A Bridge of Crystal and Light

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: A Bridge of Crystal and Light
Author(s): Juanita Salicrup
Date(s): 1978
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A Bridge of Crystal and Light is a Star Trek: TOS story by Juanita Salicrup.

title page, art by Gerry Downes

It was published in Stardate: Unknown #4 and is online.

The Crossroads Series

At one point, a zine called "Crossroads" was to have been published that would have contained all of Juanita Salicrup's Spock/Christine stories. See: Stardate: Unknown #6.

The Series:

  • Crossroads (in Stardate: Unknown #2, 1976)
  • A Grief Well Ended (in Stardate: Unknown #3, 1977)
  • A Bridge of Crystal and Light (in Stardate: Unknown #4, 1978)
  • never printed, "Fire in the Mind" was to have been the fourth story in the series and was to have been in the zine The Farthest Star (1981) [1]
  • Gift of the Masters of Time (in Dagger of the Mind, 1980, ""Gift of the Masters of Time" is not a 'series' story per se. However, Juanita's Spock and Christine series, Crossroads, offers further insight into the Vulcan's character and interactions in a very real world." [2])

Reactions and Reviews

Then, a third story in the Spock/Christine series entitled 'A Bridge of Crystal and Light.' It deals with the depth of the love between Spock and Christine. The story is very well-written and the illos by Alice Jones (sigh) just beautiful.[3]
The longest story in the zine is Juanita Salicrup's "A Bridge of Crystal and Light", the third installment in her Crossroads series. At least, that's what it's supposed to be--it gave me a severe case of deja lu.[4] The plot is lifted wholesale from Downes' own "Nebula of Orion" (S:U I), only this time the possessee is Spock, and it is Christine's strength and love which save him. The writer's intense admiration of the Vulcan Marvel is made painfully apparent by the author-omniscient viewpoint, the prose is purpuric, the characterization, weak. Worst by far is the disembodied Lybythosian, who retains nothing of Orion's pathos or maimed grandeur. The entity is merely another of the power-mad aliens so distressingly common in our galaxy, afflicted witt the unfortunate exclamatory speech habits typical of the breed. If Salicrup weren't a damned fine writer, none of this would matter; but she is, and it does. Juanita owes her readers--and herself--something better.[5]


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