Wolf Tracks

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Title: Wolf Tracks
Editor(s): Elaine Garner
Date(s): 1995-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Language: English
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Wolf Tracks is a gen anthology dedicated to the werewolf characters from the 1960s supernatural soap opera Dark Shadows. Stories focus on either Quentin Collins or Chris Jennings.

The editor planned to publish this zine quarterly.


from an ad in The World of Dark Shadows #71/72: "WOLF TRACKS FANZINE is for those Dark Shadows fans who aren't afraid to walk on the wild side! It is dedicated to Quentin and Chris Jennings as they lived under the werewolf curse, and to Barnabas and all the people who were part of their lives. It is a NEW PUBLICATION compiled of fan stories, poems and art. Examinations of legends, films, books and items of interest to werewolf fans is also discussed, giving you a chance to send in letters and be actively involved! A classified section will give subscribers a chance to find or sell interesting werewolf and DS items. "For sale or trade" and 'want' ads are free to subscribers.

Issue 1

Wolf Tracks 1 was published in 1995.

Issue 2

Wolf Tracks 2

Issue 3

Wolf Tracks 3

  • Cover art by Ken F.
  • Back cover art by Dan S.
  • Inside back cover by Sherlock
  • Twist of Fate (fiction and art) by Lucidscreamer
  • Encounters (serial) by Elaine G.
  • Cartoon by Marcy W.
  • Crossword Puzzle (puzzle) by Craig H.
  • A Rare Meeting with Don Briscoe (article) by Jeff T.
  • Monsters (fiction) by Wilusa
  • Artwork by Ken F.
  • Artwork by Marcy W.
  • Artwork by Lucidscreamer
  • Legends of Lycanthropy (article)
  • Heart of a Wolf (serial) by Elaine G.
  • The Soap Box (letter column)
  • Wanderers (fiction) by Lucidscreamer (Dark Shadows/Star Trek: TOS crossover)
  • Cartoon by Lucidscreamer
  • The Funny Bone: Little Known Facts about the DS Werewolves (humorous article) by Elaine G.
  • Collinwood (poem) by Ken F.
  • Pray for a Brave Heart (serial) by Linda P.
  • Cartoon by Sherlock

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, art by Judi Stanton

Wolf Tracks 4 was published in 1995 and contains 61 pages.