Set Fire to the Rain

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Title: Set Fire to the Rain
Creator: talitha78
Date: 18 May 2011
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:20 min
Music: Set Fire to the Rain by Adele
Genre: slash
Fandom: Thor
URL: Set Fire to the Rain (LiveJournal)
Set Fire to the Rain (YouTube (remastered version))
Set Fire to the Rain (Viddler) (offline)
Set Fire to the Rain.png

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Set Fire to the Rain is a Thor/Loki vid by talitha78. It is propably the first Thor/Loki vid and it successfully worked as a pimping vid.

Summary: Thor sets fire to the rain. TEEHEE *scampers away*

The YouTube version of the vid is geoblocked in Germany.

The vid has been remastered by isagel.[1]


  • "Holy shit, that was some fast vidding, I can't believe there's a Thor vid already on my flist. And after watching it now I wish I had gone to see the movie a second time, because damn, does it look pretty."[2]
  • "You are the master of the slash vid. The world needs you! I loved the use of slow mo in this especially. Simultaneously Very Dramatic and Slightly Hilarious. I love that you are 100% earnest but seem to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. That's fandom in a nutshell to me. PS: I haven't seen Thor, but you've convinced me."[3]
From the notes of the remastered version:
The very darling and amazing talitha78 made this vid from the first available cam version of Thor practically as soon as the movie was out, and I think of it as the great Thor/Loki ship manifesto. But sadly the quality of the footage did no justice to either the shiny sparkliness that is Thor and Loki expressing their true love fighting to the death or talitha78's vidding genius. So I offered to remaster it with pretty high quality footage when the DVD came out, and talitha78 very graciously let me have a go at it. This is how it turned out.
When I look at this, I go "OMG, I can haz ALL THE COLOURS! *clings*" and "Subtle facial expressions! I can see them!" and "How are Thor's eyes SO BLUE?" and I hope that other fans of this vid will enjoy those added aspects, too. But more than that, I feel like I've learnt so much about vidding from getting to do this kind of frame-by-frame study of a great vidder's work, and especially that I've come away with new perspectives on clip length and motion. And I have even greater respect for talitha78 than before, having now discovered all the things in the high quality footage that she somehow saw and knew how to use already when it was washed-out and blurry. (And then I have to be a little sadface about the flickers of light she placed on the beat that it now turns out were only artefacts in the cam footage and not features of the actual movie. Ah well.)
I've immensely enjoyed this chance to make a beautiful thing that I love even more beautiful.[1]


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