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Title: Alternaties (many fans mistakenly referred to it as "Alternities" [1])
Publisher: Intergalactic Underground Press
Editor(s): Cheryl Petterson
Date(s): 1982-1984
Medium: print
Genre: slash and het
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Alternaties is a K/S slash and het Star Trek: TOS fanzine. It was published by the Intergalactic Underground Press and edited by Cheryl Petterson There are two issues.

Many summaries below are by Gilda F.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1
back cover of issue#1

Alternaties 1 was published 1982 and has 144 pages. Art by Rick Braunshausen, Helen Bookman, Laurie Farkas, Virginia Lee Smith, Jean C., Susan Wyllie, and Carol McPherson.

  • Rogues by Beth Carlos (Pre K/S: A Kirk and Spock of yet another mirror universe take over the Enterprise and hold Kirk captive while stranding Spock on a nearby planet.)
  • Anniversary by Patt Demetri
  • And When Denied by Vivian Gates (Non K/S story)
  • The Forfeit by Daralyn Archer (M/U Spock takes TʼPring as chattel after Kirkʼs “death.”)
  • A Purpose for Every Time by Marguerite Krause (Non-K/S story)
  • Chain of Command by Gail Lee (M/U A/U: Spock uses Kirk for one night in order to reach his goal.)
  • The Night the Bunk Broke by Patt Demetri
  • The Seed by Tay Garian (Spock is turned into a woman by Kor as a tool to destroy Kirk. Sequel: The Ill-Made Knight.)
  • Your Turn by A. T. Bush (Spock seems oddly reluctant to take his turn changing the sheets after his and Kirkʼs lovemaking.)
  • A Darkness at Noontide by Kathy Resch (Joaquin soothes Khan after another setback on Ceti Alpha V.)
  • Prince of Fire by Kathy Resch
  • Changeling by Cheryl Petterson & Susan Sizemore (A/U: The mirror Sulu ends up in this universe permanently.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[Rogues]: A parallel Kirk and Spock from an evil Empire universe (not the same one our Kirk went to), escape from there with the purpose of enlisting our Kirk and Spock to help them start a rebellion to overthrow the Empire. They commandeer the Enterprise in the guise of the "good" Kirk and Spock, along the way causing mayhem and engaging in extremely erotic encounters. Things get very exciting and filled with tension as the Romulans enter the scene and the "bad" counterparts of Uhura and Sulu come after the escapees. Mix this in with a wonderful invention called "Jump", great action, precise characterizations, good use of technology, and this story is one of the best I've read. There were some excellent touches such as the first moment that our Kirk sees his twin and he thinks it's a mirror, or the exchange on the bridge about having a cup of coffee during a crisis. But, one of my favorite scenes, in this or really in any other work, was the two Kirks and Spock engaging sexually together and the finale when Spock commands Kirk. I won't give any of it away, but suffice it to say, it was one of the most powerful, insightful, and well-crafted scenes that I have ever read. This story, alone, was worth the entire zine. I know nothing of this author, but if anyone out there does, please tell me. The ending left open the definite possibility of a sequel, so maybe it was written. If this is any indication of Beth Carlos' talent. I want more! [2]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2
back cover of issue #2

Alternaties 2 was published 1984 and has 160 pages. Art by Virginia Lee Smith, Christine Myers, Charlotte Davis, Sherry Veltcamp, Ann Crouch, Sethera Dragon, Jody Lynn Nye, Melody Rondeau, and Adrianna Cantillo.

page one of a flyer for issue #2
page two of a flyer for issue #2

Summary from the publisher: "This zine has something for everybody...The stories are mostly Spock-centric, so if you love a certain Vulcan, this one's for you!...And boy, does he get around -- we have Kirk/Spock, Spock/McCoy, Spock/Chapel, Spock/and various others, including T'Pring...And of course, more Kirk/Spock, because we all know that's our one true pairing!!!...Variety is the spice of life -- and this zine is extremely spicy."

The famous semen story is called "Transporter Revenge."

