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Name: Daniel César Martín Brühl González
Also Known As: Daniel Brühl
Occupation: Actor, filmmaker, writer, voice actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist
Medium: Cinema and Television,
Works: Inglourious Basterds, Rush, Burnt, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Official Website(s): Daniel Brühl
Fan Website(s): *Daniel Brühl daily LJ Fan Community
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Daniel Brühl (born Daniel César Martín Brühl González) is a Spanish-German (Brazilian) actor and filmmaker. Fluent in different languages ​​which he learned since childhood due to the origins of his parents (Brazilian-German father and Spanish mother), Brühl speaks English, Spanish, German, Catalan, and French. His most popular fannish roles are Helmut Zemo in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Alexander Kerner in Good Bye, Lenin!, Niki Lauda in Rush and Laszlo Kreizler in The Alienist.


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Daniel Brühl has always been a household name in Europe and he gained even wider international fandom through his portrayal of Helmut Zemo after the release of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The fans of Daniel Brühl call themselves "Brühlnation" and they titled the characters Brühl played as "Brühlies". Most of the Brühlnation are chill individuals who respect his private life and collectively adore his wife, although there is one notable internet stalker based on Instagram who had been leaking Brühl's private life and spreading rumors about him.[1] Fans who have met Brühl in person described him as nice,[2] friendly, sweet, and happy person.[3]

Some of Brühl's filmography are in Spanish and German and they are rather obscure; still the members of the fandom managed to arrange several watching parties, sometimes even without the subtitles. Brühlnation community actively created fanworks such as RPF and fanarts of him. The fanworks include Brühl's different charaters - Brühlies - interacting with each other.

Daniel Brühl is shipped with Chris Hemsworth due to their chemistry in Rush (2013) Movie project and many are wishing for their reunion in Marvel Cinematic Universe as Helmut Zemo and Thor Odinson.[4] Most Brühlnation, including Winterbaron (pairing between Helmut Zemo and Bucky Barnes; Brühl's character biggest pairing) Shippers, agree not to bother Brühl with shipping content and questions. Yet so far Brühl has not shown negative response toward shipping, and there was one instance where he autographed a tote bag with Winterbaron fanart on it.[5]

Misconception Amongst Fans

There is a widespread misinformation that Brühl has "Domingo" in his birth name (i.e Daniel César Martín Brühl González Domingo). This misinformation has been debunked by Brühl himself[6] and a trailer for El Siglo de Oro: Die Ära Velázquez exhibition which shows Brühl wearing his name tag without "Domingo" on it.[7]

A fan from Winterbaron community managed to fix his name on legitimate databases like IMDB and Wikipedia,[8] but the misconception remains among many other fans to this day. Brühl had stated in an interview that he had to get used to the fact that his name would always be wrong on the Internet.[6]

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