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Title: Setting the Course
Publisher: Kathy Resch
Date(s): July 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Shelley Butler, "A Gift of Hyacinths"

Setting the Course is a Kirk/Spock 204 page collection of stories by Jenna Sinclair set in the Sharing the Sunlight universe and published by Kathy Resch in 1996. It reprints stories that are set between the main novels of the series, i.e. Sharing the Sunlight, Promises to Keep, and In the Shade, that were previously published scattered across multiple zines.

The cover is by Shelley Butler, and it has been uploaded to Fanlore with the publisher's permission. There is no interior art.

All of these are now available online at the K/S Archive: Sharing the Sunlight series page.



The stories (Summaries by Gilda F.)

  • Reflections on a Lunar Landscape (Spockʼs jealousy is expressed in a display of dominance after Kirk flirts with a woman and then attempts sexual intercourse with his lover that night. Prequel: Sharing the Sunlight. Sequel: Pursuing Hyacinths.) Originally printed in Counterpoint #7
  • Pursuing Hyacinths (Kirkʼs problem with their melding creates problems in his relationship with Spock. Prequel: Reflections On a Lunar Landscape. Sequel: Heartʼs Desire.) Originally printed in T'hy'la #12
  • Heart's Delight (While on their first shoreleave together as lovers, Kirk and Spock visit an archaeological dig. Prequel: Pursuing Hyacinths. Sequel: Primal Scream.) Originally printed in Counterpoint #9
  • Primal Scream (Research “apes” get loose on the Enterprise and one finds its way to Kirkʼs cabin where he surprises Kirk fresh out of the shower. Prequel: Heartʼs Delight. Sequel: Parallel Courses.) Originally printed in Charisma #17
  • Parallel Courses (Kirk wants to do something special to show Spock that he is trying to work past his doubts regarding their relationship. Prequel: Primal Scream. Sequel: Double Trouble.) Originally printed in No Greater Love #1
  • Double Trouble (The officersʼ new beds seem to be a major topic of conversation aboard the Enterprise. Prequel: Parallel Courses. Sequel: Son of Sarek.) Originally printed in No Greater Love #1
  • Son of Sarek (Spock is troubled by a childhood event that is brought forward by a ceremony they are to watch on the planet they are visiting. Prequel: Double Trouble. Sequel: Promises To Keep.) Originally printed in T'hy'la #14

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[zine]: SETTING COURSE appears to be an anthology that explores several different aspects or problems a couple may encounter as they navigate the unknown waters of love. I’ll take one course correction at time... [see reviews for individual stories]. [1]


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