Steele September

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Title: Steele September
Publisher: Mary Ann Drach
Author(s): Mary Ann Drach
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2004
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Remington Steele
Language: English
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Steele September is a het Remington Steele 110-page novel by Mary Ann Drach. It is part of a trilogy.



From the publisher's flyer:

Author's Note: "I wrote STEELE SEPTEMBER very much out of order because I had to find a way to express my grief about September 11. It's not a detective story, nor an adventure. It's how the family I've created for Laura and Steele over the years (based, I hope, in the series with a number of added characters and settings) reacts to the events of that terrible day -- what their losses are, their worries, and how they cope. If you've read RING OF STEELE and STEELE SQUARED, then you shouldn't be lost at the beginning of this novella. If not, I've tried to describe everyone and the places in which I've set them in sufficient detail to keep from losing you, even with intervening stories missing. This story has been a catharsis for me to write. I hope it will move my readers as well." [1]