I.D.I.C. (Star Trek: TOS and TNG zine)

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Title: I.D.I.C.
Publisher: Ruff and Ready Press
Editor(s): Michael Ruff
Date(s): 1991-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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For a disambiguation, see IDIC.

I.D.I.C. is a gen Star Trek: TNG and Star Trek: TOS anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Cindy Barnard, Juanne Michaud (Uhura in the bunny suit was also used as interior art in In a Different Reality #25 in 1986)

I.D.I.C. 1 was published in 1991 and contains 174 pages. Cover: Cindy Barnard, Juanne Michaud.

  • The Eleventh Hour (TOS) by Karla Taylor, p.3 - 18
  • Interviews: James Doohan; George Takei; Nichelle Nichols, p. 19-37
  • Spider's Web (TNG) by Traci Dowen, p. 38-60
  • Reviews: Trek Novels by Michael Ruff, p. 60-76
  • Pon Farr (TOS) by Juanne Michaud, p. 78-95
  • Puzzles & Games, p. 96-110
  • Something in Common (TOS) by Jeanne E. McGrew, p. 111-113
  • What is a Starbase? by Kevin Seeley, p. 115-116 (article)
  • Branches of Starfleet by Kevin Seeley, p. 117-118 (article)
  • Spock in Three Parts by Kevin Seeley, p. 120-121 (article)
  • Silent Cry (TNG) by Halsey Taylor, p. 122-141
  • Art & Poetry, p. 142-159
  • Filk: Old Trekkie by Barbara Mater
  • Lavender Blue (TOS) by Karla Taylor, p. 160-173

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Cathy Barnard
inside page from issue #2, Karla Taylor. A fan in 2016 said: "Ummmm……why is Spock facing off against the embodiment of Hentai? *skims the story* I stand corrected. It appears to be Cthulu’s perverted copyright-dodging brother “Chthonioth”. Who wants Spock. That way. (Sort of.) I was kidding, fanzine! Story and art is credited to Karla Taylor. Who just cheered up my night immensely. I always appreciate a good dose of crack in my fanfic reading. #Star Trek#vintage fanzines#IDIC II#I'm somehow convinced Kirk would actually be down for it#don't ask me why#I just am" [1]

I.D.I.C. 2 was published in 1992 and contains 231 pages." On the cover: "An Infinitely Diverse Star Trek & Next Generation Zine." Cover: Cindy Barnard.

  • The Roses of Picardy by Karla Taylor (tells the story of Picard being flung into the past of his homeland) (TNG)
  • Paradise by Halsey Taylor (TNG)
  • One Ordinary Day... With Ferengi by Juanne Michaud (TNG)
  • The Vulcan's Prophesy by Halsey Taylor (TNG)
  • When the Stars Are Right by Karla Taylor (number three in a trilogy) (TNG)
  • Interview with Walter Koenig by Michael Ruff
  • Time Flies by Michael Ruff won a 1993 FanQ (TNG)
  • Caverns of the Mind by Michael Ruff, Anne Muscarella, and Jeff Kaste (collectively written build-a-story which features Kirk struggling to deal with his emotions and a strange alien race after the Janice Lester incident) (TOS)
  • Had a Dream by Bobbie Thompson Grende
  • Biographies and Art Gallery
  • art by Cindy B., Nan N., Jamaica F., David Lawrence, Yvonne Bowhay, Juanne Michaud, and Karla Taylor.


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