Sonnets and Roses

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Title: Sonnets and Roses
Editor(s): Madalene Mumford
Date(s): November 1989
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover by Bev Chick
Sonnets and Roses is a het anthology of Beauty and the Beast fiction by Madalene Mumford, JoAnn Sides, Leatha A. Belts, Nancy Gervais, Gloria DeLeon, Karen Emerson, Sheila Paulson, Frankie, Claudia Bertrand, Sue-Anne Hartwick, Elizabeth Hillman, Rose, Patricia Wyver, Barbara Gipson, and Gin Turpin. Art by Bev Chick, M. Mumford, Caro Hedge, Gin Turpin, Vickey Kime-Macky, and Gamin Davis.
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Submission Request

From summer of 1988:
Submissions of poetry & vignettes being accepted, but particular need is for medium to longer length fiction. Also needed is art for fiction. Type & double space manuscripts. Send only copies of art, no larger than 8x12. Include appropriately sized SASE for return of work or acknowledgment of acceptance.


This zine is a collection of Classic poetry and short stories. Vincent and Catherine marry in 'Wedding.' Elliot appears. Readers should note in one story, set early in the Catherine and Vincent relationship, Catherine finds herself momentarily attracted to another man. [1]


  • After Meeting Catherine, a sonnet by JoAnn Sides (3)
  • Foundling by Leatha A. Betts (4)
  • Because You Are by Judith Eudaly (7)
  • A Dark World Made Bright by Nancy Gervais )8)
  • A Skip Rope Chant by Gloria DeLeon )9)
  • And the Blind Shall Lead by Karen Emerson, art by Gamin Davis (10)
  • Untitled Poem by Leatha A. Betts (21)
  • Always and Forever by JoAnn Sides (22)
  • That Dreams May Live by Sheila Paulson (25)
  • Word Search by Frankie (29)
  • Vincent by Nancy Gervais (31)
  • A Rose By Any Other Name by Claudia Bertrand, art by Bev Chick (33)
  • Discoveries by Sue-Anne Hartwick (62)
  • Facets by Sue-Anne Hartwick (63)
  • Bonds by Elizabeth Hillman (69)
  • Wedding by Rose (71)
  • Impediment, a sonnet by Gloria DeLeon (86)
  • Conviction by Patricia Wyver (87)
  • Gift Giver by Barbara Gipson (89)
  • Opposites by Elizabeth Hillman (91)
  • The Marriage of Two Minds by Gloria DeLeon (92)
  • Kindred by Gin Turpin (94)
  • Word Search Solution (115)
  • This and That (116)
  • art by Bev Chick (front cover), Gin Turpin, Caro Hedge, Vickey Kime-Macky, and Gamin Davis

Reactions and Reviews

Mixed bag of stories. Some are quite good. At this price, you may want to take a try and sample. [2]



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