Frances Rowes

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Name: Frances Rowes
Alias(es): Augusta Elton
Type: writer
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Frances Rowes was a writer in Star Trek fandom.

She won a Surak Award in 1986.

Fans Comment

Among more recent authors, I've found all three of Augusta Elton's stories (in the FIRST TIME zines) to be both highly disturbing and highly intriguing. She writes in an intense manner that makes me shudder, but which also won't allow me to put down the story. I find myself wishing she would apply her talents to more positive stories, but I don't think anyone can complain about any lack of originality in her work. I hope to see more from her. [1]

[British zines] represent a different “style” of K/S, one that I haven't found anywhere else except in occasional stories by the likes of [Kathy Resch] and Frances Rowes... The fiction here is almost all established-relationship set in what's known collectively as the "Voice Universe"), and worlds away from the stories in Duet or those published by The UK Group. I think the difference is that the former stories are written to literary standards, the latter to K/S standards as prevalent in the US. And it is a considerable difference. [2]

Ironically, some of the most "literary" stories in fan fiction have been the least popular. I can think of at least one story, Frances Rowes' "A Deltan Decameron," [in T'hy'la #12] that was trashed in the LoC zines a few years ago for being too literary, and the author hasn't published any K/S fan fiction since. [3]



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