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Are you looking for the Star Trek:TNG fanzine The Blue Tattoo?

Name: Blue Tattoo
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Sentinel, Due South, Horatio Hornblower
URL: archived link of her art website (website not completely archived, see gallery below), Artwork Gallery on Squidge
Sentinel photomanip, "Cascade Jeans". Most of her Sentinel art can be found at the archive links above
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Blue Tattoo is one of the early adopters of photomanip fan art. Most of her work appeared online and she designed several pieces of cover art for online fan fiction. Her work has won several awards.



Most of Blue Tattoo's artwork was on her Geocities website, which was lost when Geocities was shut down in 2009. At the time, she lacked access to a computer, did not have copies of her artwork and gave fans permission to download her art to preserve it.[1] While some the artwork was also preserved on the Wayback Machine, her fan fiction cover art, her Due South art, and many smaller pieces of art are missing from the archived website. Below are screencaps of those missing pages. Click twice to see the full image. For the remaining artwork, please see the Wayback Machine links above.

Story Covers



Due South


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