Chris (Star Trek: TOS newsletter)

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Title: Chris
Editor(s): Beth Carlson
Date(s): 1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Chris is a Christine Chapel and Christine/Spock newsletter edited by Beth Carlson. It contains fiction, lists zines with Spock/Christine stories, and "lists editors who print realistic characterizations of Christine Chapel." Each issue is 7-10 pages. Includes reviews and a "trade column." There were at least two issues.

About Copying

Some of the readers of 'Chris' (a newsletter for Chapel-Christine/Spock fans) will be tying to get out-of-print C-C/S stories to one another by way of the information in my newsletter. The information column I run each month will have names of those wishing to exchange materials. It will also run the strong suggestion that they track down and contact the authors/editors for permission before xeroxing anything and that no money change hands beyond the cost of copy, postage, etc. Most of the authors I know would not mind this, however, if you have written C-C/S materials that you do not wish to be copied at cost... please let me know. I will then list specific authors who do not wish their materials copied. Of course, I can not assure that my suggestion will be heeded. That, must remain up to the personal integrity of the fan. [1]

Issue 1

Chris 1 was published in 1982 and contains 8 pages.

From the editorial:

This newsletter was created because I got tired of trying to hunt down Chapel-Christine/Spock writings and fans, and got tired of submitting things to editors just to find out that they were of the 'Chapel stinks' club.

Slowly, and because it was the law of averages and consequence, I ran into some of you and your works. Along the way, I was also scribbling out my "masterpieces' and submitting them with a varying degree of success and failure. Hopefully, this newsletter will help to alleviate that problem both for older fans and for those 'baby-neos' who come along--as they must. I am not a big believer that Trek fandom is dwindling. Perhaps in numbers of mediocre 'Trekkies'—but not in the earnestness of true Trekfen that produce in one way or another and are active.

This is not be any mean going to be a 'class act'. You're going to see typos and evidences of my lack of skill at this all over the place, but I refuse to spend a lot of time away from my own writing just to make this pretty, when the basic idea is to get information across. That, I will try to do well and at least legibly.

The newsletter lists "editors responsible to print healthy Chris characterizations":

  • Johanna Cantor -- "Johanna is fond of Chris but not fanatical"
  • Caro Hedge/Sue Crites -- "Caro is one of us, folks"
  • Mary Ann Drach/Kathleen Lynch -- "Neither Mary Ann nor Kathy are fond of C/S as a rule, but have been known to print one when the mood hits and the story is right. The are very good in accepting responsible characterizations of Chris, though."
  • Laurie Huff -- "Laurie puts out the excellent Galactic Discourse. That I know, she has never printed a C/S. She does, however, accept things (mainly dealing with 'the big three') with good Christine in them. Laurie is a very discriminating ed. Submit only your best with substantial plot, characterizations, and drama. Ask for her remarks if she turns you down. You won't regret it."

Newsletter Contents:

Issue 2

Chris 2 was published in 1982.


  1. ^ from Datazine #20 (1982)
  2. ^ My copy cuts the text off and full title is unknown. Summary of the story in this zine: ""Selling Out" by Beth Carlson...assuming there had been a K/S-gay bond between Kirk and Spock, Kirk was killed three years ago. Can Spock live the rest of his life alone? If he decides he needs companionship and sharing, will he turn to Christine? And will she accept him? What kind of relationship would it be? No K/S sex. [four stars out of four stars], Strong Chris, due out late summer '82."