Anything (due South zine)

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Title: Anything
Publisher: AngelWings Press
Requiem Publications
Author(s): Sanguine
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): Shar
Date(s): 2000, 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: due South
Language: English
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Anything is a slash 96-page digest-sized Due South novel by Sanguine (a name briefly used by Bast). It was a 2003 FanQ Nominee, 2003 Sizzler Nominee.


Ray Vecchio returns from his undercover assignment irrevocably changed, and when that change takes a deadly turn for Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski is there to pick up the pieces of Ben's shattered heart and damaged body. Some themes may be disturbing to some readers. [1]
Fraser nearly dies from his rape at the hands of his abusive partner, and Ray Kowalski is determined to mend the pieces of Ben's shattered heart. Frightened that he'd nearly lost the man he secretly loves, Ray helps Ben overcome his fears of sexual intimacy with compassion and gentleness.[2]

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Reactions and Reviews

This is the kind of zine you don't want to put down until every word is savored. Ben and Ray pull on your heartstrings. The author merges sweet sensuality, charming humor and terrific hurt/comfort scenes. A remarkable romance that you're reluctant to see end. [3]


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