Parallel Courses

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Parallel Courses
Author(s): Jenna Sinclair
Date(s): January 1994
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Parallel Courses is a Star Trek: TOS Kirk/Spock story by Jenna Sinclair.

It was published in the print zine No Greater Love.

This story won a 1994 STIFfie Award.



"Kirk wants to do something special to show Spock that he is trying to work past his doubts regarding their relationship. Prequel: Primal Scream. Sequel: Double Trouble, part of the Sharing the Sunlight series), later reprinted in Setting Course."

Reactions and Reviews

A story divided into 3 parts-1 -Kirk, 2-Spock. 3-Convergence- Nicely structured, but tor the most part, the surrounding story is slightly dull and a little too nice. However, I can understand that this was really just a small, intimate study of their relationship. But what made up for any slowness, and more, was the section of Spock's thoughts of what having sex with Kirk meant to him. This just about blew me away. It is written so viscera!! It is so pared down to the essentials and is positively stunning. The way Spock realizes what it all means to him was beautifully done.

Especially powerful is the last line, one that I won't soon forget- "Knowing with a secret defiant thrill that the sexual organ did not belong inside his body, knowing that it did belong there, in an elemental way. like the way that Spock belonged by Jim's side and Jim belonged in Spock's mind." What a fabulous way to explain why Spock wants to carry their relationship beyond ordinary platonic friendship. That the need to have Kirk in his mind and his body is great and that one might think it not necessary for K and S to join physically, but it's as important as their joining of minds or their positions as captain and first officer.

The way Jenna then goes on to describe their sexual encounter is beautifully done in a strong, unblinking manner. Each description is basic, almost stripped bare and therein lies its power. The Spock part is cleverly structured as Spock teaches a class and observes a couple in love which starts him thinking about his now relationship with Kirk. It is a lengthy memory, but only took a few seconds to recall. The part where Kirk becomes Spock's penis was less successful. It was a bit awkward and forced.

A mention of the double beds from the next story was cute. I'm sorry-a "hickey"? I don't mind them being playful with one another, but...

Why is a doctor asking a captain about some food on the menu? And "real steak?"

I really enjoyed Spock's kiss in the astrophysics lab office. (Hey. that sounds like Spock kissed me. Oh well...) I liked that it was behind closed doors as I subscribe to the belief that neither would act improperly on duty. It was a lovely, tender moment in which Spock decides to let down.

A well-thought out piece, revealing more intimate details in Jenna's vision of our guys. [1]
This is the SHARING THE SUNLIGHT story that I consider most successful. The story's structure with the Kirk viewpoint section, the Spock viewpoint section and the joint viewpoint section works very well as a narrative progression, I also liked the way this story deals credibility with the relationship issue of PDA and resolves it in a way that is comfortable for both Kirk and Spock. It illustrates how compromise can work effectively. I was also fascinated to learn that Vulcans had learned how to alter the perception of times passage through meditation, since Vulcans have a very keen time sense, this technique would actually involve learning how to fool themselves, This story makes good use of such an interesting concept. [2]
PARALLEL COURSES is aptly-named. Part One deals with Kirk’s introspective reflections about how wonderful his life has become with Spock at his side. Soul deep happiness just oozes from his pores! Great writing. Part Two contains Spock’s quite logical review of their affair. A most revealing moment is when Spock consciously allots himself time—in the middle of teaching a class—to daydream!

Even reading all these stories in succession, they remain fresh and new, each one has a style all it’s own with different perspectives, different goals and paces.

Part Three—Convergence—isn’t what you think. It’s about a few stolen moments of innocent touching while on duty. Behind closed doors, yet, but on duty. And they aren’t passionate moments, they are moments that simply say “I love you”. There is inescapable meaning to this display: theirs is a very serious affair.[3]


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