Anne Davenport

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Name: Anne Davenport
Alias(es): ardavenport
Type: fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: Star Wars, Man from UNCLE, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Emergency!, etc.
URL: ardavenport at FanFiction.Net
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Anne Davenport is a multifandom fan writer and artist. She also does costuming.


Anne writes on her FanFiction.Net profile:

I've been a fan-fic writer since back in the days of print zines and snail mail. And I still have most of them, too, including those very earliest zines after Star Wars: A New Hope came out before we knew Luke and Leia were related (oops). In the early 80's I did mostly Star Wars art and cartoons, very little writing.

I co-wrote U.N.C.L.E. fics with a friend in the mid-80's and started writing Dr. Who around then, plus a smattering of other things. I specifically got my first computer (1984 Kaypro - a green-screen monster that didn't even have a hard drive) and a dot matrix printer so I could write fics with them. There were a few of zines produced with it, too.

I did not start writing a lot of fanfics until the late 1980's when Star Trek: The Next Generation came out -- strange and terrible things happened to Captain Jean-Luc Picard in those. ;)

And now I am digging around deep down into my sub-folders for the files of my old print fanzine days, so some of that Picard/Crusher and Janeway stuff is ending up here along with my newer fanfiction, though I am highly unlikely to write anything new there; they just look new because they haven't been on the internet. Or maybe they don't look new ...

My new fan-fic muse has been in Star Wars (mostly prequels) for online writing/posting (2005-2009), but since DragonCon 2009 I have branched out to Emergency! fanfic [...][1]


As of 2013, Anne has over 200 stories posted at FanFiction.Net. Many are old stories that previously appeared in print zines.

Three Man from UNCLE stories that were co-written with Terry Neill and originally appeared in zines were published under the account ardavenport-tlneill.

At least two of her Star Trek: TNG novels were published as zines:


Example Art


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