The True Accord of Well Tuned Sounds

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Title: The True Accord of Well Tuned Sounds
Author(s): Rowena Warner
Cover Artist(s): Lois Rasmussen
Illustrator(s): Lois Rasmussen
Date(s): January 1984
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover, Lois Rasmussen
back cover, Lois Rasmussen

The True Accord of Well Tuned Sounds is a gen 77-page Star Trek: TOS novel by Rowena Warner.

From the Editorial

Hi! As publisher of this zine, I asked myself if I could have an editorial page and, being an amenable person, I readily agreed.

THE TRUE ACCORD OF WELL-TUNED SOUNDS is my third zine and I continue with this obsession due to the overwhelming response to my first two publications (it was overwhelming to me, anyway). I would like to take the opportunity here to thank everyone who has spent twenty cents on me. I have a 9 to 5 job and like many of you in Workland, I tend to complain sometimes. But when I come home and find a nice letter of comment, it turns an otherwise dreary day into a rainbow of happiness. My thanks to all who have added your own special colors to that rainbow. A few months ago, a review of my humor zine, ATYPICAL, appeared in DATAZINE. It was somewhat less than complimentary and had a disturbing effect on me, so disturbing that I determined to quit writing altogether. I suppose I had reached a point where I had convinced myself everyone would love everything I write. It was a sobering experience to discover it was not so. I was lucky, however, in having some very special people for friends, and after a lot of love, cajoling, and threats, I finally finished this story. So if you do not enjoy it, don't blame me — blame them!

I feel I must tell you that a shorter version of this story originally appeared in TOWARDS A STAR, after I had retracted my permission for its publication. I will make no other comment than that.

The Personal Statement in Datazine

From a personal statement by Rowena in Datazine #28 (Oct/Nov 1983):
[The editor] accepted this story in May 1992, and thereafter I received a complete year of silence. After discovering [Towards a Star] was not advertised in the last two issues of Datazine, I decided to enlarge upon it and publish it myself. Thereupon, a sent a letter to Ms. Paige retracting my promise for the use of this story. I received a reply which in part, said 'I will not forfeit this story as it is going to be the main feature.' I have put too much work and love into this story to now ditch it by the wayside. No doubt her publication will hurt the sale of my zine, but my only hope is that those who purchased my two previous zines will be interested in reading the full and complete story.


From Datazine #29: "A psychodrama dealing with the thoughts and relationship of Kirk and Spock when they find themselves marooned on an uninhabited planet with little hope of being rescued. This is not an adventure or a K/S story, but presents an insight into the characters and the discoveries they make, not only about each other, but about themselves."

A Typo

According to one fan, this zine has an interesting typo: "Talking about typos, did you catch the one in the ST zine that had Rowena Warner's "True Accord of Well-tuned Sounds?" (Which, by the way, was published against her wishes after she'd withdrawn permission!) A slight error. Seems somewhere in there, an 'r' was left out of 'shirt.' I think that was it. Now that's what I'd call an error! [1]

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  1. from a letter in Between Friends #6