Of Stranger Consequence

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Of Stranger Consequence
Author(s): Vivian Gates
Date(s): 1983
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Of Stranger Consequence is a Kirk/Spock story by Vivian Gates.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #3.


"Kirk is rescued just as he and his fellow kidnappee are having sex, but only Spock witnesses them."

Reactions and Reviews

Kirk and another man are rescued from an underground prison, Spock sees them when they're set free, evidently catching them in flagrante delicto, but we never get to see it, Spock becomes more and more disturbed, and eventually questions and confronts Kirk.

Kirk dismisses the incident as meaningless, explaining that the man is a "traveler". I took that to mean the guy fucks around, but it was not explained. Kirk also makes excuses, saying he was only trying to keep him calm". Don't you love it? What a great way to keep someone calm! (Okay) Okay! Kirk, I'm scared! Keep me calm!)

Seriously, the biggest problem is that Kirk and
 this guy had no food, liitle water, were "smeared in
 mud", and lay in the dark at the bottom of an irrigation
 chamber, not exactly making sex their number one
 priority. I don't know, sex wouldn't be foremost on my 
mind, but then again, it is Kirk...

But the really excellent pan of the story is Spock's dilemma as he deals with Kirk's indiscretion. Including an exciting scene of Spock reacting to being told that the man that Kirk had sex with, was a stranger. "'You gave yourself to a stranger, Jim Kirk." The words poured out swiftly, slurred and rough with pain. 'A Human... stranger." With blazing, feral eyes he transfixed Kirk. 'You give yourself so lightly. To so many women, and now, men. But never me."

I loved Spock's desperate angst as he accuses Kirk: "Never...to the one who wanted you most. Never to the ...alien." This was fabulous.

"Almost non - existent ass", and Kirk's instructions during sex: "Over you go, Spock." Or, that seemingly ever-present, pesky peccadillo - Kirk giggling. But...nice, sweet ending. [1]
Kirk and a civilian delegate had been kidnaped from a conference; when Spock rescues them, he sees them in a compromising position.

In Sickbay, Kirk is wearing "jammies" by the way. I have to say this sounds quite funny to us here, like it goes with "night-night" and "coochie-coo." Maybe our saying "PJ's" sounds as funny to our Brits as their saying "jammies" sounds to us. But I wouldn't call them PJ's anyway, I would call them pajamas.

Spock doesnt understand how Kirk could do this (his having sex with that man, not his wearing jammies). So Kirk tries to explain his sexual history, etc., but it all just gets worse. Spock hates it, resents being forced to hear about Kirk's lovers. Kirk's trying to explain how an encounter like that might happen, plus tell Spock that he was thinking of him down there, but Spock can't hear it; he's upset, does not want to hear about that man.

I loved when Spock gets up to go but Kirk physically stops him. And I loved this—an aspect of the K/S dynamic I hadn't thought of. Here's what's bothering Spock, his painful realization (misinterpretation): He is hurt that Kirk would have sex with a stranger but not with him. But more, as he says: I had thought you wouldn't give yourself to me because I'm male. Now I see it must be because I'm alien. Oh the pain. He kisses Kirk angrily and starts to leave. Really a great scene. Almost a physical fight, to prevent Spock from leaving; a showdown. Finally they understand each other, and make love—Kirk leading, Spock inexperienced. Very nice.... [2]
An unusual first time story. While attending a conference, Kirk, along with another human, is kidnapped. It takes the rescuers thirty-six hours to find the two men, and Spock, who is one of the first to enter their prison, sees something he does not like.

Back on board the Enterprise, Kirkrealises that the Vulcan is not his usual self. But it takes him some time to force Spock into talking about his problem. In fact, Kirk gets a little more than he bargains for when he manages to get Spock to display his anger and jealousy—and I'll leave you to guess what happens next! I have a couple of niggles about this story. For example the characterisation of Spock is not quite one I can recognise or feel totally comfortable with, and I would have liked the story to be longer.

On the other hand I like the pun in the title and I like Vivian Gates' style of writing. [3]


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