  • Tiberius by Robin Hood
  • Further Adventures by Dee Falco
  • Transporter Revenge by A. T. Bush (M/U: Kyle transports Kirk and Spock to a barren planet and leaves them there to die. An insane Kyle transports ISS Kirk and Spock to a literal Hell. To survive they must turn to each other, and find what no Imperial man should need - or want. )
  • Beginning by Patt Dimitri
  • In the Dark by Patt Dimitri
  • The Conflict by Charlotte Davis (Stormmust break T'Pring for her insolence at Koon-Ut-Kal-If-Fee. But his methods may be too successful. An alternate to THE PLEDGE series Stonn and T'Pring's life together after the konakalifee.)
  • Need by Patt Demetri
  • Trust Me, Spock! by Ann Crouch
  • Delicate Duty by Robin Hood (Non-K/S story. To save a dying culture, Kirk and Spock must infuse it with new vitality. But the natives are not willing.)
  • To Have One's Cake by Kirk
  • S'More Leave by Daralyn Archer (McCoy story, 7 pages, There seems to be a malfunction of the equipment on the Shore Leave Planet and McCoy has his hands full uith one-too-many Yeoman Barrous.)
  • Jealousy by Patt Dimitri
  • Essence of Love by Sue Ann Sarick
  • A Furious Ceiling by Ann Crouch (Kirk inadvertently hurts his lover when he tells Spock he won't need him for the night. Spock, unsure and vulnerable in his new relationship as Kirk's lover, spends an evening with McCoy. An evening in which McCoy realizes his love for the Vulcan. McCoy wants the relationship between his friends to work but he feels Kirk is mistreating Spock and he challenges Kirk to really show his love for Spock or relinquish him to someone who will.) (5 pages)
  • Tryst and Shout, a Na'Guryam alternate by Marguerite Krause (A sequel to PURPOSE FOR EVERY TIME in ALTERNATIES 1 T'Cima's sexuality has been awakened and the logic of the situation is obvious - to everyone but Leonard.)
  • Eden by Kirk (Kirk and Spock, their memories gone, live as slave and ruler on an uncharted planet after the Enterprise is destroyed.)
  • For Being Done Too Soon by Tay Garian (After Spock's death, Jim is grieving. A final message from Spock incorporates a long-kept secret, Christopher Pike.... and Saavik. What will Jim do with the knowledge? Kirk finds a letter in the book Spock gave him for his birthday. )
  • A Minor Incident by Ann Crouch (Humor: Sarek finds out about Kirk and Spock.)
  • In the Heat of the Night by Lee Heller (Non-K/S story. Spock and Marci are friends -good friends and nothing more. Marci and Jim are new-found lovers. A long night stranded on a planet with telepathic albeit barely sentient life-forms jeapordizes both Marci and Jim's love - and Spock and Jim's friendship. Part 1 of a two-part story from the Esper Prime series.)
  • And Fun For All by A.T. Bush (Humor: Kirk and Spock are aroused by the sex tapes at a bachelor party.)
  • Bequest by Vivian Gates (Non-K/S story, 2 pages, Post ST:TWOK. McCoy brings Spock's bequest to Christine. Genetic material taken from Spock during the 5-year mission. Material to use to produce Spock's child or to destroy as she sees fit.)
  • One Day While Going Up the Stair by Cheryl Petterson Susan Sizemore (Non-K/S story. A transporter accident leaves Spock thinking he's sixteen. Dr. McCoy knows better. Dr. Han knows better. Jilla Majiir knows better. And Ruth Valley, Mrs. Spock, knows betterl Add to the mix a slight case of pon farr and who knows what can happen. A 'what if' scenario from the Valjiir Universe.)
  • The Bare Bones by Ann Crouch (Non-K/S story, 2 pages, Spock, after returning from Vulcan, finds the Pon Farr has not completely dissipated and goes to McCoy for medication. McCoy is able to help, but not with medication.)
  • A Taste of Power by Sherry Crowson (Gen. Kirk is raped by a woman on a female-dominated planet.)
  • The Bequest by Vivian Gates (Spock is dead, hut Christine Chapel is not forgotten.)
  • Playperson's Travelogue, and The Myth by T'Drinn (Companion pieces. Venture with chic videozine reporter to Exotic Vulcan. Is Exotic Vulcan all it's cracked up to be? Or see Exotic Vulcan through sensible eyes. Are Exotic Vulcans all they're cracked up to be?)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[an unknown story in this issue?]: I especially was disturbed by the alternate universe in Alternaties where Spock, going into pon farr away from his wife, is melding with his wife while mating with his daughter's body. I have found little in K/S as unsettling as this idea. But I like the folks at Intergalactic Underground Press — nice people. [3]

[Transporter Revenge]: Extreme situations call for extreme measures, and that's what one gets in this wonderfully wiid and daring tale of sex, semen, and survival. I enjoyed the author's handling of this subject. The Mirror Universe Kirk and Spock must face their ultimate demise, but neither one will give up or allow the other to die. It was bitingly gritty, graphic, and wrenching to both of them. The story was also improbable and sensational, but for the story purposes it certainly was thrilling. What if Kirk and Spock faced certain death? The author answered this question in a thoroughly shocking way, which was at the same time mildly repugnant, strangely compelling, and greatly entertaining.[4]


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