Dante (Sentinel and Original Slash zine)

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Title: Dante
Publisher: AngelWings Press
Author(s): Bast
Cover Artist(s): K9
Illustrator(s): K9
Date(s): 2001-
Medium: online, then later in print zine
Fandom: The Sentinel/Original Fiction
Language: English
External Links:
cover of first volume, K9
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Dante is a AU slash crossover series by Bast.

The content descriptions below are from Lionheart Distribution.

Issue 1

Dante 1 was published in February 2001 and is 206 pages. Art by K9. Dante/Skip mixed with a little bit of Sentinel ~ Jim/Blair Simon/Kix. "Torn between his love for two men and a past which he dares not reveal, follow Blair Sandburg and Jim Ellison's adopted son, Dante McClean, as he struggles to find his place in the future. There is sex with a minor and self abuse in this zine, handled with regard to consequences."

Issue 2

cover issue #2

Dante 2 was published in November 2001 and is 212 pages. Color cover and interior art by K9. "Dante McClean learns something about his lover, Skip Thomas, that he never imagined possible. Rewritten from the net version, contains sex with a minor and self-abuse, with consequences. A little TS, too."

Issue 3

cover issue #3

Dante 3 is 226 pages. Color cover and interior b&w by K9. "Startling revelations come to light in this volume... contains sex with a minor and self-abuse, with consequences and continuing character growth."

Issue 4

cover issue #4

Dante 4 is 230 pages. Color cover and b&w interior art by K9. "Dante becomes truly Skip’s, Skip gains forgiveness. The one thing Skip feared most comes to fruition five years after his marriage to his beloved Dante, but perhaps, it’s not as bad as he’d feared."