Rosemarie Eierman (35) tapes
  • Petra's Lament by Rosemarie Eierman (41) poem
  • editorial by Marguerite Krause (39)
  • Star Trek II, Spock ) by Leslie Greenleaf, Jr (42) humor
  • Film at Eleven by Cheryl Petterson and Susan Sizemore (Valjiir) (61)
  • Through All This Madness (entry one) by JMH (Valjiir) (83)
  • Arbor of Seville by Susan Sizemore RMVaR (Valjiir) (84)
  • Wild Card by Janice Johnson (Lenore) (85) (The first story in a series. The Enterprise has an other diplomatic mission, transporting delegates to a debate about admitting the mysterious planet Lenore to the Federation. The Federation representative, Admiral Ignaceous, brings aboard 3 staff members who are actually a Special Forces team sent to protect the delegates from terrorists who do not want Lenore to join the Federation. McCoy becomes a victim of the terrorists' plot and is seriously injured. He is rescued by the team and healed by the powers of Rikki Daniels, team member and Lenore witch.)
  • The Red-Headed Bird of Dead Man's Cay by T'Drinn (113)
  • ads (112)
  • Commentaries by Susan Sizemore (Valjiir) (123)
  • Home by Patt Demetri, poem (127)

Issue 22

back cover of issue #22
front cover of issue #22

In a Different Reality 22 was published in May 1985 and contains 98 pages.

  • Arguement/Acceptance by Karen C. Hunter, poem
  • Scotty's Song by Patt Demetri, poem
  • Friend or Foe by Linda C. Hunter (Esper Prime)
  • The Unique Achiever by Karen C. Hunter, poem
  • The Apple Reinvinted [sic] by William Cory, story (The Enterprise has been ordered to return to Gamma Trianguli to check on the progress of its inhabitants. They find no sign of the People of Vaal until McCoy and Spock detect two life forms which are apparently the sole survivors of the planet.)
  • No Goodbye by Patt Demetri, poem
  • The Final Farewell.... ? by Karen Hayden, poem
  • Beginnings by Patt Demetri, poem
  • Sure by Patt Demetri, poem
  • Dog Eat Dog by Linda C. Hunter (Esper Prime)
  • Passion Play by Linda C. Hunter(Esper Prime)
  • To Boldly Go: A Legacy by Cheryl Petterson, filk
  • All I Ever Wanted by T'Drinn, story
  • No Blame by Patt Demetri, poem
  • The Touch by Patt Demetri, poem
  • The Friends Within by KH, poem
  • Enterprise: A Haiku Symphony by Sherry Crowson, poem
  • Technical Ecstasy by Linda C. Hunter (Esper Prime)
  • editorial by Marguerite Krause
  • Sweet Dreams are Made of This by Linda C. Hunter (Esper Prime)
  • A State of Mind by Richard Pollet, poem
  • The Gamblers by Sherry Crowson, poem
  • Worlds Away by Teresa Sarick story
  • The Assassination of Eddie by David C. Petterson, story
  • Humor by Patt Demetri, poem
  • Excerpt from the Log by Teresa Sarick, poem
  • The Trouble with Nibbles, Esther Lemay, story

Issue 23

back cover of issue #23 David C. Petterson
front over of issue #23, Adrianne Contillo

In a Different Reality 23 was published in August 1985 and contains 82 pages. Art by Virginia Smith, Christine Myers, Caro Hedge, Gennie Summers, C.A. Pierce, Bev Chick, and Betsy Fisher.

