Run (Roar vid)

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Title: Connor and Catlin: Run
Creator: greenleo111
Date: July 28, 2007
Format: digital vid
Length: 9:15
Music: Run by Snow Patrol
Genre: Catlin/Connor pairing
Fandom: Roar
Footage: Roar
URL: Run (YouTube)
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Run is a Connor/Catlin shipping vid by greenleo111.

Vidder's Notes

Roar was one of my favorite shows ever. It was cancelled way too soon. However, the fans were lucky to get 13 episodes.
The BEST couple on the show were Connor, the young leader, and Catlin, the ex-slave. Their love was real and pure. Both characters were brilliantly portrayed by Heath Ledger and Vera Farmiga. You saw Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain/Casanova/A Knight's Tale/etc...You saw Vera Farmiga in The Departed/Touching Evil/etc..

Comments & Reactions

As of March 6, 2016: the vid has over 35,790 views with 93 likes and 3 dislikes.

"Such a lovely video. You did such a good job. This show and this couple was the best ever. Thank you so much! :D"[1]
"finding this again: it still touches me so deeply. so sad to have lost this talent from our world. beautiful editing and inspired choice of music, thank you."[2]
"YAY! Conor/Catlin! I was a huge fan back in 1997, when this show originally aired, and Conor/Catlin were one of my first TV ships. Thank you so so so so very much for making this gorgeous video. I just got the DVD set, so now I can finally see the last 5 episodes!"[3]
"Thanks for this video, it is awesome! I was always such a HUGE Conor/Catlin shipper, it was the main reason I watched this show. It always made me so angry that one episode he was telling Catlin he loved her, and in the next he was flirting with Molly! Seriously, I remember yelling at the TV over this, haha. Conor and Catlin were clearly mean to be!!!"[4]


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