Diefenbaker's Other Daddy

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Fraser/Kowalski Fanfiction
Title: Diefenbaker's Other Daddy
Author(s): Bast
Date(s): 2002
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
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Diefenbaker's Other Daddy is a Fraser/Kowalski story by Bast.

Reactions and Reviews

On a website loaded with "Serious Duck Award" winners and "Serge Award" winners in multiple categories, it's hard to say why any one should be read rather than another, so I hope that y'all will peruse the rest of the site after you read this fic -- plus the website has terrific fanart accompanying the fics. As for this particular fic, though, it had me at the title...so if you love Dief it's a must-read right there, because he is central to the storyline...how the shared caring for Dief leads to realizations about marriage and family...and some good sex, too. [1]


  1. 2013 rec at Crack Van