A Grief Well Ended

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: A Grief Well Ended
Author(s): Juanita Salicrup
Date(s): 1977
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A Grief Well Ended is a gen Star Trek: TOS story by Juanita Salicrup.

title page in Stardate: Unknown #3, artist is Gerry Downes
sample page for "A Grief Well Ended" from Stardate: Unknown #3, artist is Gerry Downes

It was published in Stardate: Unknown #3.

The Crossroads Series

At one point, a zine called "Crossroads" was to have been published that would have contained all of Juanita Salicrup's Spock/Christine stories. See: Stardate: Unknown #6.

The Series:

  • Gift of the Masters of Time (in Dagger of the Mind, 1980, ""Gift of the Masters of Time" is not a 'series' story per se. However, Juanita's Spock and Christine series, Crossroads, offers further insight into the Vulcan's character and interactions in a very real world." [2])

Reactions and Reviews

Consummation of the Spock/Chapel bonding. Okay read, but a bit predictable and bland in comparison to the first installment.[3]
"A Grief Well Ended,"" by Juanita Salicrup is a continuation of the story that Juanita stated in' S:U #2's called Crossroads. Crossroads, it is explained in front of the zine, is series of stories about Spock & Christine, which makes, this story a bit easier to understand because it is only a vignette that basically covers the bonding of Spock 'and Chapel which is a kind of marriage between them. The actual ceremony, we are led to believe, will be in a later story. No plotting here, no real story, just a lot of character study and personal thoughts and emotions put down in words. It's not at all badly portrayed but it does lose out a little because it reads like a single chapter out of story which makes it feel slightly disjointed.[4]
"A Grief Well Ended", by Jaunita Salicrup, art by Gerry, is a continuation of Juanita's "Crossroads" from SU 2, her Spock/Christine series. Well-done and enjoyable reading, Juanita offers one of fandom's most platable and likeable characterizations of the much-maligned Christine Chapel. [5]
"A Grief Well Ended" is Juanita Salicrup's second Crossroads story, a well-written piece that defines the essentials of the Spock/Christine relationship and not incidentally forces Spock to act on his resolves in the previous installment.[6]


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