Heart's Delight

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Heart's Delight
Author(s): Jenna Sinclair
Date(s): 1993
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Heart's Delight is a Kirk/Spock story by Jenna Sinclair. It is also in Setting Course.

It was published in the print zine Counterpoint #9.



"While on their first shoreleave together as lovers, Kirk and Spock visit an archaeological dig. Prequel: Pursuing Hyacinths. Sequel: Primal Scream."

Reactions and Reviews

What attracts me about Jenna's work, is her realistic portrayal of their relationship, The ups and downs, the insecurities and the misunderstandings, the anger, the hurt but most of all on a solid foundation of their love for each other, the determination to make that relationship work. Set in the "Sharing the Sunlight" universe, I feel it has it all. [1]
HEART’S DELIGHT commenced with a revealing conversation between Kirk and a newly married and very much in love Bob Wesley. You can tell Kirk’s buttons are popping with the desire to share his own good news, but the time isn’t right. I love the part where Wesley advises him to find someone special. He advises, “You wouldn’t care about leave on some world-weary planet. You’d be carrying your happiness around with you, not always looking for it.”

Normally mundane events always take on new meaning when they involve Kirk and Spock. Here we’re skillfully shown the details of checking into a shore leave hotel together for the first time. It’s great that Spock takes the lead in choosing their room with Kirk’s love of sunshine in mind. I also love that Kirk’s as fidgety as a new groom during the whole thing! Beautiful unburdened lovemaking. I was determined to be angry again (as in the previous installment) as Kirk once more showed total disregard for his lover and forgot him in the heat of watching a sporting event. Later, when they discussed it, Spock found it amusing and I felt like a fool! A fool that had perhaps learned a lesson from this terrific writer. Our heroes aren’t perfect. They’re human. And Vulcan. And they love each other. This is just a more authentic approach to that love than is normally related in K/S. When Spock clams up after a disturbing event, I’m getting irate again and what do you know? The same wrath is affecting Kirk. “Why does he have to clam up on me?” Close to venting his frustration and making things worse, Kirk takes control of himself and realizes this is how Spock must deal with trauma. The author says it best: “He’d take the lover who had learned to deal with the hurts of a universe inflicted upon him any day, over a clinging emotional mess.”

The remarkable thing about this story is that Kirk and Spock come to an understanding of how complicated and encumbered love can be. Yet this author tells us in a gritty down-to-earth manner instead of the more familiar achingly poignant way. I found it very convincing. Sometimes too much so for comfort. [2]
Trademarks of this author are great plot, dedication to detail and heartwarming love expressed with complete devotion to the characters. Heart’s Delight is a magnificent example, and one to be read slowly and attentively.

It all begins with an announcement from Commodore Bob Wesley of his recent marriage and his recommendation to JTK of its merits. JTK, unsurprisingly, is already aware that he may have found just such a life- mate right beneath is nose. He and Spock have, in fact, been lovers for months. I got the feeling reading this account of a shore leave, that I was exploring new territory with Kirk and Spock. How could that be when there are hundreds of stories under my belt? It happens because you are totally swept up in the events. As I mentioned, so rich are the details that it is as though you were right there beside them as their love acquires new dimensions off the ship. If there were doubts as to how they would interact under these relaxed circumstances, they are quickly dispelled. Kirk and Spock learn their likes, their dislikes, the little things that intrigue and excite them are as mutual as their commitment to the Enterprise. The simple act of eating a meal together is a wonderful adventure into the delights of being in love. Finding mysterious ruins to explore adds variety and suspense further defines the enhanced way that they respond to each other.

This is definitely not a jump in the sack story, although there are some splendidly romantic and erotic hours spent in lovemaking and lingering in the warm afterglow. Never were the characters more accurately or lovingly portrayed. Never have I felt more in tune with their innermost thoughts and emotions, their carefully hidden fears and their glorious triumphs. It is one of those memorable K/S moments from which you derive complete satisfaction, leaving you mellow and happy. [3]


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