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Name: Sigyn
Occupation: Asgardian
Title/Rank: Goddess of Fidelity
Status: Alive
Relationships: Loki (husband);
Narvi and Váli (children);
Laufey & Farbauti (parents-in-law);
Odin & Frigga (foster parents-in-law);
Thor Odinson (foster brother-in-law)
Fandom: Thor, Marvel Comics
Other: Sigyn at Wikipedia, Sigyn @
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Sigyn is a character from the Marvel Comics series Thor based off the Norse Mythology goddess of the same name.


Sigyn first appeared in Thor #275 (September 1978). Sigyn possesses the superhuman abilities shared by all the Gods of Asgard, however she also has Mystical abilities.

She is well known to being the wife of Loki, and being extremely loyal to him.


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A popular pairing for Sigyn for all universes is Sigyn/Loki due to her being canonically his wife as well as her loyalty to him. She is also sometimes shipped with Theoric, who she had been engaged to marry before Loki had destroyed and tricked her into marrying him.

Although she doesn't appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans before Thor 2 was released had hoped that she would be in film. It was fairly common to find fanworks and fancasts on Tumblr for Sigyn before and even after film was released. Many fans hope that she'll appear in the third film.

On the week of August 3rd to 9th 2014, a Sigyn Appreciation Week was held on Tumblr [1].

Fanworks, such as fanart, manips, and fancasts (often shown in gifs and/or picspams), often portray Sigyn's blonde hair (canon in the comics), however she is sometimes portrayed with darker hair such as black. She has also been portrayed with red or light orangish color.

In many of the fancasts for Sigyn, Sigyn is portrayed by Katie McGrath or Natalie Dormer.


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