Chasing Shadows

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Title: Chasing Shadows
Publisher: Renaissance Alliance Publishing
Author(s): C. Paradee
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): October 1998 (The Agent)
25 July 1999 (Dancing With Shadows)
October 2000 (Chasing Shadows)
Series?: yes (in one book)
Medium: online, print
Size: 428 pages
Genre: alt, uber
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess, Original Fiction
Language: English
External Links: The Agent (The Bard's Corner, link goes to part 1)
The Agent (Wayback link)
Dancing With Shadows (The Bard's Corner, link goes to part 1)
Dancing With Shadows (Wayback link)
C Paradee on PDA Fiction
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Chasing Shadows is a book featuring two Xena/Gabrielle uber stories by C. Paradee. The stories were published online as The Agent and Dancing With Shadows before Renaissance Alliance Publishing published the series as Chasing Shadows.

The Agent

The Athenaeum summary:
Tony Viglioni, top FBI agent has had enough. Tired of not having any roots, she requests a desk joband ends up in Cleveland, where there is a need for an agent of her caliber. Thinking she's gonna be sorry for her request already on day one, Tony gets assigned to a serial killer case, where her first priority is to talk to the Assistant Coroner in charge of the case, Dr. Megan Donnovan. There is something electrifying when the two meet, and when Tony gets injured...the bonds solidify and the stage is set for the agent and doctor to more than collaborate and solve the mystery of the killings and each other.[1]
An impressive debut for a new bard on the scene, this story is poised to contribute to the growing popularity of contemporary uber dramas. Burned out from years of service in dangerous, covert operations and wanting to at last put down roots, Tony Viglioni asks her bosses at the FBI for a transfer to a less stressful job. Days later she is heading for Cleveland where the local law enforcement desperately needs help trying to capture the serial killer responsible for a number of gruesome murders. One of the locals working on the same case, junior coroner Megan Donnovan finds herself increasingly frustrated as politics muddle her efforts to advance the investigation. Amidst the mystery and danger of a city with a killer on the loose, these two women join efforts - forming a working partnership between them only to soon find themselves seeking a partnership of the heart as well. C does a nice job here of developing the relationship between her uber characters slowly, making it into a believable one that draws the reader in. As a mystery the story also works well, keeping you guessing 'til the end. This is a fine first effort that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel DANCING WITH SHADOWS] - 89 pgs., 10/2/98[2]

Dancing With Shadows

Agent Tony Viglioni and her partner doctor Megan Donnovan are back in this suspenseful sequel to C. Paradee's debut story THE AGENT. Set a couple of months after they first teamed to find a serial killer, this second tale finds the two settling into their new lives together, dealing with family and tying a few loose ends from Tony's past, only there are some that wont appreciate the Agent's sudden scrutiny of those loose ends and to keep her from possibly ruining their plans they are more than willing to ensure Tony's retirement is of a much more...permanent nature. C. Paradee very effectively continues to develop the relationship between her two heroines here, drawing us into their newfound happiness and the challenges that go with it even as she's revealing a potential danger that could destroy it all. A well-written, entertaining read that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 233 pgs., 7/26/99[3]


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