Cabin Fever

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Name: Cabin Fever
Creator: Eli Roth
Date(s): 2002, 2009 (sequel), 2014 (prequel), 2016 (remake)
Medium: films
Country of Origin: United States
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Cabin Fever is a horror film franchise, currently with four entries (listed in order of release):


The Cabin Fever franchise follows the spread of an especially gruesome flesh-eating disease through various small communities. Along the way, it destroys the lives of the many victims whom it infects and the people who care about them. The panic and paranoia that results from the various outbreaks ruins many relationships, but the resulting trauma also nurtures some relationships, too.

In broad terms, the franchise is a character study in how groups of people respond to serious crises.

The disease's canon story begins with it breaching quarantine on a medical research lab on a tropical island ("Patient Zero"). Through unknown means, it somehow manages to reach a dog in rural North Carolina, who subsequently infects his transient owner, who subsequently infects a group of vacationing college students whom he asks for medical assistance. Before dying, the last of these students inadvertently contaminates a small stream, which happens to be a water source for a bottled water company ("Cabin Fever"). Customers who drink this bottled water subsequently become infected, with the most notable outbreak occurring at a high school. ("Spring Fever"). At the close of the canon story, it is implied that the disease is soon to be an imminent epidemic across much of North America.


The fanworks fandom is very small, and is primarily Paul/Marcy, who only exist in the original film and the remake[1].

As with many fandoms, the majority of fanworks steer away from the tone and storyline of the source material to allow greater focus on the characters and relationships.

Due to the fact that very, very few characters survive their respective films, most stories are either fix-its or AUs, that either retcon their respective central characters' deaths, or avoid their perilous exposure to the disease altogether.

Fan discussion took place at the now-defunct Cabin Fever website's forums and IMDb's forum.

The 2016 remake garnered some fan attention for starring Matthew Daddario, who portrays fan favorite Alec Lightwood on Shadowhunters.

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  1. ^ Paul has a very small cameo in Cabin Fever 2.