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Name: Helen Patrick
Alias(es): Julia Stamford
Type: writing, publishing
Fandoms: Blake's 7
Communities: Space City, Freedom City
URL: Helen Patrick Zines: Home, Archived version
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Helen Patrick is a prolific fan author and zine publisher active in the Blake's 7 fandom since the late 1990s. She is well known on the Space City and Freedom City mailing lists.

As of 2011, she remains a fan but no longer writes and publishes; as she puts it: I spent a good many years writing Blake's 7 fanfic, and editing a dead tree zine. I don't do either any more, because these days I'm writing original character fic and getting money for it...[1]


Helen Patrick is known for her fluffy m/m slash stories, usually featuring the Blake/Avon pairing. She occasionally co-writes with Predatrix. She describes her writing (under this and another pseudonym): it's mostly explicit m/m, and may include violence, BDSM, non-consensual sex, and het in the slash stories.[2] Her stories often come over as light-hearted PWP on the surface, but are anchored by the author's deep understanding of the characters and their relationships. As Hafren puts it, in a review of "Ugandan Affairs", Not quite a PWP, because what stays in the mind as much as Avon's kink about performing in public places is his unexpected but believable loyalty to Blake when it matters.[3]

Most of her stories first appeared on the Space City/Freedom City mailing lists and were later print published in the Tales from Space City zines. Other zines with her works include Diverse Doings 3, Fire and Ice series, Forbidden Star Three and No Holds Barred 26. Some of her stories are now archived online at Archive of Our Own and the Hermit Library, as well as at her personal site where a partial list of her published fanfiction, Archived version can be found.


She is the editor and publisher of the following zines, all now out of print:


The first issue of The Endless Farce won a 1999 STIFfie Award for Best Blake's 7 Novel.[4] Tales from Space City 5 won a 2004 Fan Q Award in the Blake's 7 Slash Zine category.[5]


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