  • No Ordinary Venue by Susan Sizemore (3) (Valjiir)
  • Challenge(6)
  • The D.A. Instructor by Virginia Smith (18) (story)
  • Translation by Patt Demetri (20)
  • White Magic by Janice Johnson (Lenore) (21) (Second in a series. The Enterprise has been diverted to Lenore, the mysterious planet that has become the newest member of the Federation. McCoy is reunited with Rikki, the Lenoran witch, and introduced to her family. Rikki and her people know that McCoy is Rikki's soulmate, the one person who can become her mate. It comes as a surprise to the doctor, but as he denies the possibility he realizes how much he does love Rikki.)
  • Vulcan's Forge by Sherry Crowson (53
  • My Friend by Patt Demetri (54)
  • Remember by Patt Demetri (54)
  • Warrior by Patt Demetri (55)
  • Aggravation, They Name Is by Micheline England, story ((56)
  • Long Vulcan Night by Betsy Fisher (61)
  • Spokes of the Wheel by Deloris Booker (62)
  • Flame and Friendship by Penny Wilkins (short short) (68)
  • Reflections on the Search: McCoy, Kirk, Saavik, and Uhura by Shery Crowson (69)
  • Odd Man Out by Patt Demetri (74)
  • Snake Pit by David C. Petterson (Valjiir) (73)
  • Second Chance by Teegar Shaver (short short) (81)

Issue 24

In a Different Reality 24 was published in May 1986 and contains 62 pages. Art by Rick Braunshausen, Anne Davenport, Cheryl Duvall, Teegar Shaver, Bev Chick, Gennie Summers, Caro Hedge, Virginia Smith, Carol P., and Gene Delapenia.

back cover of issue #24
front cover of issue #24
  • In Tribute (3)
  • Not Today by Patt Demetri (3)
  • Security by David Peterson (6)
  • New Eyes of the Stranger by T'Drinn (7) (story)
  • Twist of Fate by Janice Johnson (22) (Leonard McCoy and his soulmate, Rikki McKramer, have returned to the Enterprise after their bonding. They bring with them a Lenoran dragon, Kevin Riley, and Kevin's wife, Torrie. These farmer members of the Special Forces will join the crew. Jim Kirk is not the only one who is apprehensive abaout these former agents, their influence on McCoy, and their ability to fit into Starfleet.)
  • Gene Module (28) (humor)
  • What If... by Patt Demetri (29)
  • Christine's Diary by Sherry Crowson (30)
  • The Immunity Syndrome by WR (31)
  • Encounter by Nancy (32) (story)
  • Translation by Patt Demetri (33)
  • Sunday, May 9, 1982 Cheryly Duvall (34)
  • A Door Opens (35)
  • Lucky by Patt Demetri (43)
  • The Rage (?) of the Children by Davide Anders V. (44) (humor)
  • The Percentage by Cheryl Peterson (45) ((Valjiir)) (45)
  • Problems by Teegar Shaver (54)
  • On (unknown word, perhaps Solid) Ground by Maria Pehrson (55) (Story)
  • (Valjiir) Compendium (58)

Issue 25

In a Different Reality 25 was published in December 1986 and contains 62 pages. Art by Leigh Caskey, Carol Palmer, Gennie Summers, Juane Michaud, Anne Davenport, Melody Rondeau, Cheryl Newsome.

back cover of issue #25
front cover of issue #25
  • Siren call by Teegar (3) (poem)
  • Run, It's Not Safe Here by Teegar (4) (poem)
  • Turning Away by Nancy H. (5) (poem)
  • McCoy's Ni Var by Sherry Crowson (9) (poem) (Two who are one: McCoy and Spock as they approach the Fal Tor Pan.)
  • Two by Teegar (10) (poem)
  • Diagnosis: Terminial by William Cary (11) (story) (An alternate universe version of the confrontation with Commodore Matt Decker and McCoy's solution to the Decker obsession.)
  • I Suspect it is a Courier by Virginia Smith (23) (story)
  • One Hundred and One Lines by Teegar (24) (story)
  • Wild Heart by Cheryl Peterson (25) ((Valjiir)
  • Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad by Cheryl Peterson (26) (Valjiir)
  • Happenstance by Maria Pehrson (29)
  • Starflight by Teegar (43) (poem)
  • Loss by Patt Demetri (44) (poem)
  • Gone by Patt Demetri (45) (poem)
  • McCoy by Gene S. Delapenia (46) (poem)
  • Uhura by Gene S. Delapenia (47) (poem)
  • Jingletrek by Teegar (48)(poem)
  • Tales of Adventure by T'Drinn (49) (story)
  • More Credits (staff, info) (61)
  • That Time? by Sherry Crowson (62) (story)
  • Movin' On by Teresa Sarick (63) (poem)

