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Title: Pavane
Publisher: Pavane & Galliard Press
Editor(s): Chris Isher
Date(s): 1988-1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Pavane is a slash Star Trek: TOS anthology fanzine published in the UK by Chris Isher.

It required an age statement to purchase.

Summaries below are by Gilda F.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Pavane 1 was published in November 1988 and is 110 pages long.

It contains three illos. Two of them are by Sue Humphries. One is a page that includes a photocopy of a Gayle F illustration.

The pagination is confusing; some stories have page numbers, and others do not. This is because it appears that each author typed up their own contribution and the editor compiled them.

The zine originally contained "a packet" that had a letter of comment form, information about a raffle regarding the Gayle F illo, and Sue Humphries' story, The Passage of Time. Some issues may now be missing this packet.

From the editorial:

Welcome to the first issue of a new British K/S zine. The name has been chosen on 3 counts.

1) My dictionary defines the word Pavane as " a slow stately dance for couples" (which seemed highly appropriate);

2)It therefore allows me the chance to pay tribute, by way of continuing the musical terminology, to both Voice and Star Trek: TOS zine)|Duet;

3)It was the title of the very first fantasy-style SF novel I read - P'avane' by Keith Roberts - and from which I've taken the spelling, as there are several other forms e.g. pavan, paven, pavin!

Pretty neat?!

Now, British K/S -- definitely, but one feature it is hoped to include in any future issues will be overseas guest contributors. In Issue One these are Elke from Germany with 2 delightful short stories, and Gayle from the U.S.A. (see Raffle details). My thanks go to both of them, and of course to all the home-based authors who responded so magnificently to the call for stories.

The chosen Charities are the World Wildlife Fund's Whale Project (which I feel very strongly about, and I was Greenpeacing over a decade ago!) and London Lighthouse - the AIDS hospice. The raffle especially is for charity, so please buy 'loadsatickets'.

The Enclosures pack. Together with the Raffle sheet, you will find a Letters-of-Comment form. Besides helping me, as a Brand New Editor, to provide more of what you really want in Issue Two, the authors are very keen to have LOC's on their work. So please complete this form as and when you can - let us know your opinions.

The last item in this pack is a Sue Humphries story "Passage of Time". Her introductory comment speaks for itself,but here is the editorial Health Warning, for any of you out there who are devoted WS fans. Don't read it, if you are prone to sense-of-humour failures!!

Hope you enjoy the first PAVANE.

LL & P
  • Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • The Stars Have Returned by Sue Humphries (After their run-in with the gigantic single-cell entity, Kirk is concerned at how long itʼs taking Spock to recover.) (11 pages)
  • true love gave to me, by Elke Mueller (Kirk canʼt wait to give Spock his Christmas present. The gift is a tattered copy of a late 20th century calendar with a focus of nude police officers. The editor's note at the end of the story: "Editor's. Mote. This amazing idea is true! Elke heard on German radio that the Los Angeles Police Dept. had produced a series of photos of members of the force to allay mistrust and apprehension felt by the general public.As she says,how can you resist such a story,and she thinks it's probably just as well it was never done while Starsky & Hutch were on the air!") (3 pages)
  • Doors by Elke Mueller (McCoy remembers other time when he approached Kirkʼs door as he does so again, invited to hear Kirk and Spockʼs latest news.)(4 pages)
  • Always In Sorrow by Linda Bryant (After Genesis, Kirk and Spock finally come together as lovers. To be continued. The sequel: Never In Joy.) (7 pages)
  • Flames by Denise Watkins (Kirk experiences a night of passion.) (2 pages)
  • Blood Wedding, poem by Augusta Elton (2 pages)
  • Glittering Prizes by Kay Lee Shay (Kirk and Spock are both given assignments based solely on the fact of their fame.) (11 pages)
  • Vulcans Touch Too by Sue Humphries (Kirk discovers that Spock is ticklish.) (9 pages)
  • Planet of Shame by Frances Rowes (Spockʼs shuttle crashes as he investigates the planet that has wandered out of Romulan space. The author's note: "It's been said of me that I have a low opinion of human nature. I don't; I share with Blake the conviction that human nature is perfectible: 'For Mercy has a human heart, Pity a human face, And Love, the human form divine, And Peace, the human dress.' However, I also share his conviction that it is corruptible, and I think that our choice in this matter, which I've tried to dramatize in this story, is vitally important, is, in fact, the human adventure.") (45 pages)
  • The Passage of Time by Sue Humphries (Humor: Stranded on a planet during an ion storm, Kirk and Spock find shelter in a small cave.) (included in a separate packet, often missing from many this issue today)
  • information about the Gayle F illo raffle (included in a separate packet, often missing from many this issue today)
  • a form regarding letters of comment (included in a separate packet, often missing from many this issue today)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

See reactions and reviews for The Passage of Time.
See reactions and reviews for Planet of Shame.

Issue 2

Pavane 2 was published in March 1990 and contains 157 pages. It contains two illos by F. Falkenheim.

front cover of issue #2
From the editorial:

Welcome to the second issue of PAVANE -- the new British K/S zine. Response to Issue One was most encouraging to myself as Editor and to the authors and illustrators, and we were particularly delighted to have LOC's on your reactions to the stories. Please keep them coming for this one.


Also, of course my deepest thanks to all the Contributors, literally without whom... The standard of their work is as high as ever, and I hope the variety of themes appeals to you, the Readers.

Finally, the enclosed Flyer gives details of a single-story zine Dragons, with will be published in Sept this year 1990, by Pavane & Galliard Press

With best wishes for your enjoyment of Pavane II.

LL & P.
  • The Ancient Mariner by Joanne Summers (The discovery of a manuscript left by a person stranded on an uninhabited planet, brings changes to how Spock thinks about his captain.) (1)
  • Out of the Darkness by Sue Humphries (Believing that Spock is dead, Kirk buries his bondmate and he and the Enterprise leave the supposedly uninhabited planet.) (10)
  • The Needs of the One by Elke Mueller (Kirk yearns for something green.) (33)
  • To Kiss, Perchance to Wrinkle (35)
  • Covert Operation by Patricia Laurie Stephens (Spock is kidnapped from a concert he and Kirk are attending and during the mission for his recovery, Kirk discovers that there is more to his lover than he ever knew. (also in Charisma #15) (36)
  • Green Eyed Monster by Sue Humphries (Jealousy erupts when both Kirk and Spock misunderstand the events that transpired during Sargonʼs ʻvisit.ʼ) (63)
  • Surrounded by Forever by Heather Whitefield (An indiscretion on Kirkʼs part may mean the end of his relationship with Spock.)
  • Surrounded by Forever by Heather Whitefield (74)
  • We Can Work It Out by Kay Lee Shea (88)
  • It is Finished, poem by Harriet Smith (106)
  • A Song and a Dance by Elke Mueller (Spock finds a way to get Kirkʼs mind off of 16th century Earth. In a small way, a bit of a songfic.) (110)
  • Never in Joy? by Linda Bryant (Kirk and Spock must deal with the problems left by the probe, as well as settle into their new relationship. Prequel: Always In Sorrow.) (113)
  • humorous filler (113)
  • Beta Cygni (Lest We Forget) by Frances Rowes (When Spock suddenly disappears, Kirk is shocked to find that no one else remembers him ever existing—and that itʼs happened to several Federation citizens.) (124)