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Name: Isagel
Alias(es): User:Isagel on Fanlore
Type: fan writer, vidder
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Heroes, Smallville, House, M.D., The X-Files, Pirates of the Caribbean, Prison Break, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Lord of the Rings, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Due South, Highlander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Star Wars, The West Wing, and more
URL: drops of moonlight - fan fiction by isagel (defunct)
isagel at LiveJournal
isagel at Dreamwidth
Isagel at Archive of Our Own
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Isagel is a prolific fanfiction author and vidder in a variety of fandoms. Her stories were archived at her personal website, Drops of Moonlight, from 2006 until around 2013.[1]

Isagel is a frequent attendee of VidUKon.

Blanket Permission Statement

Isagel states on her Archive of Our Own profile as of 2017:

If you should wish to podfic or make any kind of fanart for one of my stories, I would be honoured. You don't have to ask my permission, but I do want you to give me credit for my text, and I would absolutely love to know about your work and where to find it when you post it. Just knowing that you enjoyed my story enough to want to play with it is guaranteed to make me happy.[2]

She also gave blanket permission to podfic on greedy_dancer's 2012 search for Podfic-friendly Avengers Authors.

Notable Fanworks




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