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Name: Beverly Sutherland
Alias(es): Mary Ann Drach
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek, Kiefer/Lou, Remington Steele, etc.
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Beverly Sutherland, also known as Mary Ann Drach, was a fan writer who was active in several fandoms in the '80s and '90s.

Sutherland's Kirk/Spock story "Resting Place", which appeared in Another K/S Zine in 1982, won her a 1983 TrekStar Award. Her novel Broken Images won the 1987 Surak Award for "Federation Class of Excellence" in the Age Statement class.

An interview with Sutherland appears in Not Tonight Spock! in 1984. See Not Tonight, Spock! Interview with Beverly Sutherland.

She was one of The Gang of Six. See The Gang of Six and "Courts of Honor".

She passed in July 2014. Her obituary can be found here.[1]


In 2017, Barbara Storey said:

She was just an excellent writer. We were just so taken by her skill and her artistry as a writer. She started writing this story, and she didn’t want to publish it herself. She did a small zine herself, but it was strictly G or PG, so she didn’t want to publish it herself because her readership was not interested in that kind of thing. We said, basically, “We would love to publish it for you,” she was, like, “okay, great!” So she did it under a pseudonym, Beverly Sutherland, again to sort of protect her other side of involvement in fandom. She was really, I think, before that, she was a big McCoy fan, and in her zine, she did a lot of PG and G stories, and she just wanted to separate those two sides of her fannish activity. [2]



Her shorter works have appeared in Another K/S Zine (1982), Nome (1979-1991), Maine(ly) Trek (1979-1986).

Meta & Non-Fiction

Sutherland wrote several articles for Stylus (1980-1982), including "Some Mechanics of Editing" and "So You Want to Publish a Fanzine".

As an Editor


"I got the news today that an old and dear friend, Mary Ann Drach, passed away this morning. Anyone who was there in the early days of Star Trek and fan fiction will remember her for her brilliant writing - Broken Images stands tall in most people's memories - and anyone who knew her will remember her passion for not only writing, but music and life. She was an amazing, unique woman, and I grieve not only for her, but for the fact that our paths in life went in different directions for the last several years, and I had not actually been in her presence for too long. Nonetheless, I loved her, she was amazing, and I miss her very much. Be at peace, Mia."[3]

"“I recently did a proof read of Broken Images, as Kathy knows, and was re-impressed with it all over again. It gave me such a shot of nostalgia to read it after so many years. It is one of the many early K/S zines I read way back when in the Dark Ages that encouraged my own writing. I will always be grateful to Mary Ann for her wonderful contribution to fandom. She will be missed.”[4]

"“Beverly Sutherland was a wonderful writer whose stories still captivate. All my thoughts and sympathies are with everyone who knew and loved her. She was one of the people who set such a high bar for Trek fanfiction, especially in K/S. I am deeply grateful for her work and saddened by her passing. Time to tuck myself into the zine library and re-read Broken Images while contemplating the enormous gifts she brought to our fandom.”[5]

"One fan who dies is a loss to all fandom. Yet, her works remains and makes her immortal, in a way."[6]

"Thank you for letting us know. Such sad news. A wonderful editor and writer. The Mainely Trek zines were the first zines that I dared to send to the States for when I first found fandom and K/S in the 1980s. And then the beautiful Nome zines! I waited with such feelings of anticipation, having converted my pounds to dollars, stuffed them in the envelope... And the zines never disappointed. I still read them, would not part with them. RIP Beverley."[7]


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