Towards a Star

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Title: Towards a Star
Publisher: Star Trek Mail Association Press
Editor(s): Lori Paige
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Towards a Star is a gen 83-page Star Trek: TOS digest-sized anthology of "philosophical ST fiction."


"Towards a Star' wants to offer fanzines something new. We are going to try to prove that 'mature' themes REALLY means thought-provoking, philosophical, and well-written stories WITHOUT sex, violence or K/S themes. The first issue will focus on the people of the Enterprise as HEROES rather than sexual objects. Contact with alien races, personal problems or insight, or purposeful and meaningful romances are all topics TAS will explore." [1]

Regarding a Story in This Zine: "The True Accord of Well Tuned Sounds"

From a personal statement in Datazine #28:
[The editor] accepted this story in May 1992, and thereafter I received a complete year of silence. After discovering [Towards a Star] was not advertised in the last two issues of Datazine, I decided to enlarge upon it and publish it myself. Thereupon, a sent a letter to Ms. Paige retracting my promise for the use of this story. I received a reply which in part, said 'I will not forfeit this story as it is going to be the main feature.' I have put too much work and love into this story to now ditch it by the wayside. No doubt her publication will hurt the sale of my zine, but my only hope is that those who purchased my two previous zines will be interested in reading the full and complete story.

Table of Contents


  1. ^ from a submission request in Datazine #19