The Athenaeum

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Name: The Athenaeum
Dates: 1996-today
Type: femslash
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess, multifandom
The Athenaeum.jpg
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The Athenaeum lists 6729 works of fiction and fan fiction from 1535 authors.[1] Most of the fiction is f/f, but there is gen fic as well.[1] The Athenaeum also hosts works from several hundred authors.[1]

Originally created in 1996 with a focus on Xena: Warrior Princess, the page has grown and now welcomes original fiction and fanfiction from other series such as Hercules, Star Trek, CSI, Law & Order, and others.[1] Half the fiction on The Athenaeum is original lesbian fiction.[1]

According to Lunacy The Anthenaeum is "the present-day descendant of the first XWP fanfic index on the net, Xenos' XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS FAN FICTION INDEX[.] Bardeyes' newly revised THE ATHENAEUM indexes over 1500 works, and includes an amazing 17 category indexes, a series index, an author index and an index of NetForum titles. The story listings feature a rating, the date a story was released on the Web, the number of pages, a short description and links to longer reviews when these are available. The Athenaeum stopped indexing new fanfic in April 1999. It now only lists stories that are actually hosted by the site but the more comprehensive index of older titles available throughout the fandom remains available."[2]

Another link site says about the archive:

Do the Xena fans appreciate how incredibly lucky they are? So many of their archivists seem to be first degree anal-compulsives. Stop snickering -- it makes for great archives. Don't believe me? Take a look at this one. If I hadn't already been bitter about Xena fandom hogging all the really great archivists and site designers, I would be now. This isn't just an archive, it's an amazing fandom resource. Not only do they host stories, they have reviews and links to over 4800 Xena fanfics. Reviews are listed by focus, by genre, by author, by title (alternative and general), the Quick Search function actually works, and you can get rid of the white font on the dark blue background by clicking one little link -- instant black font/white background. And if that isn't enough, it's frequently updated. Go away now -- I need to be alone to wallow in my fandom jealousy.[3]


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