Between Worlds

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You may be looking for Between Two Worlds, a Beauty and the Beast zine or Between Two Worlds, a Star Trek: TOS zine.

Title: Between Worlds
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Editor(s): Bast & Sekhmet
Date(s): 2008
Medium: print
Fandom: Original Slash
Language: English
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cover by Sekhemet

Between Worlds is an original slash 206-page digest-sized anthology edited by Bast & Sekhmet. It was a 2008 FanQ winner. Interior art and cover by Sekhmet.

Summaries from the publisher:

Forever to Love

  • Kiril Dane has come home, after a generation away. He finds the quiet graveyard that is his sanctuary is now guarded by a strange man who seems to know more than he should of the Hunters who move through the world of men. Alone for too long, Kiril finds himself drawn to Tim, is curious yet wary of endangering himself. When Tim is viciously attacked by other Hunters, however, Kiril decides to take action, and claim both man and huntring ground for his own.


  • The pony and horse people were similar to the humans who shared their world, and the ponies had long been bred as companions, being valued highly for their sweet and happy natures. Lord Tigan Remel is a breeder who loves the ponies, and when he finds an abused and neglected one at a sale, cannot bring himself to walk away. Soon, he is the owner of Broka, and his life will never be the same.

Culture Clash

  • An artist working on a book of nature paintings goes to an uninhabited island, and is surprised to find it inhabited by a herd of the horse people. After a shocking first meeting, and the unintentional destruction of his only means of escape or communication, Celion tries to reach an understanding with Ramesh, the lead stallion. Peace talks go better than he could ever have hoped.

The Monster In The Closet

  • Mikhail Petrov wants to live his life in peace, left alone by everyone, especially other men. He buys an old house in the country, and has no idea it's inhabited by a creature who had once been a little boy's toy. Fortunately, Mikhail believes in magic, and Alexander believes in People, and they both begin to see an end to fear and loneliness.