'Noids n 'Droids

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Title: 'Noids n 'Droids
Publisher: Gweetna Press
Editor(s): Cathy Ford
Date(s): 1981-1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars, multi-media
Language: English
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a 1983 flyer printed in Imperium #1

'Noids n 'Droids is a gen Star Wars fanzine. It also contained Star Trek and original science fiction.

Issue 1

'Noids n 'Droids 1 was published in December 1981 and has 126 pages. Star Wars, Star Trek and original science fiction.

Issue 2

'Noids n 'Droids 2 was published in May 1982 and has 159 pages. Star Wars, Star Trek and original science fiction.

Issue 3

'Noids n 'Droids 3 was published in January 1983 and contains 142 pages.

Issue 4

'Noids n 'Droids 4 was published in May 1983 and has 141 pages. Star Wars, Star Trek, Blake's 7, and original science fiction.

"This issue of NND includes our new emphasis on SW and media fanfic."

  • The Long Lost Time by Jean Coleman, art by Tim Eldred (from the Crescenda Files, when Dar disappeared on Dheranl one rainy night, Han knew she was gone for good... or was she?) (Star Wars)
  • There Will Always Be an England, So Why are We Here? by Cayte Haast-Ford (a play is one of the classic forms of writing, but when it involves the Blake's 7 gang, anything can happen.)
  • Captains of the Fantastic by Tim Eldred (an original comic strip, for superhero fans everywhere)
  • other fiction, art and more by A.J. Zabes, Laura Bender, Ralph Roberts, Kiel Stuart, Jenny Bender and others

Issue 5

'Noids n 'Droids 5 was published in May 1984.