Texas Revelations

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Title: Texas Revelations
Publisher: REVELcon Press/Small Texas Press
Editor(s): Candace Pulleine
Date(s): 1994-1997
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Texas Revelations is a gen multimedia fanzine.

General Reactions and Reviews

I picked up these small, nicely produced multimedia zines at MWC. [1]

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Ann Larimer
back cover of issue #1, Sherlock

Texas Revelations 1 was published in March 1994 and is 81 pages long. Cover art is by Ann Larimer; back cover is by Sherlock. Interior art is by Susan Leinbach, Mariann Howarth, Joy Riddle, Laura Miles, Margaret McNickle, and Erika Frensley.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Texas Revelations 2 was published in March 1995 and contains 72 pages.

  • Unfinished Business by AC Langlinais (5 pages) (MacGyver)
  • Office Tradition by Erika Frensley (5 pages) (MacGyver)
  • Phoenix by Melissa Mastoris (poem) (1 page) (MacGyver)
  • Pete's Goodbye by Melissa Mastoris (poem) (1 page)(MacGyver)
  • The Sinking Ship Raid by Anne Collins Smith. A fanatic Nazi colonel blames Dietrich for the Rat Patrol's success. (Rat Patrol) (reprinted in Desert Dispatches)
  • Small World by Kate Nickell (winner of a Fan Q Award]])
  • Image of a Rebel by Dee Beetem & Margaret McNickle
  • Blake's 7 & Star Wars crossover
  • Superman & Mighty Morphin Power Rangers crossover
  • Northern Exposure & Blake's 7 crossover
  • Blake's 7 & Red Dwarf crossover
  • other unknown content

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

The Star Wars crossover stories are rather nice. Leia, Han, and Luke interact first with Servalan and then with the rebels, but they're not exactly their "real" selves. Instead they are artificial beings created by the Clonemasters to help save the rebellion. Since no real person would have the qualities needed, they turned to fictional characters for prototypes. It works! [2]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Texas Revelations 3 published in March 1996 and is 85 pages long.

Special Edition

cover of the Special Edition, Bonia Crider

Texas Extra is a special edition of "Texas Revelations." It was published in 1997 and contains 59 pages. It is a "Special Langlinais Edition": Stories by A.C. Langlinais. Cover by Bonia Crider. Art by Joy Riddle.

  • The Bane by A.C. Langlinais (X-Files) (34 pages) (also published as a 95-page standalone zine, see The Bane)
  • Identity Crisis (Highlander with Methos) (13 pages)
  • Signals (MacGyver/X-Files crossover) (12 pages)


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