Issue 26

In a Different Reality 26 was published in June 1987 and contains 90 pages. Art by Viginia Smith, Teegar Shaver, Bev Chick, Juane Michaud, Genne Summers, Melody Rondeau, Gene S. Delapenia.

back cover of issue #26, Teegar Shaver
front cover of issue #26, Virginia Smith
  • Untitled, poem by Delores Booker (2)
  • Ruth, poem by Teegar (3)
  • Old Games, a Lenore story by Janice Johnson (5) (The 4th story in a series. McCoy's soulmate, Rikki, and Torrie Riley are kidnapped. Their rescue endangers many of the Enterprise crew and almost results in McCoy's death. It leads to the reluctant decision that McCoy, Rikki and the Rileys can no longer serve on the Enterprise.)
  • To an Orion Slave Girl, poem by Teegar (56)
  • WZIR, poem by Teegar (57)
  • Domestic Dispute, humor by T'Drinn (50)
  • Incident, poem by Teegar (64)
  • Comes the Dragon, story by Maria Pehrson (65)
  • The Catch, poem by Teegar (89)
  • Gesture, poem by Teeger (90)
  • Sky movers, poem by Teegar (91)

Issue 27

In a Different Reality 27 was published in December 1987 and contains 94 pages. Art by Cheryl Peterson, Bev Chick, Gene S. Delpenia, Lynn Allsse Witten, Maria Peterson, Cheryl Newsome, Rick Braunshausen, Melody Rondeau, Caro Hedge, Virginia Smith, J. Michaud.

back cover of issue #27, Teegar Taylor
front cover of issue #27, Rick Braunshausen
  • Representative, poem by Teegar (2)
  • A Date with Data, short short by Susan Sizemore (3)
  • S'Tradeh Veh, story by Michelle Perry (5)
  • Ship, poetry by Teresa Sarick (8)
  • To a Friend, poem by Janice Johnson (9)
  • Shattered Dreams, Lenore (9) (Continuing the Lenoran series started in IADR #21. McCoy, Rikki, Torrie, and Kevin Riley have departed the Enterprise, realizing that they can no longer serve in Starfleet. All seems well for them as they travel away from the ship until Rikki suddenly withdraws into a mental state where no one can reach her. McCoy will try to reach into her mind to bring her back.)
  • Spar, poem by Teresa Sarick (20)
  • Bitter Tears, by Janice Johnson, Lenore (22) (While McCoy is trying to save Rikki) her kin and friends wait for word of her well being. We learn something more about those who worked with Rikki's team and the Special Forces Circuit and about their feelings about Rikki's marriage to Leonard McCoy.)
  • Ghosts of Memory by Janice Johnson, Lenore (31) (On the Enterprise the crew reacts to the sudden departure of McCoy and Rikki and await word of their welfare.)
  • Morning, poem by Teresa Sarick (35)
  • A Silent Plea, poem by Julie Cesari (36)
  • Changes, story by Nancy Hunderberg (?) (37)
  • Control, poem by Teresa Sarick (43)
  • Jigsaw by Janice Johnson, Lenore (44) (McCoy has been able to bring Rikki out of her withdrawal. They are trying to pick up the pieces of their life when they learn that someone is trying to destroy the Enterprise and/or JimKirk. McCoy, Rikki, Torrie and Kevin return to the ship to warn their friends of the danger.)
  • comics by the staff (92)
  • Irina, poem by Teresa Sarick (93)
  • Vaal, poem by Teresa Sarick (93)
  • Child of Logic, poem by Teresa Sarick (94)
  • My Lover, poem by Teresa Sarick (95)

Issue 28

cover of issue #28, Teeger Shaver
flyer for issue #28

In a Different Reality 28 was published in November 1988 and contains 112 pages. Art by Cheryl Newsome, Virginia Lee Smith, Gene Delapenia, Gennie Summers, Joy Riddle, T'Drinn, Rick Braunshausen, Julie Cesari, Anne Davenport, Teeger Shaver, (front cover), David Petterson, Brenda Perry and Scott Poston (back cover).

