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Discord server
NameWinterbaron Discord (18+)
Fandom(s)The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
ScopeBucky Barnes/Helmut Zemo
AccessPrivate Invitation
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Winterbaron Discord (18+) is a community on Discord that was founded in the year 2021. The discord sever focus on the ship between Bucky Barnes/Helmut Zemo from Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the place of origin and growing ground of various fannish tropes, events, and theories centered around the character Helmut Zemo.

The fans in this community have contributed to substantial amount of fanworks that the community earned its own common tag on AO3. However, it's also worth noting that many fanworks from this community do not carry the specific AO3 tag.


WinterBaron (18+) Discord server is restricted to over 18 and requires an age statement and moderator approval to see the entire channels. As of November 2023, the server has over than 400 members.

Welcome [USER ID]! Please check out Slutkovia's #⁠rules-roles and introduce yourself in ⁠#introductions. You must state that you are over 18 to see the rest of the channels. If you want a gender pronoun or creator role, look at the pinned posts in ⁠#rules-roles 🙂 We hope you enjoy your stay. 😉😈

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Mentions of the Server

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  • ConradTwigs (Twitter): "You just can't! Winterbaron got me invested in a ship like no other! I check the tag religiously at this point. ( Also all praise the winterbaron discord! )"[1]
  • Bagheera (AO3): "Thank you to the WinterBaron discord and particularly Agathe and Bride - the lines about the Moscow McDonald's were inspired by them." [2]
  • Shipping Wiki (Fandom Wiki): "WinterBaron Discord (18+) was created as a medium for fans to discuss the ship."[3]
  • Thorny (AO3): "That's it, that's the fic. Inspired (Nightmare-fueled) by the WinterBaron discord, you fuckers know who you are."[4]
  • Jondiplier (AO3): "thanks to the winterbaron discord server and my lovely friend I got plenty of inspiration and motivation to, slowly, crank this fic out!"[5]
  • PidaoSpy (Twitter): "WE DID IT!❇❇🎊🎊 +1000 #winterbaron Works at ao3!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY THE WINTERBARON DISCORD!!"[6]
  • Tsimmes (AO3): "Just a bit of tooth-rotting Hanukkah fluff inspired by the Winterbaron discord!"[7]


  • Sholio (Tumblr): "This is also influenced by some conversations about de-aged Zemo’s general personality on the Winterbaron discord."[8]
  • PannyPunkPanda (Twitter): "Otter!Zemo~ Idea came from the WinterBaron discord server" [9]
  • Sholio (AO3): "This was inspired by a discussion on the Winterbaron discord about Zemo being drugged into compliance on the Raft"[10]
  • Sholio (Tumblr): "It [Wingterbaron] is sort of a thing! 😆 I believe it was coined on the Winterbaron discord for that ship [Sam/Bucky/Zemo], and I’ve started tagging with it because I think it’s cute! I’ve seen some other people doing it too."[11]
  • Thorny (AO3): "Inspired by several WinterBaron discord thoughts and prompts smashed into one long fic."[12]
  • mcbiteypantspresents (Tumblr): "THANKS AS ALWAYS TO THE WINTERBARON DISCORD! You all offered excellent suggestions for Teen Zemo's life"[13]


  • EmptyMidnight (Tumblr): "Some bloody Zemo inspired by Daniel’s Oscars outfit and discussions on the Winterbaron Discord 🗡️"[14]
  • 5ummit (Tumblr): "shout out to the winterbaron server for introducing me to some of my favorite people I've ever met # it's still very chill over there even 2.5 years later with 400+ members"[15]
  • KiwiUnocorn (Twitter): "I was thinking about that talk from discord for too much #winterbaron nation that's ur fault guys [...] Bc Bucky chaining Zeems to the bed by ankle is my everything now 😌✨❤️"[16]
  • SageGarnish (Twitter): "It [Drider] was a big trend in winterbaron fandom for a short period. i'm not sure quite how it started, I think just ppl all playing off and building on concepts together in the discord?"[17]
  • baeseju (Twitter): "can we talk abt the impact of winterbaron discord on zemo fannish history and culture. yall let's be real."[18]





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