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Name: Roar
Creator: Shaun Cassidy and Ron Koslow
Date(s): July 14 – September 1, 1997
Medium: live-action TV series
Country of Origin: United States
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Roar's DVD cover featuring Heath Ledger as Conor.
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Roar is an American fantasy action/adventure television series starring Heath Ledger as the main character. It aired on Fox.


Roar chronicles the life of Conor, a 20-year-old orphaned prince who must rise above tragedy to lead his people to freedom. Conor takes on a band of ragtag allies that include:

  • Tully, a teenage apprentice magician
  • Catlin, a beautiful former slave
  • Fergus, Conor's big-hearted, ebullient protector.

Their primary struggle is against Longinus, a supernatural creature whose true essence is that of a 400-year-old Roman centurion ready to do the bidding of evil Queen Diana, who is an emissary of the Romans. In this fight for freedom, what is most important for Conor and his people is the Roar – the roar of the land, the roar of the people – a voice that echoes through every living creature and is the power of life.

Two books were written based on the Roar universe, both published in 1998.


The Roar fandom is fairly small, but still fairly active with works being posted to Archive of Our Own and[1]. Many of the fansites/fic archives from the late 90s & early 00s were recovered by Oocities, others - not so lucky. Fanfiction also appeared on fans personal fanfic archives.

For many US fans, this was the first introduction to Heath Ledger (the other of course being 10 Things I Hate About You).


Gen and het works seem to be the most common, with most popular pairing being Caitlin/Conor.


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  1. As of March 5, 2016: 2013 was the last year that a fic was posted to FFN and 2012 to AO3