Bedroom Eyes

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Title: Bedroom Eyes
Publisher: Devious Developments Press & Secret Pleasures Press
Date(s): 2002-2003
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Bedroom Eyes is a slash multifandom anthology.

Issue 1

cover by Geli, features Jack/Daniel from Stargate SG-1
issue #1, No Frills Edition

Bedroom Eyes 1 was published in 2002, is 292 pages long, and is digest sized. Color cover & interior art by Geli, 11 photomanips by Shar. Highlander illo by Deejay.

Issue 2

Bedroom Eyes 2 subtitled: "A Second Night". It was published in 2003 and contains 222 digest sized pages with spiral binding. Colour cover and interior art by Angelise.

A proposed zine called "Just the Sex, Ma'am" never materialized, but its content was published in this issue.[1]

  • Illya’s Lament (UNCLE) poems by Albatross (3 pages)
  • Sex On The Beach by Khylara (CSI MIAMI) (8 pages)
  • Be Care What You Wish For by Darby Brennan (PROFESSIONALS) (20 pages) (also in Collected Professionals)
  • Te Olvido by Lasha (FOREVER KNIGHT) (15 pages)
  • All I Have Is All I Need by Bast (SENTINEL) (4 pages)
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words by Donita Vonette (DUE SOUTH) (8 pages)
  • 98K514 by Garnet (OZ) (38 pages)
  • Sun Ripe and Golden by Bast and Sekhmet (COMPANY BUSINESS) (10 pages)
  • An Eyewitness by Angelise (CSI (10 pages)
  • Talk Is Cheap by Patt (SENTINEL) (6 pages)
  • Long Hard Day by J.M. Griffin (WEST WING) (4 pages)
  • Everything In Time by Ravenschild (AU PSI FACTOR) (64 pages)
  • I Can See You by Angelise (SENTINEL) (8 pages)
  • Roller Coaster by Khylara (CSI) (8 pages)
  • Heat Of The Night by Shorts (PROFESSIONALS) (10 pages)
  • Napoleon’s Revel by Albatross (UNCLE) (3 pages)
  • poems by Sekhmet

Gallery of Art from Issue #2