From the editorial:
As much as I have been dreading this moment, it is time to officially announce that 'In a Different Reality' will no longer be printing stories from the Valjiir Universe, long written for these pages by Cheryl Petterson and Susan Sizemore. I felt very privileged to have stories from that universe appear in IADR during issues 8 thru 25, and I know many of you readers got as involved in the plots and characters as I was! Some of you have sent letters asking was was happening with the series and/or its authors, and mentioning that you'd heard rumors that the writing team had broken up, or other words to that effect. All I can say is that Cheryl and Susan are, indeed, no longer writing together. All other details are, in my frank opinion, only relevant to these women and their personal friends, so there's nothing more I feel I can say...
  • The Human Equation, poem by JC (3)
  • The Unlikely Hero, humor by T'D (4)
  • Tasha's Song, filk by BP and MP (12)
  • Dim the Flame, poem by PD (13)
  • Sand Fever, story by WLC ("Mara TeKan is the very first woman to be given command of a ship in the Klingon Imperial Star Fleet. Her ship is the oldest and worst ship in the fleet, with a crew to match. Their mission: deliver some drugs to a farming planet. With Fleet Command expecting her to fail as a ship commander, and the planetary governor ordering her and her motley crew to stay off the planet,'and the local population talking of a plot to take over the Empire, and some members of her crew trying to assassinate her, and most of the rest doubting her ability to command, what is a Commander on her very first mission to do?") (14)
  • I Canna, poem by PD (49)
  • When All Else Fails, part one, by TS (50)
  • Then and Now, poem by AL (60)
  • Electronic Tears, poem by JK (61)
  • When All Else Fails, part 2 of a new series by TS ("Pavel Chekov has been assigned as First Officer to a new, slightly experimental ship- The captain of the ship is a former acquaintance, the medical officer is several centuries old, the chief engineer does not want to be aboard all in all, is it any wonder Chekov approaches his promotion with mixed feelings?") (62)
  • Humanity, poem by PD (67)
  • Spider Web, (A Lenore story, "Leonard McCoy, his wife Rikki, and the crew of their trading ship, the MYSTIQUE, answer a distress call from a crashed research vessel. Where are the survivors?") by JJ and ACS (68)
  • Strong Women, poem by JK (88)
  • The Way Tomorrow Was (TNG) by DCP ("Captain Picard and the ENTERPRISE go to the rescue of a team of scientists trapped on a doomed planet. But the scientists are scattered over a wider area than is at first expected, and have a code of honor which does not allow them to accept a planet's death lightly.") (89)

Issue 29

back cover of issue #29, Anne Davenport
front cover of issue #29, Virginia Smith
flyer for issue #29

In a Different Reality 29 was published in August 1989 and contains 80 pages. It has art by Virginia Smith, Anne Davenport, Gennie Summer, Teegar Taylor, Brenda Perry, Caro Hedge, Cheryl Newsome, Gene Delpenia.

From the flyer for this issue:
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: For those of you who have already seen the newest movie, "Star Trek V", the staff of this 'zine wishes to make it known that our efforts were not directed by William Shatner.

Anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet; where have you been? Anyone who never saw an episode of the TV series "T.J. Hooker" is missing a level of significance behind some of the scenes within "Star Trek V". This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the Intragalactic Underground Press and the Minnesota Truth in 'Zine Publishing Commission.

