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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Timestorm
Author(s): Mergwin
Date(s): 1991
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Timestorm is a K/S story by Mergwin.

It was published in Charisma #13.


"Kirk is lost in the Vulcan desert and dreams, or not, that he is thrown into Vulcanʼs past where he meets another Spock."

Reactions and Reviews

Though the plot of this story was over-simplified, I found it a pleasant read. There was something about this Spock that drew me to him -- perhaps simply his primal 'baseness' and way of looking at things. And, yet, this Spock seemed awfully sophisticated for a primitive who had lived completely alone since the age of seven. I found myself wondering such things as how he knew how to set Kirk's ankle, how he so easily accepted the concept of time travel, why he wasn't puzzled by Kirk's reference to "diet supplements", how he could understand enough about himself and relationships to say, "I cannot be with you and remain unattached.", etc. For Kirk's part, I thought he accepted his situation a bit too easily. No matter how auch he loved this Spock, I think he would have desperately been trying to figure out a way to get back to his own time. His statement that the chances of going back was "non-existent" didn't make sense in light of the fact that somehow or other he had gone back in time in the first place, thereby proving that time travel on the planet was possible. Also, I hate to point it out, but I can't heip that I noticed it: Near the top of page 41, the blood covering Spock is referred to as "crimson". Since Spock had to assure Kirk that the blood wasn't from himself, it's apparent that it was forgotten that Spock's blood is green. Still, I found this a likeable story with its portrayal of a simple life and a simple Spock. [1]
An enchanting story, but for the ending, Written very simply and full of emotion.

Kirk is lost in the Vulcan desert. He is mentally calling to Spock( who he realizes has always saved him, There is a quake, a sandstorm, a shift into the past; it is Warrior Spock who finds him. Because he can "hear" telepathically and is considered an outcast, this Spock lives alone in a tent in the desert. Kirk is drawn of course, especially to a softly emotional, naked Spock.

It is in the time of Surak. Spock thinks Surak rather a fool; he does not wish to give up the warrior ways-emotions, killing animals for food and skins, etc, Of course there would be( as a practical matter, much resistance to Surak during those times. People having to give up the ways that seem to make their lives work, toward a greater goal they can't really see or feel, or eat. Timely advice, yes?)

Spock unwittingly kills a mother sehlat, and brings the baby back to Kirk. This is very appealingly sweet, Kirk nurturing the baby animal while he is laid up with a broken ankle.

Both men feel stirrings of desire. Out hunting, both are aroused by Spock's "hand-to-hand" battle with a savage animal, and Spock ravages Kirk right then and there. Marvelous sex although quick.

During another sandstorm, Spock brings Kirk back to where he was found; has to knock him out to sent him back to his present. Kirk would not wish to leave, but Spock knows he must be in his own time.

Back in the present, Spock and Sarek find him. Kirk is miserable, and treats Spock miserably, although Spock offers himself if he can in any way help alleviate Kirk's troubles. A sad, not-satisfying ending, that Kirk isn't seeing the Spock of his desires in the Spock in front of him. [2]
Normally warrior-Spock pre-reform Vulcan stories are not high on my list, but this one is different in that Kirk remains himself. Caught in a time-storm while hiking on Vulcan, he is rescued by and lives for several weeks with a pre-reform Spock. Moral: be very careful which rock you choose for shelter—it may be a time portal. This is a Spock every bit as gentle and perceptive as our favorite Vulcan, so I felt I was reading about a character I knew. Quite naturally and predictably he falls in love with the mysterious human from the future, showing remarkable compassion for Kirk, especially in the way the story ended. [3]


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