Thank You.
  • Changed, poem by Teresa Sarick (2)
  • Accumulating Data, poem by Teresa Sarick (3)
  • The Captain's Woman, poem by Pat Gonzales (4)
  • The Woman's Captain, poem by Pat Gonzales (5)
  • When All Else Fails, story by Teegar (chapter four: Physical Examinations) (6)
  • Doctor's Confession, poem by Michelle Perry (26)
  • On the Steps of Mount Seleya, poem by Maria C. Pehson (27)
  • Another Journey, poem by Teresa Sarick (30)
  • Taking Command, story by Ian Howst (?) (31)
  • Secret Desires, poem by Robin Woodell (33)
  • The Call, poem by Teresa Sarick (35)
  • The Perry Incident, story by William Cory (perhaps called "Kasanra" in the flyer?) (36)
  • Contributor's Copy, filk by Michelle Perry (45)
  • Data, filk by (45)
  • Pointed ears by Rikki and Lenore (46)
  • Different Perceptions, a Lenore story by Janice Johnson" ("The crew of the MYSTIQUE are out to perform a task for their friend Tigger; a favor for him, and a chance to earn some money for them. Leonard and Rikki take the dragons with them, for safety's sake, when they beam down to the planet. Which is precisely where the trouble begins.) (33)
  • Waitings, Sarek's Poem by Michelle Perry (63)
  • T'Sal on Vulcan, poem by Teresa Sarick (64)
  • The Romulan Commander, Musings in the Brig, by Beverly J. Miller (65)
  • When All Else Fails ("chapter 4: "Physical Examinations" — Captain and crew of the VIRGINIA need time to get to know one another, and their ship. They also need to learn how to work together! chapter 5: "The Goat Who Laid the Golden Egg Story" — A landing party is needed for a straightforward rescue mission of some stranded scientists. Captain Shane O'Conners chooses Pavel Chekov and T.J. Riley for the honor. They do not appreciative this!") by Teegar (66)
  • The Cave, poem by Michelle Perry (79)
  • Brother from Another Planet, poem by Jane Kaufenberg (80)

Issue 30

cover of issue #30

In a Different Reality 30 was published in September 1990.

Issue 31

cover of issue #31, Chris Guyer
flyer for issue #31, has some differences with the table of contents listed below

In a Different Reality 31 was published in 2000. It was edited by Diana Walter.

  • The Sky, poem by Miriam Krasue (1)
  • Lenore Series Synopsis, summary by Janice (2)
  • Editorial (4)
  • Joker in the Dark ("Joker in the Deck" on the flyer), story (Lenore) by Janice Johnson ("Who is really behind all the attempts on Leonard McCoy's life? And what does it have to do with James T. Kirk?") (5)
  • Truth, poem by Rikki (53)
  • Data's Counselor, poem by Teri Sarick (54)
  • Shattering Grief, story (ST:NG) by David Ehrensperger ("In REUNION, Worf's mate was murdered. Later, he realizes he is partially responsible for her death and uses Klingon-therapy to cope.") (55)
  • Midnight on Your Face, poem by Sue-Anne Sarick (59)
  • Fleeting Moments, story (Mara) by William L. Cory ("The Jalarr is ready to leave point after a refit with Mara, Krev, new crewmembers and 40 cadets.") (60)
  • By the Dragon's Lair, poem by Miriam Krouse (87)
  • Logical?, poem by Patt Demetri (88)
  • The Representative, story (Fails) by Teeger Taylor ("Ever wonder where Teegar finds her marvelous characters? This story will tell you about one of them.") (90)
  • Take me to the starship, filk by Teri Sarick (110)
  • A Fan Lament, poem by Patt Demetri (116)
  • Seeing with eyes, poem by David Ehrensperger (117)
  • Who is the Fairest? (a ST:TNG Mirror Universe Story) by Diana L. Walter ("Remember MIRROR, MIRROR? What would life be like aboard I.S.S. Enterprise-D under Captain Jean-Luc Picard?") (118)
  • art by Chris Guyer (front cover), Rick Braunshausen (back cover), Teegar Taylor, Nedjla Tiouririne, Julie Watkins


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